Being a Leftist Means never having to Say You’re Sorry (3 of 5)

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What may be the most appealing thing about being a leftist is that you can never be wrong – ever. As we learned from our last post, leftist ideas never fail because their only objective is to make leftists feel good about themselves.

If their ideas appear to fail, it is always someone else’s fault – greedy businesses, obstinate Republicans, racist Americans, etc. It never even enters the thought process that when a leftist idea fails it’s becasue their ideas might not have been good to begin with. As The Bookworm puts it,

“Conservatives deal with facts and reach conclusions; liberals have conclusions and sell them as facts.” Now that’s not to say every leftist is an idiot (although looking at who they vote for in presidential elections raises questions), and not every person on the right is a genius. On our side I’ve noticed it more in the Ronulan strains, many of whom I have a feeling have migrated into the Trump camp.

In a world where consequences are completely irrelevant it’s no surprise that the policies favored by the Radical Left produce the results that they do. National Review’s Mona Charen looks at a favorite jobs program for teachers’ unions expecting a return on their investment in radical politicians, that being the behemoth known as Head Start:

 “The point of Head Start is the promise that it offers poor children a leg up and prepares them for school. It would be nice if it worked, but it doesn’t. It does provide jobs for teachers and federally subsidized day care. But taxpayers have spent $180 billion since 1965 for a program that fails to achieve its objectives.”

American Thinker’s Tom Trinko makes some great points about how the left’s love for drugs have consequences that they’d prefer to ignore:

Mexico is turning into a cesspool of violence and corruption because Americans want their drugs and they don’t care who suffers.

The river of drug money also leads to the corruption of the police that in turn causes the very sort of police misconduct that liberals excoriate.

However, liberals tend to be people who eschew personal responsibility so they fail to see the connection between their giving money to criminal organizations and the violent acts of those cartels.

If liberals were to admit to themselves that the average cop is a decent person who tries to treat people fairly, they’d have to confront the fact that it’s a liberal’s choice to break the law that makes liberals fear the police. Sadly, liberal DNA just doesn’t include accepting responsibility for one’s actions so they continue to blame others for the consequences of their drug use, including their fear of police.

Back to NRO, Kevin D. Williamson points out how lack of thinking through the details and demagoguing Obamacare as a completely emotional issue guaranteed its failure:

Obamacare’s partisans were confronted with the economic facts long before the law was even passed, and their answer was: “Never mind the economics, we’re the good guys, and you want poor people to die.” Democrats argued that Republicans literally wanted to kill poor people, that their plan was for the poor to “die quickly.” This is a habitual mode of discourse among progressives: Reality doesn’t matter; only the purity of Democrats’ motives matters. Obamacare is what it is: Another damned five-year plan based on wishful thinking and very little else. The fact is that Obamacare has fallen apart without Republicans’ dismantling it.

Of course, while the White House has no problem fear-mongering over the cost costs of repealing their toxic signature law, its not like they have any backup plan if Obamacare fails. Actual plans and real world solutions are for grown-ups, aka “somebody else”.

Another example of policies of the Radical Left having the exact opposite effect of what they supposedly stand for is the Black Lives matter movement. NRO’s David French provides the numbers that show how #BLM is wrong about police shooting stats, while City Journal’s Heather MacDonald breaks down how #BLM is in denial about inner city crime. But most disturbing part of the movement comes from the study by Accuracy in Media’s James Simpson, showing how the radicals who’ve seized control of the Democratic party are getting black lives ended to exploit a voting bloc that will help them advance their extremist agenda:

Many members of the black community would be shocked to learn that the intellectual godfathers of this movement are mostly white Communists, “queers” and leftist Democrats, intent on making blacks into cannon fodder for the revolution.

Two other examples come to mind, showing how history repeats itself. Forty years ago, in the aftermath of the Radical Left’s efforts to lose Vietnam, we saw the refugees, aka “The Boat People”. As much as I hate to broadly generalize an entire people as lefties like to do, the fact that the Vietnamese weathered armed troops coming through their villages, bombs, and napalm, but ran for their lives when faced with heavily armed socialists says a great deal about both their bravery and intelligence. Today we’ve watched Democrats Hell-bent on turning the victory in Iraq into chaos out of their spite against George W. Bush lead to the rise of ISIS. Of course, to a leftist when this could have been avoided by our president not screwing up a simple Status of Forces Agreement, naturally ISIS is the fault of… Bush.

Of course, since the virtue or malice of an action has nothing to do with teh action itself but how well the person committing teh act is liked by the Radical Left, Jon Gabriel was kind enough to draw up this handy reference chart for members of the media when discussing gun violence:


Most useful! Even more useful, Victor Davis Hanson offers some commandments for the Radical left to follow were they to actually believe their horse hockey:

…each liberal should pledge, “I will put at least one of my children in an inner-city public school, or in a school where the white enrollment is in a minority.

The university is a bastion of liberalism and therefore must reflect such progressive values. “I pledge to support no university whose rate of increase in annual tuition exceeds the rate of inflation or that pays different wages to different categories of professor for the exact same class taught.” Why not boycott Harvard or Berkeley, given that their part-time policies make Wal-Mart’s look enlightened?

Read the whole thing. As this chapter draws to a close, check out the write-up at Townhall that John Hawkins did, The Unspoken Rules for being a Liberal. You’ll want to read the whole thing, and here’s a taste of two that are most relevant to this series:

1) You justify your beliefs about yourself by your status as a liberal, not your deeds. The most sexist liberal can think of himself as a feminist while the greediest liberal can think of himself as generous. This is because liberals define themselves as being compassionate, open minded, kind, pro-science and intelligent not based on their actions or achievements, but based on their ideology. This is one of the most psychologically appealing aspects of liberalism because it allows you to be an awful person while still thinking of yourself as better than everyone else.

12) Tribal affiliation is more important than individual action: There’s one set of rules for members of the tribe and one set of rules for everyone else. Lying, breaking the rules, or fomenting hatred against a liberal in good standing may be out of bounds, but there are no rules when dealing with outsiders, who are viewed either as potential recruits, dupes to be tricked, or foes to be defeated. This is the same backwards mentality you see in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, except it’s based on ideology, not religion.

This leads to my final story, courtesy of Nirak Chokshi of The Washington Post. I don’t even need to excerpt any of the story, as the headline alone gives a perfect summary: German sexual assaults lead to ‘I told you so’ claims on Muslim immigrants in U.S. The article reads exactly as you would expect. And the retort is easy:

“Maybe if you had the two brain cells to understand that bringing in large numbers of men from a culture that treats women like property you would have understood this would happen. As for the ‘I told you so’, if you had anything resembling a conscience and had the slightest capability of introspection you would acknowledge that you were horribly wrong and wouldn’t need the rest of us to beat you over the head with reality!”

Sorry for the heated response, but I get really annoyed at the pro-rape enablers from the Radical Left. And that story is a perfect bridge to our next installment:

The Left’s Dirty Secret – They Hate You – Yes, YOU. (Part 4 of 5)

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25 Responses to “Being a Leftist Means never having to Say You’re Sorry (3 of 5)”

  1. 1

    Nanny G

    American Thinker’s Tom Trinko makes some great points about how the left’s love for drugs have consequences that they’d prefer to ignore:

    Mexico is turning into a cesspool of violence and corruption because Americans want their drugs and they don’t care who suffers.
    However, liberals tend to be people who eschew personal responsibility so they fail to see the connection between their giving money to criminal organizations and the violent acts of those cartels.

    Before ”the Left” destroys this narrative, I will.
    On FiveThirtyEight Blog is this graphic:
    There are only two dark blue (heavy Dem) places: DC and HI.
    There is only ONE dark red (heavy Republican) state:
    Since I live in Utah I am more aware than most of the crime and drug problems here.
    It has the highest number of drug abusers per capita of all states.
    Prescription abuse turns to heroin addiction when the addict runs out of the money to support their habit, or their doctor cuts them off.
    Mormons are some of the biggest users of illegal drugs simply because they are prevented from drinking by their elders BUT NOT even asked about their drug use!
    Yes, the Mexican cartels run the drugs.
    But the most heavily Republican voting population in the USA are their best customers, here, anyway.

    However, for the most part, I agree with your analysis and examples.
    Believing you can make things so just by wishing is called teliological thinking.
    An excellent example of it occurs in the play, Peter Pan.
    Tinkerbelle drinks poison and will die, but Peter Pan implores to the audience that, ”if you believe, clap your hands,” and thus Tinkerbelle is saved, simply by one act of unified belief.
    Obama has often blamed Republicans for his own failures simply because we didn’t join with him in full belief that his policies would succeed.
    Had Republicans ever followed him down one of those rabbit holes, he likely would have STILL blamed them when the policy failed for not being full-throated enough in their support.

  2. 3

    Rich Wheeler

    BB—“Ronulan” Did you know FA-possibly yourself- is given credit for originating the word?
    TRUMPISTS , I believe are more from the Pat Buchanan populist influence–I think the two men are very similar in beliefs and demeanor.

  3. 4

    another vet

    The Left’s Dirty Secret – They Hate You – Yes, YOU. (Part 4 of 5)

    Can’t wait for that one because it’s true and the trolls demonstrate it every time they post here.

  4. 8

    another vet

    @Brother Bob: and Randy

    If the lefties who post here had their way, we’d all be in gulags. As their messiah Obama has pointed out, we are the enemy. As other prominent left wingers have stated, which has been echoed by the lefties who post here, conservatives are the biggest threat to the country. We need to keep that in mind when dealing with them.

  5. 9

    Rich Wheeler

    @another vet: Are you kidding? The large majority of nasty personal attacks come from the far right.
    Greg is a pussycat by comparison, I can see why some, though certainly not all, like the crass and classless Trump There are some true gentlemen here like Word and Brother Bob–Dr.John.

    BB I agree on Trump. As a New Yorker, I’ve tried to ignore his shtick for over 50 years. Unfortunately he’s like a bad penny.

  6. 10


    Brother Bob hates the Pope
    He really seems to hate all those with whom he disagrees with politically
    Sorry B get used to living in a democracy
    Or get a passport because yes the USA is moving to the left nationally and when gerrymandering is reduced so will GOP success in state elections

  7. 12

    another vet

    @Rich Wheeler: He insults people in his own way he’s just not as blunt as the likes of reem and john ryan. He has accused us (conservatives, Republicans, right-wingers or whatever you choose to call us) as being the biggest threat to the country more than once. As such, I no longer have sympathy for whatever names he gets called here like I did before. He comes to a conservative blog site and states that he regards those of us who don’t agree with him as the biggest threat to the country. Not smart and anyone with half a brain should expect to be bashed. If someone called you the biggest threat to this country, would you be respectful?

  8. 13

    Rich Wheeler

    @another vet: I think he spends a lot more time defending than attacking–Understandable–it is your site.
    The other current leftie doesn’t have Greg’s knowledge or vocabulary—The lib I miss is Tom. I respect your knowledge–particularly of the Civil War. Honestly, I try to learn something from everyone.
    I put my 2 cents in when I feel it appropriate—Enjoy the game .

  9. 14

    another vet

    @Rich Wheeler: Greg has very good writing skills. My other issue is that he is a shithouse lawyer. Knows everything about everything. I cited specific examples to Randy on another thread. I find shithouse lawyers annoying and arrogant regardless of their political stripes. They think they are better than everyone else. It must be a boring life knowing that you know everything and there is nothing else to learn from anyone else especially if they are more knowledgeable or experienced in an area than you are. I try to learn something new everyday as life is one big ongoing learning process.

    Whatever happened to Tom?

  10. 16


    Liberals today have turned into the radicals that pushed the far left agendas in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union; it is their way or the highway… to imprisonment. While none here are openly advocating concentration camps or Night and Fog, by their rhetoric and their methods (attacking those who might express a different opinion, making every attempt to ruin them financially and socially, for instance), there is no doubt that they would readily accept the power to do so, if they could get it.

    Using the IRS as a political weapon or abusing Operation Choke Point are vivid examples of how readily the left will accept the government abuse of power as long as it is directed at the “right” people.

  11. 19


    @Richard Wheeler: Well, no, NOT horseshit. What is horseshit is making the bizarre claim that Trump is the greatest fear we face… as if he poses a greater threat to national security, the economy or increasing social strife than either Hillary or Bernie. In fact, he would be a vast improvement over Obama, who has done more damage to national security, race relations, the economy and the Constitution than anyone before him… hopefully than anyone to follow as well.

    You don’t like Trump; I get it. But do you believe Trump can handle national security more poorly than Hillary HAS (not might… already HAS)? Do you possibly believe that Trump can cause more damage to the economy than Bernie’s $18 trillion vote-purchasing scheme? Could Trump possibly, even if he tried, create a bigger threat to humanity than a nuclear armed Iran AND ISIS?

    To make such an argument, the left has become fascists; threats, force, intimidation and violence are all in the toolbox to achieve their ends and unless and until it is shown that the American people will not EVER buy in to this far left ideological madness.

  12. 20

    Richard Wheeler

    @Bill: You say the left are fascists– I say horseshit
    Trump I’ve watched his carni act for 50 years—He should stick with The Apprentice—I’ve never trusted him and I’m not gonna start now—Give me another choice like Cruz or Rubio or Kasich–someone we know to be sane

  13. 21

    Robert What?

    You really put your finger on it. But it gets even better (worse?). Being totally averse to responsibility and accountability, you’d think that Leftists would be appreciative and understanding on people who actually step up and accept responsibility. (Appreciation and gratitude are also things Leftists do not grok.) But you’d be wrong. Only the harshest judgements and demands for you if you are not also a Leftist.

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