And Your 2015 Hero of the Year Is… Donald Trump?

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My apologies for that beverage-spitting-onto-your-screen inducing headline. And of course, sorry for this post being so late, but the last few weeks have been pretty crazy in Bobville. Faithful readers know that I have no love for The Donald, so why would I designate him as the 2015 Hero of the Year? Very simply, he stood up and did what no other Republican has dared to do – publicly and loudly call out Hillary on her hypocrisy in defending her serial sexual harasser and accused rapist husband, no matter how hard her PR flaks known as the press try to spike the strories for her. Kristen Powers gives some perspective as to how President Clinton’s accusers were treated back in the 90s:

Back then, a senior campaign aide (Betsey Wright) on a Democratic campaign could utter the phrase “bimbo eruptions” to demean women claiming to have had an affair with Bill Clinton. Today, such utterances would be rightly deemed unequivocally sexist.

It was a time when a top Democratic loyalist (James Carville) unabashedly sneered at Paula Jones’ allegations of unwanted sexual advances by then-Gov. Clinton with the infamous quip, “If you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.” Most famously, there was a young intern named Monica Lewinsky smeared by a senior White House aide (Sidney Blumenthal) as a “stalker.” Blumenthal reportedly also told journalists that the 49-year-old president of the United States had been “the victim of a predatory and unstable sexually demanding young woman,” age 22. The president went on to become one of the most respected men in the world. Lewinsky’s life was destroyed.

But hey, what’s one young woman’s life being destroyed when the president calculated correctly that his Palace Guards in the press would rally around him and turn this to his advantage? In the larger scheme of things, a president having an extramarital affair is hardly the most heinous offense. But until 10 years ago my career had been spent entirely in the private sector. And as I tried to explain to my leftist DC friends, almost all of whom are either government employees or part of the NGO-Nonprofit Industrial Complex1, out in the real world, if you get caught doing the wild thing with a fellow employee on company property, you get fired. Period. You don’t get to cry that you’re the victim or have your enabler wife lie on television about a conspiracy against you. I understand that being a politician is a different kind of job, but I use my example to try to explain why not everyone shares the Radical Left’s views of the Clinton scandals. Roger Simon goes on to point out how the times have changed:

More importantly, times have changed and morality with it. I don’t think Bill, and certainly Hillary, would want Juanita Broaddrick brought up at a time when, on our campuses, even an unwanted kiss is legally considered rape, thanks to Title IX. Can you imagine how many instances of what is called “unwanted touching” could come out of the woodwork now if Bill started to pick a fight with Trump? It’s hard to imagine Clinton making it through Georgetown or Yale Law under today’s rules, or even through his freshman year.

The truth is Bill’s relationships with women are the product of another era, one that is fading remarkably fast in the rear view mirror. There is little tolerance these days for his kind of behavior — no more winking — not in the USA anyway. Clinton’s well known hypocritical wagging of the finger at the television to swear to us that he “never had sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky” may not have looked terrific back when he did it, but today it would seem downright repellent. Imagine it being played again and again next to a Hillary commercial.

Doubtless Donald Trump has not been a saint, but there is a big difference between him and Bill. The Donald may often be rude. He may be a thin-skinned bloviator. But he’s not a creepy hypocrite. In that sense he’s the opposite of the Clintons, both of them.

Let’s not forget about Bill’s recent trips to Predator Island with his pal Jeffrey Epstein. And especially now with the recent revelations abainst Bill Cosby, Mark Steyn brings the point home (emphasis mine):

Nobody needed criminal convictions to drop Cosby – just multiple accusations of sexual assault and some out-of-court payouts. But multiple accusations of sexual assault, out-of-court payouts and the loss of his law license are apparently not enough to bar Bill Clinton from another eight years in the White House.

David Frum and I had a cup of tea with a prominent American media leftie and, after a bit of chit-chat about the latest damning revelations, David asked him why he and the rest of the press were sticking with Clinton. “Well,” he said, “in the end he’s our guy.”

And that’s exactly the point. Personally, I don’t think that the sins of a spouse should be a campaign issue, regardless of ideology. But if you’re going to run as the champion for a cause and your husband/wife is exactly the type of person you should be fighting against, just….no. From the Washington Examiner’s Noemi Emery:

It was Hillary Clinton’s bad luck that the political talent she tied herself to was a man given to not taking “no” for an answer. But it was her bad judgment that when trouble occurred she chose not to deal with the source of the problem, but to clear the victims of her husband’s transgressions as quickly as possible out of the way. This is a secondary sin, but one for which she is paying, as her acts contradict her own stated reason for running, which is that women victims of sexual violence should insist that their cases be heard. It is this contradiction that Trump has laid open. And for which he merits our thanks.

“Feminists” giving behavior that would destroy most people a pass because the offender is a powerful enough leftist has become tiresome. For that matter, this needs to go further and start calling out the hypocrisy of the radical leftists who howl about a factually challenged assertion of a campus rape culture while ignoring very real rape cultures just because in this case the perps share their contempt for America and Western values in general. Or if you’re still quoting the “women get paid 77 cents on the dollar of what a man makes”, the short answer is that if you’re dumb enough to cite false stats and proclaim yourself a victim you’re naturally going to get paid less – employers don’t hire/promote/reward stupid people, at least outside of academia and the NGO-NonProfit Industrial Complex.. Women who choose to follow higher paying career paths and work similar hours as male counterparts get paid the same, if not more. If more Republicans would stop curling up in a fetal position over the Radical Left’s baseless accusations and punched back we wouldn’t be listening to Donald Trump right now. Let’s hope that Donald and Carly don’t end up being the only prominent Republicans who are willing to clobber Hillary on her hypocrisy. I’ve already pointed out how Hillary’s Tea Party connection may come back to haunt her – now is no time to let up the heat.

As an added bonus, Allahpundit gave us one more reason to be thankful for Trump, emphasis his:

According to people in the White House, Obama doesn’t talk about Trump much. When he does, it’s with a combination of amusement and disgust at the rhetoric, occasionally mentioning his amazement at GOP leaders’ inability to understand Trump’s supporters and the long-term damage the president thinks Trump is doing to the party with the groups of voters who will decide future elections…
“In the long sweep of history, this chapter is all pretty simple: The country actually switched from one dominant culture that was in charge for 240 years to one that’s multicultural,” said one Obama campaign veteran. “And that wasn’t going to go easy. But now we’re in the middle of it, so it seems chaotic and complicated.”…

Going into next year, Obama will be speaking out against Trump, as he did indirectly in several pro-immigration speeches earlier this month and by name in an interview with NPR last week, when he argued that the Republican front-runner is exploiting the fears of “particularly blue-collar men [who] have had a lot of trouble in this new economy.” And pushing back against Trump will be a central theme of Obama’s international engagement.

Just like I’m one of the few conservatives who is not only fine with President Obama’s vacations, and actually would encourage him to take more, I’m enjoying every minute President Obama is spending “campaigning” against Trump, which is one more minute not spent trying to introduce more harmful legislation to this country. And while I’ll never have any love for The Donald, I believe in giving credit where it’s due, and for these two items I have no problem saying, “Thank you, Mr. Trump.”

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1 As much as I’d love to take credit for a brilliant line “The Nonprofit-NGO-Industrial Complex”, that honor goes to my old friend The Destroyer of Colons. Another great point, he refers to that complex as “A place for liberals with no useful skills to find jobs when a Democrat isn’t in office”

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4 Responses to “And Your 2015 Hero of the Year Is… Donald Trump?”

  1. 1

    Nanny G

    Could Donald Trump have had such ”freeness of speech,” (to quote the Bible) if he were not funding his own campaign?
    I strongly doubt it.
    The constraints of PC on language is one thing Trump is liberated from.
    But so is the political Overton Window.
    The Overton Window is that part of speech which is allowed by all parties in political debate.
    Trump smashes the Overton Window.
    He can and will talk about anything.
    If you recall, just before Trump entered the race there were ZERO potential nominees talking about building a wall and ending illegal immigration.
    That was his first Overton Window smashing, and he did it on the day he announced!
    Trump’s free speech has forced Obama to take him on.
    Hillary is falling like a rock so Obama has to speak for his party’s nominee, be that whoever.

  2. 2

    Richard Wheeler

    RCP poll shows HRC tanking against Bernie even earlier than she did against BHO.IN 2008.Although Bernie not as strong a candidate as BHO, HRC is substantially weaker than she was in 2008 primary run. Amazingly, this race could go the distance as it did in 2008. Bernie appears to have about a 1 in 3 chance which is about where BHO was at this time in 2008.
    I was a P.C. for Obama in Cal. and large numbers of Dems.didn’t know who he was. HRC was presumed winner by most all Dems.—stay tuned–Uncle Joe is.

    BB Trump a Hero—Think he is leading—Key will be Super Tues in early March when upwards of 10 Southern primaries take place the SEC–Cruz hopes to stop or at least substantially slow Trump here .Rubio must do no worse than 2nd to continue as viable threat. Think it’s a three man race–substantial fall out after N.H and S.C

  3. 3

    adrian mungiu

    First of all, I’m a Cruz guy, not Trump, but I must give the Donald his due.

    His announcement speech spoke openly about concerns that middle class, working class, blue collar Americans feel about open borders and the endless supply of low skill, low cost labor that have destroyed the job market for millions of Americans. The fact that no other politician speaks about the brazen destruction of a huge segment of America’s economy that also often constitutes the first step into the job market for young Americans speaks volumes about the complete lack of understanding about how much hurt Americans outside the beltway feel.

    The crime that some illegal aliens bring is a concern to people who have contact with them– again a different economic strata than wealthy politicians whose assistant makes arrangements for them.

    Then the Donald made another brilliant move in calling out Islam as the basis for terrorism. Americans are tired of yet another terrorist attack by Muslims being downplayed until the proof is irrefutable then being warned about a Christian “backlash”. Has there ever been a Christian backlash? You’d think by the media’s constant concern about backlash that for every Muslim attack upon infidels that there were two, or three, or ten reprisals by Christians. Americans are tired of the media being ridiculously PC while Americans are beheaded, shot, stabbed, blown to pieces, etc… Trump stated the obvious that bringing in more people from the “talent pool of death” should be paused for a while until we can screen them properly– you know so more Americans are not killed or maimed.

    The man simply spoke obvious common sense. The media was apoplectic that their alternative reality where Illegal immigrants have the right to be here, stay here, work here, get tax “credits” when they don’t even pay Federal taxes, free education, free medical care, driver’s license, ESL classes, job training, job placement, etc… and that Muslim men of fighting age have the “right” to be flown to America, surreptitiously spread throughout the country (again at tax payer expense), fed, clothed, housed, religious needs met, etc…

    It is a shame that these obvious truths had to come from Trump rather than a politician whose first priority should be to protect Americans from threats– both foreign and domestic. Every Republican should have been saying this from the beginning. Instead they allowed them self to be cowed by a media that works for the DNC. And now they find Trump well out in front despite having no political experience, a long history of supporting Democrats, liberal personal views, no published plans for improvement, just vague rhetoric about building a wall at Mexico’s expense and negotiating better trade deals with our trading partners. Any other candidate who had spoken clearly about the threat from illegal aliens– both economic and physical– and Muslim immigrants/refugees that we know are laced with radicals from ISIS and Al Quaida– would be the front runner right now.

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