Did You Know that Jesus Was a Radical Leftist?

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One of the more irritating tactics you’ll see from the Radical Left is suggesting that their positions, no matter how extreme, are actually conservative ideas and that we’re only opposing them out of some personal bias, usually against President Obama. The two easiest examples that come to mind are how, based on some old white papers written by think tanks, leftists manage to convince themselves that Obamacare and carbon taxes are somehow conservative ideas, so obviously any opposition to them today must be founded in racism. The left loves to try to co-opt Reagan’s legacy, conveniently forgetting how much they loathed him when he was president, not to mention that their talking points have been repeatedly debunked. Of course, since turnabout is fair play I wondered if Hillary Clinton’s Tea Party connections will come back to haunt her.

A while back Alfonzo Rachel did an interesting piece about how Elton John said that Jesus would have supported gay marriage. I don’t know if it’s just me but Leftist projection seems to have intensified in the last few years. This is nothing new, of course. For years they proudly donned the moniker of “liberal” until two things happened. Their failed policies were regularly ridiculed and frankly, their positions today are anything but liberal. Yes, there are a few honest ones who still will acknowledge that their views are to the left, although generally they now prefer to be called “progressives”. Which is fine, especially since it’s a more accurate view of how the direction that they want to take the United States:


Mostly though, leftists (my preferred term) will label themselves everything but what they are. They’ll call themselves “realists”, “non-ideological pragmatists”, etc. although my favorite is hearing when they call themselves “moderates”. To use a favorite example that I explained to a leftist friend of mine a few years ago who was shocked that I was associating with some new group of crazy people she had heard about called “The Tea Party”… “When you live in a place where saying that you voted for George W. Bush gets you looked at like you have two heads but saying that you’re a gay vegan is considered completely normal being mainstream for here (we live in the DC area) just means that we’re out of the mainstream for the rest of the country.”

As I mentioned earlier a favorite tactic leftists use for supporting failed policy ideas is claiming that their bad ideas are actually conservative ones and are only being opposed by Republicans in office today because of something on the lines of that Republicans just hate Obama and will oppose him no matter what he does no matter how great an idea it is.

Even more obnoxious is when leftists who despise Christians start trying to give Bible lessons, seeking some cherry picked quotes that ignore the full context of the book. Full disclosure, I’ve been a Born-Again Existentialist for about 20 years now. Although that timeframe is when I officially recognized my non-belief, I realized that I’ve never deep down, truly believed in God. That said, I don’t share my radical left brethren’s disdain for the Christian faith, far from it. I was raised Catholic, and got a damned good education at a Catholic high school (which ironically, planted the seeds of my Existentialist thought when we read The Stranger in English class). I also appreciate the moral foundation that the church provided. So while I’m hardly a theologian, it is equally irritating and entertaining watching clueless leftists trying to give freelance Bible study lessons. I actually would enjoy seeing them trying to offer similar lessons on the Koran, but for obvious reasons that will never happen.

But in terms of trying to co-opt Christianity, there seems to be no limit to which extremist policies leftist will try to slap a coat of Christianity over to try to delude themselves into some kind of moral high ground. You may or may have not heard the argument that Jesus really doesn’t look like the man portrayed in western art, but probably looks more like your average middle easterner. While I think that the claim over Jesus’ physical appearance is a fair one, it hardly stops there. Among the many things I’ve learned about Jesus from listening to the Radical Left:

Jesus was in favor of big government (and apparently, like any good leftist, didn’t understand the difference between charity and government welfare)

Jesus would have supported Obamacare

As mentioned earlier, Jesus would have been pro-gay marriage

Jesus would believe in the Church of Climate Change (THAT must make for some interesting dinner table conversations with his dad!)

Jesus would have opposed the war in Iraq, which gave us the delightfully obnoxious bumper sticker slogan “Who would Jesus bomb?” And that led to the perfect response – “The same people as us, only with perfect intel and accuracy.”

Heck, scripture is even pro abortion!

Contrary to what the Radical Left believes, Jesus was no wimp, as Steven Crowder has pointed out.
And Jonah Goldberg explains how leftism is a religion in itself.

The real appeal of the New Deal wasn’t its alleged success, it’s that the New Deal is synonymous with a time when progressives had nearly unfettered political power to do what they wanted. Liberals don’t really worship the New Deal, they worship themselves. The New Deal is just a talisman in their undying faith in their own ability to guide society and make decisions for others better than people can make for themselves.

So when you hear a leftist try to invoke a faith for which they have total disdain in the name of advancing one of their pet causes, keep this image in mind of who it is that they’re worshiping.

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12 Responses to “Did You Know that Jesus Was a Radical Leftist?”

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    Nathan Blue

    @Reem: Adherents of the Right give far, far more to charity than the Left. Look it up.

    The Left gives far, far more to political parties (Democratic Party).

    A religion. Yes.

    And careful on claiming “what Jesus would do”. You sound like a fundamentalist, right-wing nutjob.

  2. 5


    @Brother Bob: My history is similar to yours. Living and studying in a catholic private boarding school enabled me to have a moral basis as well as an outstanding education.
    I am no longer a catholic either and actually don’t subscribe to any religion simply because ‘religion’ was never part of The Bible. I consider myself a Christian based on my lifestyle rather than which religion I subscribe to.
    The left is actually a funny bunch with a determination to distort the actions of Jesus and what his ministry was all about.
    They look at Jesus and see a blank canvas to which they attribute anything they ‘think they know’ rather than reality what exactly he said and taught.

    Jesus always said to ‘give Caesar what is Caesars’ and give “God what is God’s”!
    The Bible is very clear about the ‘different tongues’ in a country – which is what the left demand and advocate despite knowing that multi-cultures speaking each their own language is like the ‘tower of Babel’. A country overrun with illegal invaders will not stand and rather fall. History even proofs that fact – empires fell throughout history.
    The left thinks that Jesus would agree with muslims either being imported or arriving illegally. That is not so because muslims have their own god – allah/the sun god – and do not acknowledge Jesus as God’s messenger. They worship mohammed – their prophet – who used the sword to demand being a muslim. His atrocities are a historical fact.
    Muslims are taught and have to follow their koran that demands that they ‘kill’ Christians and Jews while also considering them to be infidels and filthy. Unless every Christian and Jew does not converts to islam – they are market for death.

    Jesus was a peaceful man; did not demand to convert anyone into his beliefs nor that of His Father. He was and is considered the ‘Prince of Peace’, the Lightbringer who taught how to love and assist the less fortunate.
    The only time Jesus demonstrated ‘anger’ was when he entered the temple to pray and saw ‘money exchanging hands after trades made’. He emphatically said that money changers etc should show respect the temple as the house of worship.

    Jesus also taught that one should not put ‘perls in front of a sau”!

    In this case – we know who Jesus addressed when asking his followers to never waste precious perls as he also said – “a dog will always return to his vomit”!

  3. 7

    Jim S

    @Reem: The left is incapable of determining the difference between “those in need” and “those in greed” who simply want someone to take care of them. My father was an an Elder in the church, and he has enough tales of scammers trying to take advantage of the church that most folks would give up on the so-called human race.

  4. 8


    @Reem: Jesus would shame conservatives, for sure… for only conservatives are capable of FEELING shame. Liberals cannot and prove it day in and day out by their lies, corruption and hypocrisy, not to mention subjugating people with poverty and government handouts, all for the sake of votes.

    The final judgement, however, remains His.

  5. 9

    Brother Bob


    @Bill: Funny you should mention – the fact that leftists can’t feel shame is actually the topic for an upcoming post that’s going to be part of a larger, 5 part series that I should be finishing in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

  6. 10



    Liberals cannot and prove it day in and day out by their lies, corruption and hypocrisy, not to mention subjugating people with poverty and government handouts, all for the sake of votes.

    Their theft of OPM is a biggie that should never be left out of this sort of list! Think of all the pitiable amounts that have been revealed to have been contributed to charity that typical demo-COMMUNIST politicians have declared on their tax returns — but the sh-theads are continuously trying to cram their thieving hands ever deeper into everyone else’s pockets!

  7. 11


    @Reem: The attitude toward those in need is to devise means by which those in need can take care of themselves, eg: job creation, vocational training, and the like. Simply offering handouts guarantees long term poverty and a multigenerational cycle of dependence. Only utter retards such as yourself consider this to be a positive outcome.

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