Bad News For Hillary

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A little slow news day fodder for you.  Bernie Sanders has closed a bit on Hillary in a new CNN poll.  He’s moved up from a 28 point deficit to a 16 point deficit.  Still way behind but she should be sweating a bit.  The coronation may not be all that well assured as we all assumed.

Even better news:

With the national spotlight turning to the Texas Republican Senator, in this particular poll, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has surged +5 points to a +2 point lead against Clinton, 48% to 46%. As of now, in the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, Clinton is only an eighth of a point ahead of Cruz. […]

Against Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Clinton loses by +3 points, 49% to 46%. In the last CNN poll, Rubio was only up +1. In the poll of polls, Rubio is up +2 points.

Clinton has even slipped a tad against the man the corrupt DC Media has spent the last month attempting to exterminate. In November, Trump lost to Clinton by -3 points. Today he is only down -2, 49% to 47%. In the poll of polls, Trump is behind -6 points.

Rubio and Cruz lead Hillary by 12% with independents in the same poll.

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    There was bigger cheating at the last big election than a few dead souls

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