Flashback: “He served with honor and distinction”

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obama and bergdahls


Bowe Bergdahl is going to face charges of desertion.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held captive by the Taliban for five years and freed in exchange for five detainees in Guantanamo Bay, will face charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy in a general court-martial, the Army announced on Monday.

If convicted, Bergdahl could get life in prison on the misbehavior charge and up to five years for desertion. He also could be dishonorably discharged, reduced in rank and made to forfeit all pay.

Bergdahl, 29, of Hailey, Idaho, walked off his post in eastern Afghanistan’s Paktika province on June 30, 2009. He was released in the prisoner swap in late May 2014 that touched off a firestorm of criticism, with some in Congress accusing President Barack Obama of jeopardizing the safety of a nation for a deserter.

Many us of knew what this was early on. To review, obama traded 16 for Bergdahl. Five detainees were released a year before Obama released the terrorist “Dream Team.” Six American soldiers lost their lives searching for the deserter.

There they were in the Rose Garden, celebrating their champion. Dad sported his best jihadi beard. Obama said that we as a nation

“made an ironclad commitment to bring our prisoners of war home. It’s who we are as Americans. Today, at least in this instance, it’s a promise we’ve been able to keep.”

That wasn’t enough.

The fecklessly idiotic Susan Rice took to the talk shows to proclaim Bergdahl a hero.


She asserted that Bergdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction.”

In this galactically corrupt regime desertion is what constitutes “honor and distinction.” The GAO declared the trade “illegal.”

At the celebration Obama let slip the real reason he traded ten really bad guys for Bergdahl.

“We’re committed to winding down the war in Afghanistan and closing Gitmo,”

That’s it.

Begdahl was a convenient tool- a vehicle for obama to justify releasing more of the worst denizens of Gitmo- the consequences be damned. If he empties the place, he can close it. obama placed Americans- especially the military- in jeopardy with this stupid stunt. You’re a goddam idiot to believe anything obama says. Period. And honestly, I am freaking tired of that wretch telling us “who we are as Americans.”

You can bet your ass that every time he utters those words, there is a lie underneath them. obama thinks we’re all as stupid as those who support him. We’re not.

Good for WaPo’s  Richard Cohen, who found the Rose Garden fiesta “sickening.”

The last seven years have been sickening.





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    If tbaggers had their way they’d let Americans rot in the enemies prisons. Who care what he was found guilt of? We got him back and justice was served. Stop being such little people.

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    Gen McChrystal former Commander in Afghanistan and no fan of Obama said ” we don’ leave Anericans behind. That is unequivocal.”
    Dr J Berghdal enlisted in the US Army to serve his country. Did you?

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    The original plan for GITMO was military tribunals, but the left blocked that, putting all the prisoners there in limbo. Then, the left complained about them being there indefinitely… another instance of them creating the problem, then complaining about it.

    Of COURSE Obama is lying about making an effort to bring military prisoners home; after all, he didn’t lift a finger to bring Hammar or Tahmooressi and he could have easily called in a favor for allowing Mexico to dump their garbage in the United States. But, he didn’t.

    Perhaps, in the view of this administration, deserting and causing the deaths of America soldiers IS honorable and distinctive. After all, Hillary got 4 Americans killed and they want HER to be President.

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    another vet

    How long will it be before Hollywood makes a movie depicting Bergdahl as some sort of a hero or a poor misguided soul deserving of our sympathy?

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    We didn’t try to retrieve Anwar Awlaki or his son or his son’s friend, did we?

    They were Americans too.

    I was 4F. I got sandwiched between two cars by a liberal while I was working pumping gas as a kid.

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    I see this differently..

    It appears that Bergdahl was discharged from the Coast Guard after failing to complete Coast Guard Boot Camp.

    Right now there are a number of families chomping at the bit arguing their Servicemen sons and husbands were lost/injured trying to find and rescue the guy.. If correct they have reason to be angry

    Prosecuting Bergdahl IMO is a means by which to misdirect attention from a number of legitimate questions related to recruiting and training.

    The party s ultimately responsible and who sign off on such policies are Flag Officers

    Who approved the policy which allowed someone who failed to complete training in another branch for reasons other than legitimate physical injuries? For Psychological reasons re-enlist in the Army?

    How could Bergdahl complete Army Boot Camp if he could not complete Coast Guard Training for reportedly emotionally related reason?. Has Basic Training been degraded to the point where Coast Guard Boot Camp is more stress inducing? Is there a “Pencil Pass” program in effect? Finding out what his Drill Instructors really thought and their honest opinions could be illuminating.

    Then Bergdahl completed Infantry Basic? The same questions must be asked and in both cases his training & performance records need a good scrutiny.

    Finally did his Line Command have problems with him? Were they pressured for any reason to either ignore or not report issues if that was the case?

    I view his a a rather pathetic person who by all indications should never have been assigned to Combat Arms to begin with..

    If evidence of the above listed issues are borne out they have the potential to create a major embarrassment to those who signed off or tacitly approved such policies for what ever reasons.

    Further they may provide grounds for suits by family members of servicemen reportedly killed or injured in efforts to retrieve/rescue Bergdahl

    For the Army determining how such a circumstance came about and making such changes to the system to prevent or reduce the chance of it happening in the future.. That would be success and likely save the lives of GIs..

    I really do not know which idiot came to the conclusion a trial will benefit anyone. It certainly will not serve justice and Coverups never work for long..

    It would have been much better to let it go.. Correct potential problems in Recruiting Procedures, Boot Camp Training and Infantry Basic that let the guy get thru training.. and leave it at that.

    If Bergdahl’s council is competent it is unlikely he is going to get convicted even in Courts-Marshall… if he is convicted..and or his Attorney goes on the Offensive
    it is all going to be a real mess and a PR Nightmare.


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    James Raider


    The last seven years have been sickening.

    I hope I am in a minority with the telling of the following Politically Correct Madness (though it’s a little off your topic), . . .

    My granddaughter’s primary school “Christmas Concert” took place yesterday. The Concert’s theme was NOT CHRISTMAS, but that of a popular TV program (a financial one, of all insane possibilities – she’s in Grade 1), with Zero Christmas lights on-stage, Zero Christmas message, Zero Christmas poster, Zero Christmas related ‘accessories’ like mistletoe or pine branches or . . . , Zero traditional Christmas music, and Zero traditional Christmas songs.

    My beautiful Granddaughter doesn’t read my postings, so . . . .WTF?

    We arrived at this calamitous situation in only SEVEN YEARS. Yah, sickening.

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    @Reem: this man deserted his unit. This man gave compromising information to the enemy. This man left unwillingly a wife and child. The people that supposedly kept him hostage were upset they were not able to say goodbye. Since when does a captor want to tell their hostage goodbye? This man went AWOL, this man is a deserter, this man is held to the USMCJ, and he will do time.

    18% or more than 100 Gitmo prisoners (out of 647) went back to terrorism. Of the 100, 25 are dead and 23 back in prison. Another 11% of the 647 are suspected of re engaging in terrorism. The names of the men he was traded for are below and if they have re engaged in terrorism is probably not an if, but a when:

    Khair Ulla Said Wali Khairkhwa Khairkhwa was an early member of the Taliban in 1994 and was interior minister during the Taliban’s rule.

    Mullah mohammad fazi . Fazl commanded the main force fighting the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance in 2001, and served as chief of army staff under the Taliban regime. He has been accused of war crimes during Afghanistan’s civil war in the 1990s.

    Mullah Norullah Noori. Noori served as governor of Balkh province in the Taliban regime and played some role in coordinating the fight against the Northern Alliance

    Abdul Haq Wasiq Wasiq was the deputy chief of the Taliban regime’s intelligence service. His cousin was head of the service

    Mohammad Nabi Omari he was a member of the Taliban and associated with both al Qaeda and another militant group Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin. He was the Taliban’s chief of communications and helped al Qaeda members escape from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

    As an aside. ” The first law that Obama broke in arranging for the swap was a law that he signed into effect himself. The law dictates that using taxpayer dollars to move prisoners of the military without giving Congress 30-days’ notice is illegal. The second law he broke is more serious and holds a ten-year prison sentence if Obama were to be convicted. Providing material assistance in any way to a terrorist organization breaks this law. Though it’s an interesting material—actual terrorist bodies that are living and breathing surely should qualify as material assistance. ” source http://usherald.com/obama-facing-10-years-in-prison-after-term-ends/

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    @another vet #6 –

    I read somewhere there was/is thought of making a Bergdahl movie, most likely for the little screen.

    @Vic #9 –

    A lot “if’s” in your reasoning, but that’s neither or there. It maybe the reason for the overly long investigation. Regarding we should let him walk, “no harm, no foul” then it says we’re okay with losing another 6-8 guys, guys that died looked for him when he went missing. If you are willing to accept that, it says you’re willing to sweep everything else under the rug – including your list of suppositions that suggests someone messed up.

  10. 18

    another vet

    @David: @David: If it’s going to the little screen, I guess that means Redford and Stone are out of the question as directors. It would be right up their alley though. Making a hero out of a traitor with some historical revisionism thrown in for good measure.

  11. 20



    @Mully: Funny, and here I thought one of the tenets of our Democracy was innocent until proven guilty.

    I guess that is a new view since Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, Rick Perry or the 6 Baltimore cops? It would appear that the left only believes in due process when it can be used to cover up obvious scandalous behavior.

  12. 21


    Bergdahl is a deserter. The Army finally saw the light and will court marshal him for that crime. The UCMJ will dictate his punishment. Shame no one has the balls to bring up Obama on charges of treason.

  13. 22

    Common Sense

    @Reem: Well you are considered innocent until proven guilty, he has been charged and now to be court marshaled, the result will determine innocence or guilt. BUT, he has NOT served past tense with honor and distinction, THAT is yet to be confirmed. Don’t recall that he has received an honorable discharge, did I miss something on that one?

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    Obama’s comments about Bergdahl were made over a-year-and-a-half back. The Army completed their investigation and concluded that Bergdahl would be charged and face general court-martial around 5 days ago.

    Those of us who are psychic apparently knew he was guilty of desertion, despite being given two promotions while he was a captive of the Taliban. That he has now been formally charged clearly establishes his guilt. If he’s found innocent, that will be evidence of a fix.

  15. 25



    Those of us who are psychic apparently knew he was guilty of desertion, despite being given two promotions while he was a captive of the Taliban.

    I know it is a difficult concept to understand for those who believe grieving loved ones are lying when they say Hillary lied to them… simply because they HAVE to believe Hillary or face the discouraging facts about their own ideology, but I paid particular attention to what his fellow soldiers said about the circumstance of his disappearance. One has to wonder whey Obama didn’t do just a tiny bit of research before he spewed stupidity out of his mouth. He didn’t even have to watch cable news to figure THAT out.

    Like going before the UN and the world and holding the Michael Brown case up as an indication of racial problems in the US (it is a prime example of what has become wrong with America, but not in the way he indicated), Obama needs to consider that many facts are readily available… such as the lie of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”… and he looks like such an ignorant ass when he disregards facts in favor of using this tragedy or that for his own political benefit.

    One does not have to be a certified genius to be smarter than Obama in these situations.

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    Common Sense

    @Greg: Greggie Greggie Greggie, if you would take off your all believing in OBOLA BS hat and stop acting like a libturd you would see the obvious. The most consistent comments from those closest to this guy called him a traitor. Obola and his staff on the other hand had to make sure he looked creditable so Obola can continue to close Gitmo at all cost. Geggie, Obola traded 5 KNOWN TERRORISTS, for one traitor. Do the math idiot!!

  17. 27


    As I pointed out, Obama’s comments about Bergdahl were made over a-year-and-a-half ago. The occasion was the the release of the only known member of U.S. armed forces being held prisoner by the Taliban. Sergeant Bergdahl had been charged with nothing and convicted of nothing at the time.

    Perhaps you were ready to abandon him, or to form up a lynch mob without the bothersome formality of an investigation and trial. Fortunately, that’s not the way we do things. Abandoning our people on the field, lynch mob hangings, and summary executions on the streets are not how America does things.

    Now, over a year later, Bergdahl has been formally charged with desertion and endangering the lives of other service members, but the court martial has not yet taken place. No findings have been made. The man remains innocent until he is found guilty. If he is found guilty, your own attitudes are still bullshit. We still don’t abandon soldiers on the field on the assumption that they would be found guilty of serious misconduct if returned. We don’t label them as deserters until we’ve weighed the evidence and heard both sides of the story.

  18. 28

    Common Sense

    @Greg: @Greg: Greggie, Greggie, Greggie, it has NOT been determined that he served with honor and distinction EVER Greggie. Just because your out of touch Obola says so does NOT make it so Greegie. I have NO clue what branch of the service you where in but in my country if you desert your post you are NOT serving with honor or distinction!! If you would get your head out of Obola ass you might begin to understand reality!! All we know for certain is two facts Greggie, he is being courtmartialed and Obola released 5 KNOWN terrorist from Gitmo. I am inclined to listen to those who risked their lives after he left his post versus Obola who is a known liar!!

  19. 29



    Perhaps you were ready to abandon him, or to form up a lynch mob without the bothersome formality of an investigation and trial.

    No, I’m glad we got him back so he can face justice. However, there was NO JUSTIFICATION for the Rose Garden ceremony except for Obama to grab some headlines, knowing that whatever he did and whatever he said would be gobbled up by his loyal lemmings and never questioned.

    Releasing 5 hardened terrorist leaders in exchange for someone that obviously had little regard for his country and comrades was a very bad deal.

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