A New World Religion Is Consecrated – In Paris

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Mark this day in your calendars.  A new religion has been formally consecrated with an Oval Office ball-spiking by the President, this historic agreement is a tribute to American leadership,”.  The best part, for all the West’s socialist leaders who signed on to this sanctification, is that the agreement will not require approval from America’s Senate.  The religion’s high priests (politicians and bureaucrats) are now consuming every loose bottle of Champagne in Paris, washing down mountains of Almas or Petrossian caviar in celebration.



In self-righteousness, the 40,000 proselytizers who convened their Paris assembly, will soon disperse to preach to their new parishioners, flying conformably aloft in full hypocrisy aboard private or chartered jets.

On their return home the most senior of the priests will land on their own egos, squirming for approval from the fawning media, outdoing one another as to the imposition of vacuous ideas to be proclaimed to the faithful. From Hollande, to Gore, to Obama, they will be contenders battling for the new religion’s most sacred office, its ‘seigneurie’, or ‘overlordship’, or whatever title the self-appointed cardinals decide to assign on their elected leader.  Once upon a time, like 7 years ago, Obama probably considered himself a shoe-in for the post. These past 7 years, however, have unraveled, frayed and darkened his corona.

Still, Obama is campaigning hard with brilliance such as this, on the heals of an Islamic terrorist slaughter on his watch,  “Denying it or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security”.   He is accusing Americans who deny, or question ‘climate change’ as being threats to America. If you question the dogma that carbon dioxide produced by your consumption is accelerating the Earth’s temperatures toward levels calamitous for the human race, you are to be condemned.  Common sense has become anathema to the Climate Change religion.

We can now expect an increase in the inquisition that will degrade, accuse and charge ‘climate change’ sectarians.  In silence, we will witness an attempt at eradicating heretics from society.  The term ‘skeptic’ and the term ‘denier’ will become triggers which will ostracize from society anyone so accused.  Already we have seen universities demanding that Obama use RICO laws to prosecute ‘skeptics’.  It may sound insane, but then our universities have long been vacated by common sense and freedom of speech.

The hysterical dictum, “Global Warming”, was briskly converted to “Climate Change” in the past year.  The architects of the new religious order succumbed to the reality  that the axiom at the foundation of their doctrine was false. “Change” was so much easier to sell.

Everything in the Universe changes.  Everything in the Universe evolves through cycles. The Earth’s orbit around the Sun, for example, cycles through various oblong patterns impacted by fluctuations in the gravitational pull of Saturn and Jupiter. The residual affect on the Earth’s tilt affects its Northern and Southern temperatures.

Some affects are slow to develop, others less so.  The Sun has its cycles and is shortly entering what is known as the Maunder minimum.  Predictions suggest that ‘solar activity’ will begin to drop by 60% in about 15 years, delivering a mini ice age that will impact many of Earth’s inhabitants. Complexities of our solar system, or our Earth’s climate do not enter into the considerations of this religious movement.

Claims that the activity of 7.2 billion humans is creating CO2 which causes climate change, are assertions intended to strike fear and stimulate exuberance, and faith in the new religion. Extremist language is not intended to educate the global population into being more conscious of its impact on nature, or becoming less wasteful.  Radical and hateful language is intended to provide zealots with droning phrases to used as gospel, spreading the word — convincing the converted that they should PAY and anyone who disagrees must be denigrated for heresy.

Rags like Huffington Post do their best for the new order by accusing anyone who disagrees, of being angry white men who are lying to themselves.  In this age of Obama, it has become ‘de rigueur’ to accuse anyone who dares disagree with the left’s dogma, of being racist, or angry white men, or xenophobic.  What they seem to not realize, is that in their zeal to join their new religion, they are playing into the plans of senior bankers — the very same guys who financed the political ambitions of the current President.

The “Climate Change” religion will siphon trillions of dollars from American taxpayers and those of ‘developed’ nations.  That will be YOUR penalty for having created a stable society with a capitalist system. It matters little that America has made enormous progress in cleaning up its air, which is now cleaner than it has been in a century, while its population and economy have mushroomed. It matters little that CO2 is not a pollutant.

The new cult will NOT create jobs for the 95 million Americans unemployed.  It will, however, impose additional taxes on those who earn a wage or consume anything. Every product that consumes energy in its manufacture will enjoy a surtax.  The more obvious will be a carbon tax like that which has already been levied on some Canadians.  Ask them how much that has impacted their use of vehicles. Ask them how much cash that has taken from their monthly net income.  Ask them if that tax burden is having any impact on the hundreds of millions of tons of debris and plastic floating in the Pacific ocean.

The winners will be the amorphous bankers who will control the trading of ‘carbon credits’, generating hundreds of billions in fees no nation will have any oversight on.

The winners will be the cronies of the political class who will receive multi-billion dollar taxpayer funded contracts to chase whatever ‘green’ technology-of-the-day might please the religion’s leaders.

The winners will be the dictators who produce nothing while they suppress and oppress their populations, but will become benefactors of the largest wealth redistribution in history.

The winners will be the malfunctioning nations which have mismanaged their societies, their cultures and their economies.

The winners will be those lining up to position themselves in the lead of the new world order.

The losers will be all those who will lose their employment as a bloated bureaucracy will dictate what satisfies the religion, and what doesn’t.  The Cap-and-Trade monster will become the biggest drag on progress and the economy that America has ever experienced.  America is suffering serious degradation in its standard of living, and its middle class is struggling.  The damage that this Administration has inflicted on it with ruinous acts like Obamacare will see further disregard for its well-being by its leaders.

I am not a fan of the oil industry’s senior executives, however, I am very familiar with the technologies which are attempting to transplant our reliance on oil and gas.  We are making rapid progress in reducing air pollution, but the ‘green’ technologies still remain a long distance from being viable.  A new religion isn’t going to reduce our reliance on oil, but it will divert our cash and attention away from real solutions.

A constituent of the vast baby boomer generation with a career which has been fortunate to know the ponderous corporate worlds, as well as the intimately pressurized, and invigorating entrepreneurial domains of high tech and venture capital, I have harvested my share of mistakes meandering through corridors of enterprise from Silicon Valley, to London and endless, colourful, sometimes praetorian points in between. The voyage has provided an abundance of fodder for a pen yielding to an inquisitive keyboard, a foraging mind, and a passionate spirit. Whether political or business or social or economic or personal, is it not all political? It is a privilege to write, and an even greater privilege to be read by anyone, and sometimes with the wind at my back the writing may occasionally be legible. I do not write to invite scorn, nor to invite respect, but if I get really lucky the writing can stimulate thinking. I also write for the very selfish purpose of animating my own processes, and engaging the best of what life offers. Above all, whether biting fire or swatting shadows, I am grateful to be gifted the freedom to write and publish whatever flows down to the keyboard. To all those who enabled this freedom, and to all those standing guard to preserve it, I am indebted.

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    That was one hell of a party, guess who is stuck with the bill. I have seen estimates, which are always revised, later that the average family is gonna be socked about 7,000 per year. With unaffordable healthcare that cost about 4,000 per year and the loss of so many full time jobs. This is a manufacturing jobs nightmare so count loses there for sure. But I am transgender cause I now identify with angry white men. A heretic/denier cause I think the entire weather concept they present is ponypoop.

  2. 3


    The carbon tax in British Columbia is 30$ per ton that equates to about 30 cents per gallon of gasoline(7.2 cents per liter)

    It is revenue neutral that is corporate and individual taxes were reduced by the same amount.
    Jimmy is being disingenuous when he uses those words “solar activity”
    That “solar activity” is NOT what warms the Earth. Total Solar Irradiance is what keeps us warm. During the Maunder Minimum TSI was about measured in Watts per meter, about 1364.7 It is now when the planet running a pretty hot fever 1365.7
    See the difference? Not much,huh? The Maunder Minimum was not caused by low Sun spot activity and of course Jimmy seems to have neglected to tell us that the Little Ice Age started 50 years BEFORE the Maunder Minimum
    Also, the Maunder Minimum DID produce colder temps in Northern Europe and North America but also WARMER temps in southern Europe Most scientists believe the MM was caused by volcanic activity and ocean current changes.
    from wiki “Maunder Minimum”

    Note that the term “Little Ice Age” applied to the Maunder minimum is something of a misnomer as it implies a period of unremitting cold (and on a global scale), which is not the case. For example, the coldest winter in the Central England Temperature record is 1683-84, but the winter just two years later (both in the middle of the Maunder minimum) was the fifth warmest in the whole 350-year CET record. Furthermore, summers during the Maunder minimum were not significantly different from those seen in subsequent years. The drop in global average temperatures in paleoclimate reconstructions at the start of the Little Ice Age was between about 1560 and 1600, whereas the Maunder minimum began almost 50 years later.[original research?]
    Why would James Raider want to mislead readers of Flopping Aces ?
    Skeptical Science also has an easy read on this
    As far as “green technologies” being viable in the long distance, Jimmy better start reading his knowledge is no longer current. Even the Saudi Oil Minister knows that he said “The stone age did not end because people ran out of stones and the Age of Oil will end long before we run out of oil”
    The oil producers know this they are pumping as fast as they can no country wants to be the one with all the oil underground that people no longer need
    Gas is $1.85 in Ohio

  3. 4

    James Raider


    @kitt: #1,

    I have seen estimates, which are always revised, later that the average family is gonna be socked about 7,000 per year.

    Kitt, that number may be conservative since, in time, they will be taxing everything we consume or use, not just the gas you put in your tank.

    Almost nothing we touch hasn’t in some way been made available through some consumption of oil or gas, even that is only in its transport.

    The self-annoited socialist airheads who brought us this ill-conceived calamity have never created jobs, do not understand how to create jobs, and never will.

  4. 5


    So if we are being taxed 7000 or most likely more per family where does the extra money go? Clean up EPA caused disasters?
    Hey Randy :When you say Budweiser….

  5. 6


    Does it make sense to assume the industrial and agricultural activities of over 7 billion human beings will have no significant effect on the thin planetary biosphere that they inhabit?

    Which of the two possible answers is actually the faith-based assumption?

  6. 7


    @john: John what is your point? What is the point of carbon taxation, redistribution of wealth.
    Oh dont we feel grand assisting other Nations develop at our expense especially Africa, where untold billions have been poured and what to show for it?
    All they have is theory no real proof, hell the 5 day forecast changes.
    With the redistribution all the wealth that has been stolen thru taxation why do we still have poverty, hunger ect?
    If they would have taken all the billions spent in the climate studies and gave Nasa a directive to invent cheap clean energy (hint) they dont want solutions, they gather power. We made it to the moon, now have to hitch a ride from russia, The best engineers and rocket scientists unemployed.

  7. 8

    James Raider


    @kitt: #7
    Typical of trollers to never make a cogent argument, babbling without making a point, bloviating without sense, and getting facts wrong with regularity. Plus, they seem incapable of reading comprehension.
    . . . . Typical and not a surprise.

  8. 10


    John Kerry let the cat out of the bag, the entire agreement is unenforceable. Reading between the lines, it will end up doing NOTHING. It’s just a feel good meeting for the do as I say not as I do crowd.

  9. 11


    The agreement is an empty pinata. Why? In order for Obama and Kerry to avoid having the agreement treated as a treaty and subject to U.S. Congressional approval, they gutted it of any enforcement. Then. No treaty. However, no enforcement means that it’s a non-treaty. Worthless and meaningless, like Obama.

    Does Obama, or Kerry for that matter, think that countries around the world won’t use the same kind of shenanigans they used to void dealing with requirements?

    The treaty without enforcement is as empty as Obama’s head. No brain. If we didn’t have laws to enforce a stop sign requirement, you could flip the bird at a cop as you fly through the intersection without stopping at the stop sign.

    But this is classic liberal socialist thinking. Obama has the worst record of trying to bypass Congress. And his blind-as-a-bat Kerry is just as bad. The result is a lot of wasted money for the party and nothing at all, nothing, from the pinata.

    Countries can violate the “non-treaty” and flip the finger at Obama and all of those who participated in generating the non-enforceable agreement.

    I’m not yet 100% for Trump, however he does make sense when he says that in the U.S. we are lead by a lot of very stupid people.


  10. 12


    @john: Uh, john… why did it begin warming back then?

    The replacement for fossil fuels is not yet with us. To develop it, we will need industry to do it. For industry to do it, they need profits and to have profits, they need affordable energy. The left works directly against finding the solutions.

    As usual.

  11. 13

    James Raider


    @AdrianS: #11

    The agreement is an empty pinata.

    AdrianS, . . . empty like Obama and Kerry, however, this agreement officially launched a socialist movement behind which all believers in the West will galvanize their sermons on street corners.

    Obama didn’t want to have a Senate vote on this insanity, ensuring that the ‘hard’ cash extraction/transfer requirements were deleted. Taxpayers would have been at the gates demanding his impeachment.

    They created a new religion for all of the West’s closet atheists, and IMHO, Obama expects to be designated its Holiness when he leaves the job leading the Nation he evidently has little respect for.

    This agreement will do nothing to reduce pollution of the world’s rivers for example, or reduce dumping of toxins, or reduce the dumping of plastic into the oceans.

    The reality is that the world population continues to grow particularly in nations least able to sustain that growth. People in the middle of cities like Jakarta for example, bathe in waterways filled with toxins, and raw sewage. Populations are growing too fast to manage their physical environments and well being.

    Because they over-populate, the West is guilted into providing them all, entry into the stable societies we created. Billions want to live here. Can ALL of them come here? No. The left doesn’t bring immigrants in to help BUILD our society into a better, stronger society. Bringing in a few from who cares where, provides the new religion’s followers succor from self-condemnation. In self-righteousness, they start up their SUVs to run to the corner store.

  12. 14


    Kerry says Shame is the best weapon to enforce this treaty, well we should shame them. How is driving up the costs of electric and gas helping grandma stay in her home, Why do they hate the elderly and poor of this country? How many babies in this country shiver in a cold dark apt so mom can afford a few groceries? Over 1/2 of our population is in or near poverty I thought they had a war on poverty, I guess they really do. And doing their level best to put more into that catagory.

  13. 15


    @kitt: A tax is levied on “the wealthy” and used to subsidize the poor (victims of liberalism) so they can afford “necessarily skyrocketing energy costs”. Kaboom. Income redistribution.

  14. 16


    Thats no way to shame them Bill, just show how much grandma has to pay and she doesnt qualify for a subsidy cause grampa left her with a 200 buck a month annuity payment when he died, cause no doctor would take medicare

  15. 17

    James Raider


    @kitt: #14

    Over 1/2 of our population is in or near poverty I thought they had a war on poverty, I guess they really do. And doing their level best to put more into that catagory.

    Kitt, we will never hear from any Dem on the left any intelligent idea on job creation. Along with bigger and bigger government and leaching off the ‘redistribution’ pool of money, they have enabled the senior bankers to rob, defraud and bankrupt anyone with a dollar saved.

    Seniors fortunate enough to have saved a few dollars and who had planned on relying on savings and interest on those savings, as they aged — those were destroyed. Their savings became meaningless. They have sought part-time jobs and have sought more advantageous returns through riskier investments.

    The clueless Federal Reserve, subservient to no one, helped its manipulators, the senior bankers, and completely screwed America. With an Administration bent on changing the Nation in their pockets, none of these bankers were indicted. None were even slapped in the mouth. And Obama needs their support for his next job. . . . Much like Holder retired to multi-million dollar pay checks working for his manipulators at Goldman and Friends.

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