Hillary Clinton must think all Muslims are idiots

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Hillary Clinton has doubled down on her refusal to use the term “radical Islam” to describe radical Islamists.

Hillary Clinton doubled down on her refusal to use the term “radical Islam” during an interview Sunday on ABC’s This Week, saying such language was unfair to other Muslims and a “recruiting tool” for the Islamic State.

Clinton sat down with host George Stephanopoulos for a wide-ranging interview on the Sunday talk show. It began with a discussion of the Islamic State’s continued threat, especially in the wake of two of its followers executing a massacre in California last week that killed 14 people.

Clinton repeatedly refused to use the term at the Democratic debate last month, raising eyebrows from observers who wondered why she would avoid the obvious characterization.

“You’ve also been reluctant to say we’re fighting radical Islam and I wonder why not? Isn’t it a mistake not to say it plain, that the violence is being pushed by radical elements in that faith?” Stephanopoulos asked.

Ironically, neither Obama nor Clinton has had any hesitation to refer to fellow Americans as “enemies.” About those who voted differently from what obama wanted, he said:

“We’re going to punish our enemies”

Obama also had no trouble insulting the religion of Americans when he said:

“And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

More recently Clinton called her GOP opposition “enemies.”

CNN asked Hillary to name the enemy she was proudest of. “Republicans!” she said.

The King of Jordan has described ISIS as the “outlaws of Islam.” He stated unequivocally that that the battle against ISIS is a “war within Islam.”

Despite that, the noted Islamic scholars Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama refuse to accept the what is so painfully obvious.

“So what’s the problem with radical Islam?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“Well, the problem is that sounds like we’re declaring war against a religion, and that to me is, number one, wrong,” Clinton said.

“Even though the qualifier ‘radical’ is there?” Stephanpoulos asked.

“No, because, look, you know enough about religion, you’ve studied it, there are radicals, people who believe all kinds of things, in every religion in the world,” she said. “I don’t want to do that because, number one, it doesn’t do justice to the vast numbers of Muslims in our own country and around the world who are peaceful people. Number two, it helps to create this clash of civilizations that is actually a recruiting tool for ISIS and other radical jihadists, who use this as a way of saying, ‘We’re in a war against the West. You must join us. If you are a Muslim, you must join us.’ No. If you’re a law-abiding, peace-loving Muslim, you need to be with us and against those who are distorting Islam.”

“No, because, look, you know enough about religion, you’ve studied it, there are radicals, people who believe all kinds of things, in every religion in the world.”

I’d like to know how much religion she’s studied, other than her Clinton Cash religion. Additionally, pretty much no one else is beheading, blowing up and shooting people for the crime of not being a Muslim.

Clinton must think that all Muslims are all idiots. She seems to truly believe that either Muslims cannot discern “radical Islam” from moderate Islam (despite the proof otherwise) or she truly believes that all Muslims are radical and perhaps by not offending any of them she’ll remain safe.

Good luck with that.

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DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 1

    Nanny G

    or she truly believes that all Muslims are radical and perhaps by not offending any of them she’ll remain safe.

    Maybe she does.’But what would give her that impression?
    She refuses to hang out with the real moderate reform-minded Muslims.
    But she has hung out with CAIR.
    “Back in 2003, CAIR founder Omar Ahmad said,

    “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant.”

    This is a more recent CAIR quote:

    “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land,”

    said Herman Mustafa Carroll, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR branch.
    But has Hillary EVER spent a minute with real reformer Dr. Zuhdi Jasser?
    What about Raymond Ibrahim?
    Ibn Warriq?
    Dr. Wafa Sultan?
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

    No, no, no and no.

  2. 2


    She can afford to be willfully ignorant, surrounded by armed secret service. I would be quite distressed to see America over-run as the UE has been. What I do know is Americans will not lay down like the UE has. Brainwashed liberal-progressive socialist non-sense. Norway is now offering Muslims money to move out, and after deporting 7100 of these animals the violent crime rate dropped 31% in 1 year.

  3. 3


    We are all safer now.

    Duffel Blog – Vowing “swift, efficient action” on Syrian refugee admissions, the Obama Administration last month assigned the Department of Veterans Affairs responsibility for vetting the refugees, according to sources. “Really, it’s a perfect fit,” said one White House official. “The VA is already used to dealing with dangerous, unstable people looking for jobs.”… To date the VA has successfully vetted one Syrian, Dr. Basma Hosseini. Hosseini, a pharmacist who fled from Raqqa last month, has had mixed results with the Department. “I asked for a house, but they give me bottle of horse tranquilizers. No prescription, they just said, ‘Take pills, go home,’ in a weird accent,” she reported. “I am a pharmacist. Even in Raqqa we have procedures, we have prescriptions. We use therapy, not pills. And I still need house.” None of the other 10,000 refugees has been vetted, and none properly housed. But according to records received through a Freedom of Information Act request, VA employees in the new Refugee Office have received $275,000 in bonuses thus far.
    Onion style

  4. 7

    mos 8541

    The USSS hates the slut.
    The slut and the fool should open up their homes to the new terrorist refugees. The fool is a terrorist and the slut is a socialist. Funny, Putin can not stand either of them nor can Xi.
    The us has become a third world country thanks to the fool and the congress.

  5. 8


    @mos 8541:
    Mos 8451 is one of those who wants others to do what he thinks should be done but isn’t willing to do it himself
    Let’s show a little personal effort there!!
    You know a bit more than name calling anonymously and looking like some sort of Internet Rambo

    You want others to be sent over to fight ISIS but will not go over yourself

  6. 9


    And Dr J
    I’d like you who of course has studied epidemiology to tell us what percentage of the 15000 Americans that are killed each year, are killed by Muslim terrorists and if this should really be a great concern. Also the person leading in all the GOP polls for nomination made some statements recently that many might consider controversial If you don’t repudiate them, you own them

  7. 10


    See, I find it insulting when the left, in their attempt to justify why they CHOOSE to ignore the threat of radical Islam, use “Christian terrorists” as their fall-back position. For, not only to they have NO such terrorists committing atrocities in the name of the religion or Christ, they do not differentiate between “radical” Christians (they DO exist; I regard the snake-charming Christians as somewhat radical) and the Christian my blue-haired grandmother was. As a courtesy, I would appreciate it if they WOULD modify with “radical”. Likewise, I would expect Muslims would too, since we all KNOW what we are talking about and we don’t WANT to indict every member.

    Be honest; it is mere pandering… not “mere”, really, but dangerous pandering.

  8. 11


    In the most recent batch of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department, the candidate for the nation’s next commander-in-chief appeared to show particular callousness regarding the death of six American soldiers.

    Clinton top aide Huma Abedin emailed the then secretary of state in December 2011, informing her of the death of the American soldiers, who were serving in the Middle East. Clinton’s response was: “Is Dalton Brody off Conn or Wisconsin?” Dalton Brody is a Washington, DC, gifts and accessories store, which sells such items as leather goods, crystal, and pottery, according to its website.
    Shop til ya drop or better just drop.

  9. 12

    mos 8541

    four years in the Corps, with my last two tours( 26 months) was in Vietnam 1966-68. Do you understand my MOS 8541-doubtful from your comment.

  10. 13



    I’d like you who of course has studied epidemiology to tell us what percentage of the 15000 Americans that are killed each year, are killed by Muslim terrorists and if this should really be a great concern.

    You know, if I could be assured that they would only go to where YOU live, John, I would not be as concerned. However, it always seems that the people that cause the problems (or blindly support those who cause them) are never the ones suffering for the problem.

  11. 14

    Nanny G

    @John: I’d like you who of course has studied epidemiology to tell us what percentage of the 15000 Americans that are killed each year, are killed by Muslim terrorists and if this should really be a great concern.

    Gee, John.
    Borrowing our cold fish president’s actuarial viewpoint, are you?
    I got news for you.
    Americans ca avoid being hit by lightening, being bitten by a rattlesnake, dying from the flu, etc.
    What is RANDOM is terror.
    We have several malls near us, one was hit by a terrorist a few years ago.
    He shot many, killed one (at least) by focusing on the food court.
    I, to this day, hear long-time residents say that’s the mall to avoid. But is it?
    Anyplace where people congregate can be a target for terrorists.
    In Israel it has been a bus stop, a bus, a street.
    In UK it has been buses, subways, coffee houses.
    In Australia it has been beaches, a chocolate shop, the streets.
    In Germany it has been the streets, churches, the borders, the women’s shelters.
    In Greece it has been the beaches, the ruins, the churches, the buses, the streets, the shelters, the trains.

    In other words, you cannot totally avoid terrorism targets.
    The actuarial viewpoint is a fallacy from the start.

  12. 15


    @Nanny G: If he is looking for death probability, he should not drive, or eat birthdaycake. Did you know 100% of the population dies within 1 year of their last birthday? frightening isn’t it.

  13. 18


    An Open Letter to Shepard Smith (Fox News):


    I think you are unfair and unbalanced. Suggesting that Donald Trump is the “darkest” in America. You are despicable. Your network, Fox News, is now, in my mind, as bad a the “main-stream-media”. You are all announcing the part of Trump’s speech where he says that Muslims should not be allowed into the U.S. But what you fail to say is the second part of that comment: that he wants to hold off on more Muslims entering UNTIL THERE IS A VALID WAY TO VET THEM AND PREVENT MUSLIM RADICAL TERRORISTS FROM ENTERING THE U.S.A. Fox News like the bunch of other trash, CBS, NBC, etc. are deceiving the public. I will make comments regarding this on the public blogs. When the public reads Trumps entire comments, they agree 100% with Trump and are, no doubt, disgusted with Fox News.

    I have the lowest opinion of you and Fox now. You are all TRASH. You lie. You obfuscate. You misinform. You are SCUM.

    Many, many others who agree that stopping the influx of Muslims at this time is a good idea until the U.S. has a plan for determining who the Muslims are. Trump is right!

    I will NOT watch your unfair and unbalanced program any more. Besides, Fox News is not a news channel; it’s a comments channel where talking heads comment issues to death. And as far as letting people decide the issues, your Fox News does its best to influence the issues. Not fair at all. Cheat!

    Besides, I spend more time now watching One America News Network than Fox. OAN on Verizon FIOS and other cable networks soon.

    Article: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2015/12/08/fncs-shep-smith-trump-representing-the-worst-darkest-part-of-all-that-is-america/

  14. 19


    @AdrianS: Adrian S. I agree partially with you. I think ‘some’ of the Fox hosts don’t like Trump and are not truthful about him and what he says. Two that immediately come to mind are Meghan Kelly and Shep Smith. Kelly because Trump called her out on her bias, and Smith, well….. for obvious reasons. He’s a liberal and backs the liberals. What I really agree with you, Adrian, on is that if everyone listens to Trump’s ‘entire’ statement, no one can disagree with what he says. The flow of terrorist country undocumented Muslims (anyone from the terrorist countries) must be stopped until the US figures out what the hell is going on and make laws to regulate these people and protect American citizens. I don’t think it is damaging Trump because he is getting more play time.

  15. 20


    @AdrianS: The gutless Pols have had this email and most likely more damning ones for over a year yet She isn’t running for president from a prison cell and the POTUS still resides in the whitehouse. I think I know why, but waiting 407 days and mucking up his agenda might be the least painful for the country, or not we will see.

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