Hillary Clinton is everything democrats said they didn’t like about Mitt Romney

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But worse. Much worse. Although Hillary Clinton is widely expected to prevail in the democrat primaries, there is concern for her. She’s not likable.

Allies of Hillary Clinton are confident she will win the Democratic presidential nomination, but they are worried about one big thing: her likability problem in the general election.

Clinton has rebounded from a rough spring and summer with a strong fall. And while her eyes remain on the primary, she is already testing general election themes against her possible GOP opponents as they do battle in what could be a drawn-out Republican primary.

Presidential elections are often decided on personality instead of specific policies. Along those lines, people in Clinton’s orbit are worried she doesn’t pass the would-you-like-to-have-a-beer-with-her test.
It’s a test she failed against then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in 2008. Throughout that cycle, Clinton stressed her “35 years of experience” while Obama pitched his “hope and change” message.

The likability test came up often on the campaign trail, most notably in the last New Hampshire debate that year when Clinton acknowledged Obama is “very likable.”

In a quip that may have cost him New Hampshire, Obama responded, “You’re likable enough, Hillary.”

All the rabid support that exists for Hillary really is curious, given that Clinton is everything the left said it despised about Mitt Romney- too rich, too white, too old.


Liberal group calls Romney too white for blacks to like

Michael Tomasky: Romney is too white for Hispanics:

It seems clear that the main issue Mitt Romney is going to use to try to reestablish himself as a moderate is immigration. He told a private audience on April 15 that “we have to get Hispanic voters to vote for our party” and warned that current polling “spells doom for us.” Then, on Monday, he made himself available to the media for the first time in a month—while standing beside Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a leading veepstakes name. Can Romney, who staked out an immigration position during the primaries that left him sounding like Pat Buchanan, really pull this off? My bet: He’ll be smooth, he’ll do almost everything right, he’ll say all the right things—and he’ll end up with something very much like the 31 percent of the Latino vote John McCain got, maybe two or three points more, tops. The reason is simple: Romney, like his party, is just too white.

Bill Maher: I really think this election comes down to one thing – is Mitt Romney too white to be president?

One cannot be more white than Hillary Clinton. And Mitt never faked a southern drawl.


Romney seen as “too rich for too long”? – CBS News

Is Romney just too rich? | MSNBC

But now it appears that all that business knowledge was great for Romney and made him a much richer man, but there is scant evidence that he helped average workers along the way – or at least not on purpose. Inadvertent job creation is not exactly a concrete foundation for electoral success.

Romney may be too rich to be president

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — It may be that even in the land of the American Dream, some people are just too rich to run for president.
American voters seem to have trouble connecting with zillionaires who own multiple homes or a fleet of cars or who just sound false when they try to talk about the preoccupations of normal people.

Romney Is Kerry. Or Maybe Gore.

He’s too handsome, too rich, and too pompous to win the hearts of ordinary Americans.

And of course, this from the NY Times:

Mitt’s Rich Predicament

But every discussion of Romney’s campaign, no matter the angle, winds up referring to riches. It’s uncanny. Wealth is the Go on the Monopoly board of Mitt: you’re either starting there, heading there or circling past it. If only you collected $200 each time.

Together, Bill and Hillary Clinton are worth about $125 million. They control a Foundation which has raised about $2 billion. Much of that has come from foreign governments, which will be looking for a Clinton Presidency payback.


GOP soul-searching: ‘Too old, too white, too male’?

Mitt Romney – Is He Too Old To Be US President?

Mitt Romney’s Dirty Little Secret: He’s Old

Many completely correct adjectives come to mind when you think of presidential frontrunner Willard “Mittens” Romney: Slick, gross, rich, cheesy, evil, hilarious, weird, and, especially, white. But no one ever talks about how old he is. Did you know he’s kind of old?

Hillary hasn’t driven a car since 1996. She has suffered brain damage, is unable to use a fax and she often gets confused. And she isn’t likable. And then there’s that God-awful cackle:

Hillary is the same age as Romney, but Hillary claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary despite her being born nearly six years prior to his summit of Everest.

Watch her carefully in debates and interviews. She’ll be largely monolithic, with two recurring pervasive themes, and you could make a drinking game of it. Take a swig each time she refers to having a vagina as an accomplishment and secondly, each time she says “In my book.”

Won’t take long to get hammered.

Hillary is everything the left said it hated in Mitt Romney but much, much worse. Mitt was honest. Mitt didn’t sell his country out for favors to a Foundation, didn’t blame a video and Mitt didn’t stupidly destroy Libya. If you decried Romney and support Clinton, there is no sufficiently hyperbolic version of the word “hypocrite” to cast upon you.


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    Well, she may be (definitely IS) everything liberals always say they despise in a person and a candidate, but if you haven’t noticed, avoiding hypocrisy is not a priority for the left.

    Obama is their darling; he is a minority, he went to Harvard, he was editor of the Harvard Law Review and he was a Senator. Gush, gush, drool, drool.

    Yet look at how the left treats Cruz; he is everything Obama is, but with a thick layer of accomplishment laid atop it. But, race doesn’t stop the left from hating on Cruz. Neither does his brilliance. Or, his accomplishments.

    Hillary is rabidly supported (by the rabids) because she is Hillary. Period. And, that is expected to continue.

  2. 2

    Scott from Oklahoma

    Good afternoon y’all, it’s been a minute….

    Dr J. , Hillary might not be a problem, consider this… I listened to Biden give his speech a while back, in the beginning he said he wasn’t going to run, then spent 20 minutes talking about what he would do as president. That got me thinking…

    Obama hates the Clintons. Obama owns the DOJ. Hillary has clearly violated a ton of secrecy and document handling laws, and is currently under investigation by the FBI, a division of the DOJ. So here’s a possibility I can see happen. The campaign season continues, Clinton spends a ton of money. The primaries come up, Clinton gets the nod to run for the democratic party. Then… the other shoe drops and she gets indicted for her long list of crimes. She obviously cannot run for office while under indictment, so Biden steps up to save the democratic party and the nation from the scourge of republican control. He doesn’t need all the primary infrastructure and money, yet he’s in place to continue Obama’s plans. And should Obama decide we have a crisis too big to conduct a change of government at the chosen time, Biden will go along to get along.

    So maybe Hillary shouldn’t be our biggest fear…

  3. 3


    @Bill: I will state first that I am a conservative, and a Constitutionalist. I am a registered republican, and have been my entire voting life. ted cruz was born in Canada. Canada is a foreign country. His mother was a US citizen, his father a Cuban citizen. ted cruz is NOT eligible to run for office. Neither is rubio or jindal. Both of them were born in the USA, but rubio to two illegal Cuban citizens and jindal to two Asian Indian (India) citizens. If being born in the USA was the only criteria to run for office regardless the parents citizenship, then terrorists like USA born Anwar al-Awlaki could run for president and/or vice president. There is a reason the Constitution reads like it does as far as being eligible for those two offices. Look at what we have now. A man who should never have been able to run as his father was not a US citizen and his loyalties do NOT lie with the United States. All three of these men should step down because they are very obviously stepping on the Constitution.

    If I were a betting woman, I would bet all three men know the truth but because most of the American people are ignorant, unintelligent, or just plain stupid they continue on.

  4. 4


    @Enchanted: My point was the differentiation of how the left and the media treats a liberal and a conservative with almost equal (if not tipped in the conservative’s side) qualifications, not eligibility.

  5. 5


    well not EVERYTHING
    She is not using BENGHAZI!!! as a political weapon. Romney did until the mother of the SEAL who died told him to stop it, which he then did stop. Unlike some others who continue to use her son’s death in a manner she disaproves of

    Boston’s local NBC affiliate WHDH reported this morning that Doherty’s mother objected to Romney using the story in a campaign speech. “I don’t trust Romney. He shouldn’t make my son’s death part of his political agenda. It’s wrong to use these brave young men, who wanted freedom for all, to degrade Obama,” said Barbara Doherty. WHDH even suggested that it reached out to Romney’s campaign for comment, reporting that “there was no response from the Romney camp.”
    Yet Romney used the same story in stump speech today in Ohio. Watch it:

    But Romney’s not only telling the story against the wishes of Doherty’s family, he’s also mischaracterizing his encounter with the former SEAL. According to Glen Doherty’s longtime friend, Doherty said Romney had introduced himself four times in the span of less than 30 minutes, saying it was”pathetic” that Romney didn’t know the two had just met:
    “He said it was very comical,” [Doherty friend Elf] Ellefsen said, “Mitt Romney approached him ultimately four times, using this private gathering as a political venture to further his image. He kept introducing himself as Mitt Romney, a political figure. The same introduction, the same opening line. Glen believed it to be very insincere and stale.” […]
    “He said it was pathetic and comical to have the same person come up to you within only a half hour, have this person reintroduce himself to you, having absolutely no idea whatsoever that he just did this 20 minutes ago, and did not even recognize Glen’s face.”
    Ellefsen said it makes him “sick” that Romney is using the story out on the stump. “Glen would definitely not approve of it,” he said, adding, “He probably wouldn’t do much about it. He probably wouldn’t say a whole lot about it. I think Glen would feel, more than anything, almost embarrassed for Romney. I think he would feel pity for him.”
    A Romney adviser has said that he will “respect the wishes of Mrs. Doherty” and stop recounting the story.


  6. 6


    @john: Perhaps your liberal-provided talking points telling you want to think were lost in the mail and you are just now getting the ones sent to you in 2012.

    Romney is not a 2016 candidate.

  7. 7


    To all of you nay sayers, hate to burst your bubble but Hillary isn’t going anywhere, especially not to jail. If the Justice Dept had something that they could make stick it would have been done a long time ago. The Republican party is in a shambles, no clear front runner other than the guy most of the establishment hates since they can’t control him, Trump. After all is said and done, Hillary will be the president. People will come out in droves to vote her in over Trump, especially minorities. The best you guys have is Cruze, who is a joke and cant even beat Trump, let alone Hillary. What hurts the GOP most of all? Simple! Its the Tea Party faction that is running the party into the ground. Too many extreem views, no real connection with everyday Americans. There some darn good Republicans out there too, but their views are considered too moderate for the establishment. As far as the right needing soul searching…what’s going on in today’s presidential election highlights absolutely that. You can frame this as a liberal point of view in your own minds, but this is Reality. No matter how you spin things it’s either Trump or Hillary.

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