Grateful for the Restraint of the… Missouri Nazis?

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IMG_3352Lost in all of the last week’s stories was one small piece of the University of Missouri story. Apparently someone had painted a swastika on a wall out of… poop. As one would imagine this was added to the list of grievances of creating a racially hostile environment. Since the excrement artist has not taken credit for his (or her) handiwork, it looks like the intention of making this was to show that the swastika was intended to portray a hostile environment toward the various groups targeted by white supremacists. But thinking this through leads to a very different conclusion.

If one is trying to proclaim the glory of any cause or group would you portray them in fecal matter? I have a feeling that if “Black Lives Matter” were written in poop it would have been seen as an insult by the same people complaining about the swastika. I  doubt that campus Christians would appreciate a crucifix drawn of the same material, although it might get funded with a grant from the NEA. How about drawing a Muslim crescent or Mohammed in poop? Fugheddaboutit! You get the idea…

But here is what is most impressive. While we are watching college students across the nation melting down over various perceived thought crimes, why aren’t any of the Nazi groups in America rising up in protest? Shouldn’t the Klan be marching on U of M for the insensitivity toward one of their hallowed symbols? Shouldn’t they be storming the Dean’s office demanding that the students be sent to sensitivity training? This marginalized group hasn’t even had any representation in Congress since the retirement of Robert Byrd!

Powerline’s Steven Hayward had a field day with this story. Read the whole thing.

Seems like we’re in solid Mel Brooks territory now. But more to the point, isn’t the campus left clearly guilty of cultural appropriation for seizing on the poop swastika as one of their grievances—especially since for the left, Jews are part of the patriarchal oppressive establishment?

Although this post has been written firmly tongue in cheek, as I finished writing this a truly depressing thought hit me:

We’ve reached the point where the Nazis in America today are conducting themselves with greater maturity than our college students.

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    I like what a bunch of labia the non-black students are.

    If they we smart or cared about their lives they’d be engaging in the same tactics against the BLM branch that is ruining the school.

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    The doo-doo-Dali was never “pinched”, the artwork never seen by any witnesses, so it is doubtful it actually existed. More of a fart in the wind. If such an incident took place, the poopie-trator would have been flushed out.

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