Here’s your probability guide to the location of Syrian “refugee” attacks in the US

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syrian refugee map


Ever see those radiation fallout maps that predict probable casualty levels in the event of a nuclear attack?

fallout map


That’s what the NY Times map above reminds me of. It describes where Syrian “refugees” are being sent. It also likely a probability map- the probability of where these refugees will kill Americans and probably also an indicator of how many will die.

Obama has dumped 10,000 Syrian “refugees” on us so far. He and his feckless Secretary of State have guaranteed that they are going force 85,000 Syrian refugees upon us in 2015 and Obama promised to take 100,000 more Muslim refugees each in 2016 and 2017. He boasted about it in a tweet.


The FBI has 1,000 active ISIS probes ongoing right now. They do not have manpower to handle a quarter of a million more potential threats. And as we noted yesterday, Obama is speeding up the processing of bringing the enemy into the US. We’ve also been told that with these kinds of numbers proper vetting cannot be done.

Obama’s response to all this? Global warming!

The impossibly stupid Angela Merkel called for “tolerance” toward terrorists:

Let’s give the terrorists the answer by living our values confidently.

Tell it to the families of the deceased who were living their values in France. It’s hard to live confidently when you’re dead.

And Hillary?  She proved to be the usual liberal freaking idiot last night. She refused to say that the US is at war with radical Islam. They’re sure as hell at war with us. There is no hope for us with a liberal at the helm. Battles cannot be won if one cannot identify the enemy- or worse, refuses. Perhaps Hillary thinks she can defeat ISIS by giving them jobs in the Clinton Foundation.

Radical Islam has declared us the enemy and they know where we are. With their heads in the sand and up their asses, liberal candidates are assuring many more deaths- a lot of them will be within our borders.

I know a couple of things for certain. Global warming did not kill 128 people in France, ISIS is not contained and there is such a thin as Islamic terrorism.

And I also know that Barack Obama is not right in the head.

Image from the NY Times via Doug Ross</a>

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 1

    Nanny G

    So, Jindal wrote a gently-worded letter about all the refugees LA is getting.
    Here in Utah the LDS church is already planning on converting any refugees they get!
    You should hear them!
    But, Utah is asking that disabled refugees come here, so they can ”kill them with kindness.”
    It seems true that Utah is more set up to deal with inbred disabilities than anywhere else in the country.
    The state has plenty of inbreeding. So much so that is FREE for all Mormons.
    Islamic countries are notoriously harsh on disabled children, even using them as bomb-holders without their knowledge.
    It is going to take considerable ungratefulness to come here then turn around and terrorize in Utah.
    But that’s happened before, so….
    Lastly, in Utah open carry is perfectly legal and more than 1-in-5 adults do so.
    Getting a closed carry permit is easy (pass a $27 class) and many Utahans do that, too.
    This is all very noticeable as soon as you get here.
    I think it is more of a protection than any so-called vetting of these refugees.

  2. 2


    All compassionate open minded diversity loving liberals need to open their doors and host as many of these “refugees” as possible. Lets see how many step up. I think Ben Affleck now has room in his house with his wife and children gone.

    BTW. I think by classifying the folks as “refugees” they are allowed to get benefits such as food stamps,etc.

  3. 5


    All the liberal candidates stated that instead of radical Islamists, these terrorists should be referred to as “jihadists”, so as not to confuse them with all Muslims.

    Isn’t jihad a tenet of Islam?

  4. 10


    @Greg: In reality. The imagination doesn’t threaten anyone except where frightened little leftists imagine legal gun owners threatening the lives of citizens, which results in disarming citizens and denying their right to self defense.

  5. 11


    Pardon me, but it’s the right that seems to be in fear of every shadow. It’s the right that seems to be unable to sleep without having a loaded gun under their pillow.

    Internalized fear is not a friend. It’s an enemy of reason.

  6. 12


    @Greg: The problem is, Greg, that the fears the right describe should actually be heeded. The fears the left promote are for their own benefit.

    I guess you missed the events in Paris lately. Phony fears?

  7. 14


    @Bill, #12:

    Have you missed the fact that we’ve been methodically killing ISIS leaders and bombing the hell out of their military in Syria and Iraq for over a year now? It’s estimated that 1/3 of ISIS’s forces have been destroyed by air strikes. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, has been targeted twice, and is apparently now paralyzed as a result of the March drone attack. Abu Ala al-Afri, who took his place, was killed in May. Jihadi John was exterminated by a drone this past Friday. Abu Nabil, the head of ISIS in Libya, was killed by a U.S. F-14 strike while the Paris attacks were in progress.

    Fear is not the weapon that is being effectively used against ISIS. Fear is the weapon that ISIS is attempting to use against us. Our own nation’s responses have been rational, carefully calculated, and effective. They will continue to be so as they are ramped up.

  8. 15

    Common Sense

    @Greg: Greggie, do you really think that Syrian Refugees have NOT came across our open borders to Mexico?? Your getting more ignorant by the day. Maybe just the JV Team teachers and farmers where the only ones eh Greggie?? Just like the other ILLEGALS who murder American Citizens in Sanctuary Cities eh Greggie?? Tell me this didn’t happen!! Better yet tell the families of the victims.

  9. 17


    @Greg: No, I have not missed the fact that we have been killing some terrorists onesy-style. I also have not missed the fact of how unnecessary this all is; had we not left that aforementioned power vacuum in Iraq, ISIS would not be what it is today.

    But it is and I am also aware of the weak, PC approach to killing them. 5 or 10 sorties a day won’t do it.

    After the attacks in Paris, the French hit multiple high-profile targets. IMPORTANT targets. While I applaud their response, I have to wonder, why did they wait until today? Why not yesterday? Or, Friday?

    Despite your satellite excuse, I get the feeling we know where they are and how to hit them; we just aren’t. Are we going to have to wait until all those who are afraid to call this “radical Islamic terrorism” before we go all-out to stop them? Apparently so.

    Yeah, the Obama response has been carefully measured and considered. The primary consideration is not doing something to annoy his base (and thus his all-important “legacy”) while doing just enough to say he is doing something. The calculation is all about benefiting him, not the nation. In the process, he appears to be protecting Muslims; considering them more carefully than Americans. Whatever his motives, his actions are not “containing” ISIS, no matter how many times his stupid assertion is repeated.

  10. 18


    @#6 peter cat. Funny, I noticed there is a bastion in NY, and I seem to recall something in the news not too long ago about terrorist training camps in NY State, and I also recall the blow back, the attack upon the person who had the GALL to point this out….yet your map has A LOT of those little yellow dots…smh.

    I am getting tired of those trying to b/s us…

  11. 19


    @Bill #17 –

    “I get the feeling we know where they are and how to hit them; we just aren’t.”

    We do have a good sense of where their command and control centers are in Syria (Raqaa, to be specific) and Iraq (Mosul, to be specific). It is matter of resolve of going after them.

    The Kurdish operation to retake Sinjar City, while widely heralded, is of little consequence at this point. It would matter if you were to apply significant military pressure on both Raqaa and Mosul simultaneously now.

    Second point, we’ve had numerous opportunities to create a “Highway of Death” for ISIS as they move their convoys back and forth in the areas they do control. It would be similar to the one during Desert Storm as Saddam’s forces retreated from Kuwait City in 1991. The difference is, with current guided munitions, it would be more deadly and devastating. When they hide in civilian areas, we’re still able to go after them.

    As for the French airstrikes today, Syria has been on France’s no-go list. What we don’t know is if their reaction is a one-time effort. If they were to expand their role, and take Syria off their no-go list, then it would matter.

  12. 20


    @David: Lot’s of news today about raids in France and Belgium to round up suspects. Again, while a clue picked up from the dead terrorists could lead to a location or person, it would seem that a large portion of these suspects are previously known and those governments just now pulled the trigger on the raids.

    Good LORD! We are going to have to take a chance or two, based on sound evidence, of course, and go get some of these animals BEFORE they kill. This why Clinton just allowed bin Laden to live free to plan his killing; he didn’t have his slam-dunk legal case to do it, so back to Monica and the Oral Office.

    A LEADER is prepared to make some mistakes keeping us safe and take responsibility for it. Obama is no leader; he is a community leader worried more about a clean legacy (that ship has sailed, run aground on rocks and sunk) than doing everything he can to keep America, and as much of the free world as possible, safe.

  13. 21

    Rich Wheeler

    This brutal attack on a Western ally may signal the beginning of the end for these middle age savages—a call for unity and action not unlike Pearl Harbor and 9/11.
    They bit off too much—From Apocalypse Now “Eliminate with extreme prejudice.” ALL free peoples and their governments must stand against these savages–the Russian Bear can join in.

  14. 22


    @Greg: “Pardon me, but it’s the right that seems to be in fear of every shadow. It’s the right that seems to be unable to sleep without having a loaded gun under their pillow. ”
    Well, Greg, I am one of those people to whom you refer.
    I am always armed, and keep a handgun on my nightstand while I sleep.
    And the only reason that you can imagine for that must be that I am in fear of every shadow.
    Greg, I am not armed because I am afraid.
    I am armed because I am experienced.

  15. 24

    Nanny G

    Last night only 4 state governors had written the Obama Administration that their states would refuse all ”Syrian” refugees.
    Today, so far it is 10 states and soon to be one more. (Make it 11, Ohio just added its name to the list, North Carolina might announce next.)
    Obama took advantage of his stage out of the country to call such governors, ”racists.”
    I have to ask, WHAT RACE IS ISLAM????
    He also had heard ”no refugees” and straw-man lied saying ”no Muslims.”
    If the refugees in the boats didn’t demand to know if any on board were Christians, then throw those people overboard, there might be a few more Christian refugees, but, as it is, there are not many.
    Obama also touted these as ”doctors, engineers and other professionals.”
    Zawahiri is a doctor.
    So was the convicted chemical weapons specialist ISIS wanted traded for.
    Being educated is no guarantee of peacefulness.

  16. 26

    Nanny G

    @Mully: When there were 15 states, New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan was the first Democrat to express support for stopping the flow of Syrian refugees into her state.
    As of now, I don’t know.
    The news media either can’t or won’t keep up.

  17. 28


    @Greg: I fear winter too, I have a coat. I fear stubbing my toe, I have shoes. You see the left are not the only ones that can make foolish comparisons. There are not enough FBI to investigate all the terror cells, there are not enough police to protect every citizen, sometimes we must be prepared to take care of ourselves.

  18. 29


    @kitt: #28
    Since when is fear such a bad thing anyway?
    Every time I see a “No Fear” sticker, I wonder…
    There are two types of individual who never feel fear.
    The genuine psychopath,
    and the person who is just too stupid to recognize when they are in danger.
    The genuine psychopath is very rare, so the “no Fear” message is probably “I’m Stupid”.

  19. 31


    @Petercat: My friend, do not misunderstand my post. With no fear there is no survival. But if we are self reliant and use wisdom we have less to fear, therefore I have a gun, a coat ,shoes ect. ,see post #1 1

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