Media to the American People: “Silence, Commoners!”

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Watch any entertaining presidential primary debates lately? That was an impressive bit of pushback by the GOP candidates on the partisan hack who was masquerading as a debate moderator! After an embarrassment like that how does our media react – apologetic and promising to make a more honest effort next time? Ha Ha! Don’t be silly, of course they doubled down on stupid and lashed out at the knuckle-dragging simpletons who dared to question the mainstream press’ absolute authority over what the public should be presented as news. Brian Beutler at The New Republic lamented “The GOP’s Grotesque Festival of Lies”: The tone is set in the first paragraph:

The darkest moment of the 2012 campaign for President Obama was the first of his three debates with Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee. Obama was rusty and under-prepared, which contributed to his poor showing that night, but a big reason he lost the plot so badly is that the Mitt Romney he had prepared to debate was a composite of public statements, briefing papers, and other documentation from the past. The Romney who showed up was a shapeshifter adapting to his immediate circumstances.

Yep, Beutler is lamenting that one candidate actually did his homework and showed up prepared for the debate, and it wasn’t his guy! Fast forward to his complaints about the CNBC debate, and Beutler attacks Rubio defending that his tax plan. Even after reprinting a tweet from moderator John Harwood that backs up Rubio’s statement, Beutler still asserts the opposite. At the end the column includes a blurb about Hillary:

The likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, enjoys no such presumption of good faith from either the public or the media.


Um public, some. But that’s mainly because she gets nothing but good faith from the media. No, they’ll never love her the way they did her husband of President Obama, but how much they may or may not like her dwarfs next to the MSM’s hatred for conservatives. Putting aside the fact that the moderators let her skate in the last debate over her well known criminal activity, a better question would have been why she did not get grilled over her acts of treason. Or they could have been fair and thrown out a few simple questions to all of the candidates sharing the stage with Hillary, such as:

  • Since FDR in the 30’s , Japan in the 90s’, and Obama’s first term have indisputably proven your economic theories don’t work, what makes you think it will this time?
  • Exactly how do you plan to pay for all of this s***?
  • Are there any articles  of the Bill of Rights that you do not feel need to be abolished?

It’s not as though Hillary sees the media as her obedient sheep – right?

Over at Gawker, Hamilton Nolan lectures us that If the Media Loses, So Do You He whines for a bit at how the Republicans had the audacity to not accept every loaded question, a treatment their counterparts on the other side don’t have to worry about, and concludes by scolding us:

Hate the media all you want, America. The more you do, the less you know. In the end, we will get the president that we deserve. Unfortunately.


And in that rant Nolan also misses the point – it’s not media we hate – it’s members of the Radical Left masquerading as journalists that we hate. Trust in the media is hovering near the ebola / Nickelback popularity range, and stories about left wing journalistic malpractice come up all the time. Look no further than the expose on the New York Times’ “expose” of the nail salon industry. Maybe if members of the media are so angry that we don’t blindly trust them, then maybe they should focus on actually being trustworthy instead? Personally, I’m just grateful that the Republicans are finally taking my advice and fighting back. At least CNBC has enough sense to feel some shame over how badly they botched the debate. And we’re even seeing the unthinkable – “journalists” apologizing for substance-less hit pieces, as Politico’s Kyle Chaney was forced to do. The last point I want to make is to repeat what I finished with back in July:

Say what you will about (Hillary), she understands that the press are a useful tool for Democrats and has been making an excellent use of that tool. The press can be useful for Republicans as well, but in a completely different manner.It’s one thing to disable your opponent’s artillery – it’s quite another to turn the cannons around and have your opponent scurry as their favorite weapon is used against them. The question is, will they actually decide to go on the offensive and use this weapon?


And while the Twitterverse served up some great blurbs to end this post on a humorous note, actor Nick Searcy went on his own assault, so I’ll give him the stage (via Freedompost):

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  1. 1

    old guy

    I do not pay attention to the MSM, including Fox, anymore. They are beyond biased. Generally there are website I find that are honest and reliable.

  2. 2


    Brother Bob MSM is by definition WHAT Americans choose. They have a wide range to choose from. They CHOOSE MSM
    Apparently you don’t like their choice.
    Would you like it better if they were somehow forced to watch Fox news?

  3. 3


    The cartoon of (the cartoon) Biden reminded me of seeing him last night yelling and screaming about the Israeli Head of Public Diplomacy saying something derogatory about Obama and Kerry. Biden declared that was unacceptable (even though Dr. Ran Baratz has already apologized).

    That reminded me of the Obama administration guy that called Netanyahu “gutless” and “a chickenshit” and I wondered what punishment was meted out to him. Hell, you can’t even find his name; the media is shielding him. He is “senior Obama official”.

  4. 4


    @old guy:

    Follow the Shekels… and the “Chosen Parasites.”

    1. UN chief of Migration, chairman Goldman-Sachs bank.
    2. Sydney Blumenthal, not a Muslim, he works for Hillary.
    3. Rupert Murdoch: ‘Bloomberg would make a good president.’
    4. Mike Bloomberg sells Sharia financial services.
    5. Syrian “rebel” terrorists met Keating 5 Senator McCain.

  5. 5


    john wrote: “Brother Bob MSM is by definition WHAT Americans choose. They have a wide range to choose from. They CHOOSE MSM
    Apparently you don’t like their choice.
    Would you like it better if they were somehow forced to watch Fox news?”

    Reading the above post from ‘john’ I realized how silly I’ve been for responding to his posts with facts. My apologies for wasting everyone else’s time by responding to him at all.

  6. 6


    JSW: ” WHAT Americans choose.” This gibberish is classic prose that John exhibits with regularity.

    John, to help you with the patterns of everyday speech, The series of “See Spot Run,”
    could be a therapeutic venue for you.

  7. 7



    @Vlad65: Follow the Shekels… and the “Chosen Parasites.”

    funny… why not say rubles? why let marxist antisemitism cloud your point and resurect the longest disinformatzia campaign in history?

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a Russian forgery based on a French play from the Nineteenth Century. Andropov popularized the idea that the ‘Elders of Zion’ were the U.S. Congress

    wasnt the german answering the marxist jewish question enough for you, zuganov, molotov, and so on?

    sigh… [if this is a duplicate, sorry it didnt appear and i resubmitte]

  8. 12

    Rich Wheeler

    @Brother Bob: What fun is it to just preach to the choir BB?-You can all praise each other and back slap and lose another Prez. election. The old we’d rather be right (in this case far right) than be Prez?
    Note IMO Dems –read HRC. believe they can easily beat any Repub. EXCEPT Marco Rubio.

    Happy Veterans Day Semper Fi I’m going to V.D. luncheon sponsored by Repub. Woman’s Club.. Ha.

  9. 13


    @Rich Wheeler: While I find this site and the articles most informative, I wouldn’t want the echo-chamber effect, as I find on the Dallas Morning News comments section. Theirs is a liberal echo chamber, of course, so I don’t mind; PLENTY of targets for some real educating. I crave the conflicting ideas.

    However, the racist rants of any idiot like that is just a waste of space. Probably simply probing to see if no one slapped his ass down, then to report how racist everyone here was.

  10. 16


    @Rich Wheeler:

    That’s a great point. I’ve left more than one political site because the comments were all in total agreement with one point of view.

    But I gotta say, the leftists who post here are pretty lame. I mean, the above post about MSNBC and the mainstream? How can one respond seriously to such babble?

    I know another site where the site owner actively asks folks to recruit intelligent liberals to come by and comment. But I have to wonder if there’s not something else going on. I have several liberal friends who, on their Facebook posts about politics, repeatedly say things like “I’m not going to change your mind and you’re not going to change mine, I don’t want to argue.” They don’t WANT to engage in debate–they KNOW they’re right, and if you don’t agree with them, you’re a racist/bigot, and why would you want to argue with a racist/bigot (even if the issue isn’t about race)? It’s something I see a great deal of.

    Granted both sides have folks who want to just support the position of their party, but I have encountered numerous rightwingers who’ve said they see my more leftist position and are thinking about it; I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a leftist who even hinted that there might be room for another view different from his.

  11. 17


    Any claim by a leftist regarding dems being afraid of running against a particular “republican” candidate, should be viewed exactly like Brair Rabbit’s claims of not wanting to be thrown into the briar patch.

    If the voters in this country are so ignorant and lacking in any sense of honor that the unindicted criminal Hillary is elected president, then they deserve EXACTLY what they get, and I will never again want to hear anyone thank me for my military service, seeing as how my service will have failed to stop the destruction of our constitutional republic.

  12. 18



    If the voters in this country are so ignorant and lacking in any sense of honor that the unindicted criminal Hillary is elected president, then they deserve EXACTLY what they get,

    THEY certainly do, but I don’t!

  13. 19

    Brother Bob


    @Rich Wheeler: You wound me! =8^)
    That comment wasn’t directed toward you – I appreciate any lefties who come by for dialog, like you do and Larry Wiesenthal used to. Commenters like John or his sock puppet “This One” just do short drive-bys trying to get a rise out of people.
    I always appreciate a good conversation!

  14. 20

    Rich Wheeler

    @Brother Bob: Yes BB—I do enjoy your thoughtful, well written posts .Keep em coming.
    Agree on Larry.
    Just watched M.O.H. presentation to Army Captain—we can be proud of our young servicemen and women–IMO all should serve. Stark contrast to what we see at Mizzou.

  15. 22

    Rich Wheeler

    @JSW: Thanks
    “right wingers who see my more leftist positions” such as?
    Self proclaimed Conservatives and Liberals equally set in their ways—internet “debate” won’t change it.

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