The media attacks Ben Carson- the conservative media!

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I felt as though I’d entered the Twilight  Zone this morning. I was watching Morning Joe and was absolutely confounded by what I saw. On one hand there was Scarborough attacking Ben Carson, repeatedly calling him a liar, Nicole Wallace doing the same while laughing like a sufferer of Frontal Lobe Dementia.

The on the other hand were Willie Geist and Mark Halperin were defending Carson.

It was surreal.

Scarborough held up sheets of paper and called Carson a liar over and over and over- all about the Carson’s West Point story. Carson’ story may have been imprecise but it was no lie. Scarborough was piling on over a story from Politico which attempted to lynch Carson over stories wrote about in his biography.

Politico screwed it up royally.


Politico’s initial story began by stating that Carson’s campaign had admitted “that a central point in his inspirational personal story was fabricated: his application and acceptance into the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.”

In fact, there is no evidence in Politico’s story that Carson ever claimed to have applied to West Point.


Politico also claims that West Point “has no record of Carson applying, much less being extended admission.” But West Point told CNN on Friday that it does not keep records of decades-old applications, and would not be able to know if Carson was offered an appointment because he did not attend.

But Politico goes on to note that there was a similar banquet event in Detroit in February of that year that the General did attend, and that “Carson, a leader of the city’s ROTC program at the time, may have been among the invited guests at the $10-a-plate event.”

Following pushback from the Carson campaign, Politico softened its headline and changed its lead and various details in the story. The story is now headlined, “Exclusive: Carson claimed West Point ‘scholarship’ but never applied.”



And about Carson’s story about his attempting to stab someone?

sonya carson story


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Carson did explain things to O’Reilly:

Carson told Bill O’Reilly that he was not in fact offered a scholarship to West Point, but was told he’d have an “easy” time if he applied. And applying—all cadets attend free—is a complicated process that requires sponsorship by a member of Congress or secretary of the Army.

Good enough for me. Howard Kurtz suggests that while the media has gone overboard, that Carson needs to toughen up. That’s probably true, but at the same time Carson is keeping the spotlight on the overtly obvious media bias, and that’s a very good thing.

Which brings me to the rest of the story.

Ben Carson has asserted that Barack Obama was not subject to the same level of scrutiny Carson has faced. And he’s absolutely right. Over at The Independent Journal Review, Kyle Becker points out nine false things Obama claimed in his biography in which the media had little to no interest in challenging:

1. “Obama’s Staff Corrects WWII Story” (New York Times)

In response to a question at a Memorial Day appearance in New Mexico, Mr. Obama said an uncle helped liberate the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz during World War II. The problem? That story didn’t track with history, considering Auschwitz was liberated by Soviet forces.

2. Selma Birth Connection (Independent Journal)

“[W]hen the president spoke before an audience in Selma back in 2007, Obama credited the civil rights march as the inspiration for his conception. The only problem with that, as conservative pundit Michelle Malkin points out, is that the president was already three years old when the march occurred in 1965.”

3. “Obama Overstates Kennedys’ Role in Helping His Father” (Washington Post)

Addressing civil rights activists in Selma, Ala., a year ago, Sen. Barack Obama traced his “very existence” to the generosity of the Kennedy family, which he said paid for his Kenyan father to travel to America on a student scholarship and thus meet his Kansan mother.

The Camelot connection has become part of the mythology surrounding Obama’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. […]

It is a touching story — but the key details are either untrue or grossly oversimplified.

4. “Tale of British brutality toward Barack Obama’s grandfather probably untrue, book claims” (The Telegraph)

It is a harrowing tale of torture in a colonial prison in Kenya that is said to explain the President’s coolness towards Britain and even his removal of Winston Churchill’s bust from the Oval Office.

David Maraniss, the author of Mr Obama’s most comprehensive biography so far, said five associates of Hussein Onyango Obama doubt he was even jailed. One told him: “People make up stories”. […]

…Maraniss claims that while “incidents of that sort certainly happened”, it “seems unlikely” that Mr Obama’s grandfather was one such victim. “Five people who had close connections to Hussein Onyango said they doubted the story or were certain it did not happen,” he wrote in Barack Obama – The Making of the Man.

Five more can be found at the link. At least 38 falsehoods have been documented in Obama’s bio and are recounted here. Never, ever did Obama face this kind of inspection from the media. To this day, his falsehoods remain unchallenged and his school records remain occult. I am utterly convinced it is because Obama fraudulently applied for financial aid as a foreign student. Nonetheless, the damage inflicted by Barack Obama is here, but unfortunately not complete and it is large part thanks to the hopelessly feckless and biased American media. While you might properly expect this from the left, it is dismaying to see it come from the right. Then again, over the last few years Joe Scarborough has slowly morphed into Mika Brzezinski’s wife , trying to placate her and his left wing compatriots, and as you observe Nicole Wallace, Morning Joe’s laughing hyena, you understand why Republicans can’t win elections.

Ben Carson is a good man and does not deserve the pile of crap the Morning Jerks are doling out.




DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

16 Responses to “The media attacks Ben Carson- the conservative media!”

  1. 1

    Nanny G

    I hope you’re not mistaking Joe S. and Nicolle W. as ”conservatives,” DrJohn.
    Both are Republicans, sure.

    In February 2013, Nicolle Wallace publicly supported legal recognition for same-sex marriage in an amicus brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Joe S. is more conservative than she, but allows MSNBC to ram liberals down his throat on a daily basis.

    If you love Ben, laugh all the way to the bank with him.
    He took in $3,5 million just since the Politico slander.
    He’s looking at a $10 million month.
    And that’s on top of his PACs.

  2. 2


    The real outrage over what, wasn’t a lie, but lets for arguments sake say it was a lie. The liberals own the patent on lying and Carson may be guilty of infringement of that patent right.

  3. 4


    I too was offered a full scholarship to West Point Look Politics is a rough business with exagerations and inuedo being touted as facts
    And you Dr J are among the worst
    and as for recollections about our childhood, I know many people who recollect difeerently than I do
    Look at Nanny’s story about her as a 10yo wearing speed skates and being taught by a member of the Olympic speedskating team that later crashed and died in Belgium Her story was also quite flawed, it was the figure skating team that got wiped out in that crash.
    Let’s focus more on carson’s more recent statements like the pyramids were built to store grain. Or that he never worked for Mannatech that quack cancer cure company.

  4. 5


    Dr J which quack cancer cure do you recommend: Huckabee’s or Carson’s ?
    Is it more than coincidental that the 2 most religious guys trying to be POTUS are both snake oil sellers?

  5. 8


    The media attacks Ben Carson- the conservative media!

    Hmm. Looked all over this. I didn’t see any ‘conservative media’ in those mentioned. Then again, Carson isn’t a conservative either so I guess it’s relative.

  6. 11

    Rich Wheeler

    @Rich Wheeler: Carson has caught Trump in a number of Southern states including FLA. GA. and TX.
    Read Trump went off the rails in Iowa last night—arriving 40 minutes late and pleading with people not to believe Carson. This is a key time for Trump.
    I just watched it—damn

  7. 12

    Rich Wheeler

    @Rich Wheeler: Correction Cruz even with Trump in TX. no surprise–Carson ahead in Arizona–Rubio moving up in all polls including now close 3rd in FLA.

    In IOWA last night Trump called Dr. Carson “pathological”–said it was incurable..
    Stone cold silence from his audience–he was screaming like a mad man.

  8. 13


    @Rich Wheeler:

    You seem fixated on Donald Trump. I’m starting to think you are trying to hide a man crush on Trump.

    Since you’re a Democrat,. shouldn’t you be worried about the pathetic candidate offerings your own party is serving up this presidential election season?

  9. 15

    Rich Wheeler

    @kitt: Trump loves polls–was always bragging about how well he was doing “everybody loves me.”-until now.
    O5 I’m a political junkie–got no skin in the game
    . I will grant you as a former New Yorker I’ve never liked Trump—even when he was a Dem.
    Long ago I predicted the rise of Rubio and Cruz with Carson a strong third and Trump–if he stays in a fading 4th.
    I think within 7 days after Iowa results lower 6 (Christie,Paul,Jindahl,Santorum,Graham and Pataki-is he still in?) will be gone. Top mentioned 4 remain with Bush Kasich and Fiorina holding on through N.H. Results there determine whether Trump and Kasich remain–Trump must win Kasich no worse than 4th—Fiorina and the struggling Bush get out.
    Would welcome anyone else’s predictions. That’s all they are—ANYTHING can actually

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