Putin’s b*tch mocks GOP candidates for being unable to “handle” CNBC moderators

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The weakest President since Jimmy Carter, the “man” who won the Olympic gold medal for Flexibility to Foreign Leaders, mocked the GOP candidates for their response to what is widely accepted as an astonishingly inept and biased set of debate moderators. Obama sneered:

“Let me tell you, if you can’t handle those guys then I don’t think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about it.”

Ha ha ha, cooed the idiots in the audience. A couple of things about that. Firstly, the GOP candidates handled the left wing CBNC stooges beautifully. The candidates successfully put the spotlight on the obvious bias as well as on the pathetic set of questions offered by the moderators. They accomplished what up to now no one has been able to do- solidify the party and even get support from the left.

Obviously, the intent of the left was another food fight meant to cause personal attacks among the candidates and prevent them from voicing their stances on the issues. It could not have gone more wrong for the CNBC flacks. Having watched John Harwood’s moderate mask slowly decay off over the last several years to reveal the hard left winger he really is, I especially enjoyed seeing him hammered.

But that’s one thing. Let’s crank up the Wayback Machine and have a look at Barack Obama’s history of facing the enemy. Back in 2007, the President who has become Putin’s b*tch refused to appear on a Fox News Presidential debate:

ABC News’ Jake Tapper Reports: Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, will be the second Democratic presidential candidate to boycott a proposed debate to be broadcast by Fox News Channel.

“CNN seems to be a more appropriate host,” an Obama campaign aide tells ABC News.

A month earlier Roger Ailes said:

“Any candidate for high office from either party who believes he can blacklist any news organization is making a terrible mistake about journalist.”

“Pressure groups are forcing candidates to conclude that the best strategy for journalists is divide and conquer, to only appear on those networks and venues that give them favorable coverage,” Ailes said, adding that any candidate “who cannot answer direct, simple, even tough questions from any journalist runs a real risk of losing the voters.”

Obama wasn’t alone in his fear:

Yesterday, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson became the latest Democratic presidential candidates to decide that they will not participate in this fall’s Fox News Channel debate, which is co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus.

Someone named Hillary Clinton was also afraid to appear on Fox.

It is not surprising that Putin’s b*tch would one again validate accusations that he is a hypocrite. It’s also not surprising any more that the hopelessly biased left wing media would have no memory of Obama’s fear of Fox News.

Obama couldn’t handle Fox News, and went on to prove he couldn’t handle the Russians or the Chinese. Or even ISIS. America should have gotten a clue from that back then and Obama should take a lesson from the GOP candidates now.




DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    another vet

    Let’s not leave out the predetermined questions that are asked at press conferences. This type of comment is expected from a narcissist or someone who isn’t living in reality. Putin has bitched slapped him multiple times on the international stage. AQ made him eat his comment about how they had been decimated and near defeat. ISIS made him eat his JV comment. His little insults are comical especially considering what a failure he has been.

  2. 2


    Well, at least none of the Republicans had to have their tag-team member from the MSM crack the opponent over the back with a folding chair when they got pinned to the mat… as (too much) Candy Crowley had to do when Romney had Obama pinned against the ropes over Benghazi. It’s pretty easy to gloat over the Republican’s problems with liberal commentators when all you have had is the media running interference for your multiple failures and lies.

    Firstly, the GOP candidates handled the left wing CBNC stooges beautifully. The candidates successfully put the spotlight on the obvious bias as well as on the pathetic set of questions offered by the moderators.

    Exactly. Every Republican that has confronted the biased moderators has clearly mopped the floor with them. Their complaint is that they are not there to do THAT.

    But really, Doc… don’t you have better use of your time than pointing out liberal hypocrisy? Like a story about how water is wet?

    Seriously, great story… thanks for the valuable links.

  3. 3


    He once again has no idea what he is talking about. The candidates handled the CNBC people just fine. They didn’t just stand there and accept the premise of the questions. They intelligently pushed back and were cheered for it.

  4. 6


    No one knows who BHO really is his history has been quite successfully wiped by Soros . Look and get a confusing trail of multiple SSNs , missing history of his state senate voting record. Something in the water at MSM that causes fanatical idol worship of him and his wife. Twilight Zone weird, he is the president ,where is the historical documentation of his life and his parents and grandparents life? Teleprompter puppet of the super rich and supremely evil G. Soros.

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    They’re whining about the debate because they were asked pointed questions that required quick thinking in the spotlight. What they want is a setting that that allows them to each make an uninterrupted sales pitch in the context of an anti-Obama infomercial.

    Know what I think? None of these people would be half the candidate that Obama was, and none of them would be half the President that Obama is.

    I’ll make another observation: The right’s not-so-secret crush on that manly man Vladimir Putin is getting a little bit weird. I’m thinking this might somehow relate to the position that Viagra should be fully covered by health insurance while the coverage of birth control pills is somehow immoral. That’s only a theory, of course.

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    Dr. John, while I have made it clear that I am no fan of Obama (judging him to be the worse president ever bumping Jimmy Carter, who once held that title) I don’t believe that using pejoratives against the President of the United States is appropriate.

    Point out Obama’s errors, his ineptness, his lack of simple common sense, all appropriate, even his anti-Americanism. That is fine and called for. Lobbing a profane pejorative at him, is not.


    The questions asked by the lame stream hacks were totally out of line. Where are the same types of questions asked of any Democrat candidate? Perhaps they could ask Hillary Clinton why Ben Affleck, an idiot of an actor, had her personal email address when Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who she placed in one of the most dangerous State Department stations, did not? Or if she really believed that the women her husband molested were “bimbos” as she called them. Or did she really allow her department to be used to garner speaking fees for her husband while Secretary of State.

    No, you will never hear any of those questions coming from the in-the-tank left wing media. Nothing but soft ball questions will ever be presented to Madam Pants Suit or Socialist Bernie.

    I’m sure that’s fine with you. But then, you have already proven, on numerous occasions, that you’re not real bright and are nothing more than a mouthpiece for the DNC.

  7. 9



    Know what I think? None of these people would be half the candidate that Obama was, and none of them would be half the President that Obama is.

    You’re right. Obama’s failure in monumental, never before exhibited by any previous president.

    There is not one Republican running that would not be ten times better than Obama has been.

  8. 10



    Half the president that Obama is? Oh, so they wouldn’t double the national debt? They wouldn’t almost double the number of people on foodstamps? They wouldn’t implement a totally disasterous foreign policy in the middle east? They wouldn’t lie repeatedly about decreasing annual health insurance premiums by $2500 per year, being able to keep one’s doctor and insurance plan, or about a terrorist attack being a “spontaneous protest” caused by a video? They wouldn’t lie about something not being a tax (in order to force passage) then argue in court for it being legal as a tax? They wouldn’t illegally run guns to mexican drug cartels that result in US law enforcement personnel being murdered? They wouldn’t give hundreds of millions to cronies to design flawed government health insurance websites that fail? They wouldn’t open up 23 economically flawed obamacare co-ops, of which (thus far) 11 have failed? They wouldn’t use the IRS to harass political opponents? They wouldn’t impose stupid regulations with no basis in science to artificially raise energy prices? They wouldn’t give hundreds of millions of dollars to crony renewable energy companies that fail?

    I’d be overjoyed to have a president who didn’t produe the stench of failure and destruction Obama has wrought.

  9. 11


    @retire05, #9:

    There is not one Republican running that would not be ten times better than Obama has been.

    Opinions vary. I am totally astonished by the following, which was reported today in Reuters:

    Donald Trump is the Republican candidate most trusted to manage the economy, deal with foreign leaders and serve as commander in chief, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll of Republicans conducted after the party’s third debate.

    Looking only at the republican line-up, surely there are more credible options than Donald Trump.

  10. 12



    They’re whining about the debate because they were asked pointed questions that required quick thinking in the spotlight.

    Oh? “Pointed” questions like, “Should Rubio resign”? “Is Trump a cartoon candidate”? “Does Trump have the moral authority…”?

    I have an actual interest in the candidates and their positions AND how they can perform under pressure; we aren’t getting that from these liberal DNC auxiliaries. I don’t care about Cruz’s views on Trump or Bush’s views on Rubio… but this is all the CNN and CNBC farces served up.

    Also noteworthy is how the Democrat candidates will not debate on Fox. I guess that is because they are so courageous…. right?

    I’ll make another observation: The right’s not-so-secret crush on that manly man Vladimir Putin is getting a little bit weird.

    How about ONE example of what you accuse? You mistake an acknowledgement of the problem with… something else. Just like you confuse ineptitude with success.

    Obama has not led on one single issue in the 7 years he has been President. Not one. He allowed Obamacare to become an entity, allowed the roll-out to fail, allowed the IRS to attack US citizens, allow racial strife to explode (nay, encouraged it), allowed the economy to languish, allowed weaker nations to push us all over the map. He is a failure and you confuse that with success. Your opinion and judgement is worthless.

  11. 13


    The essence of people who support Obama is.exemplified by the female writer for Vogue or Cosmopolitan or whatever worthless rag she penned her article, in which she publicly stated she wanted to fellate Bill Clinton for “keeping abortion legal.” Leftists don’t care about a candidate’s experience, integrity or character, nor their accomplishments. All that matters is if the candidate pushes the leftist agenda.

    Such can be seen in Hillary’s supporters, who without the slightest comprehension of Sharia “law”, are seen on camera supporting the evil that is shariah, simply because these politically ignorant folks are told Hillary supports shariah for minorities. They have no inkling of what, exactly, shariah entails, but because they swallow whatever leftist BS is touted, such morons express acceptance, simply because they are told Hillary supports it.

    The 1st Amendment protections, along with all of the protections of the Bill of Rights, are not designed to be erased nor removed based on majority rule. The existential danger our republic faces is the unfathomable ignorance of a growing portion of the populace seemingly incapable of understanding how they are being manipulated by the leftist cabal that desires the destruction of the greatest nonreligious framework in human history – based on a deliberate misrepresentation of self-rule. Should Hillary, or anyone else like her, become the next president, it is a certainty that the elevated concept of our republican form of government will be destroyed in favor of ignorant mob rule – or as the Founders referred to it, the tyranny of the majority. Obama, his minions, and their fellow travelers in the press have already laid the gramscian framework for the collapse of the Constitution. The catastrophic results will breed nothing but chaos and bitter schadenfreude for our future.

  12. 14

    Rich Wheeler

    @Pete: Pete I know you are an MD and a smart compassionate guy. I’m a college grad and a former Marine Corps Officer.Broker at Merrill Lynch and Cushman and Wakefield —– but when I start seeing Sharia Law, Gramscian and Schadenfreude in the same post I gotta say sorry you are off the reservation.
    This Republic will survive just fine whether led by your choice Ted Cruz, HRC, or my choice Marco Rubio—-Not sure if we can survive The Donald

    Semper Fi Mercy For Animals

  13. 15


    @Rich Wheeler:

    Calling attention to the fact that Hillary supporters are shown on camera supporting shariah law – ignorant of the fact the under shariah they would be forced to wear burkhas and made into property of men, and you think I am off the reservation? How long can the republic survive such abysmally ignorant voters?

  14. 16


    Sharia law?? wht do you know about it Pete?
    Ever lived in a country that has it? I have
    Leftists don’t xare about character?
    Hey we didn’t put Dennis Hastret serial child rapist in as our longest serving Speaker of the House (2nd in line to POTUS) Or Vitter who likes to play with prostitutes while wearing diapers.
    As far as the evil of abortion it is not considered so by the Jews. They have a high rate of abortion in Israel. They believe that a fetus is NOT a human , but of course you probably believe that all Jews are lefties anyway
    And Pete how is it that you know what is in women’s mags do you subscribe? If so please keep us updated.

  15. 17


    Narcissism is the second thing that liberal bitches learn from their KGB kingpin. First one is submissive bend-over skill a.k.a “flexibility”.

  16. 18

    Rich Wheeler

    @Pete: What % of HRC supporters support Sharia Law–does HRC? Bill?
    Fear mongering will not get Cruz elected—it will turn off many of the voters he’ll need. Note he has moved up with Rubio after both had strong debate performances.

  17. 19


    @Bill, #12:

    Oh? “Pointed” questions like, “Should Rubio resign”? “Is Trump a cartoon candidate”? “Does Trump have the moral authority…”?

    Yep. If you can’t handle the pressure of questions from a televised debate moderator without publicly wetting yourself, you probably aren’t up to the real-world pressures of the Oval Office.

  18. 20



    Only an idiot like you would care about such stupid questions when we know that Obama seems to be clearing out the prisons in an action that will make us all less safe.

    How about questions on the budget, the national debt (which is out of control under Obama, (remember how you on the left whined about the Bush debt? Now, crickets on the nation debt from lackeys like you), boots on the ground in nations you would have demanded we have no business in under a Republican administration, the failure of the Obamacare exchanges, the diminishing middle class income, the selling of baby parts by a for-profit organization that claims it is non-profit, the widening racial divide (promoted by Obama), the killing of police officers, and a hundred other issues facing this nation?

    Stop, Greggie Goebbels. Stop being such an idiot. You’re a grown man. Wake up and realize that only the Socialists at the top benefit from the Socialism your Democrat handlers are trying to shove down our throats.

    The only benefit you provide here is comic relief.

  19. 21



    I’ll make another observation: The right’s not-so-secret crush on that manly man Vladimir Putin is getting a little bit weird.

    From a females perspective, Obamas mom jeans OMG hard to get around that not-so manly man. I wonder if they have slimming panels. Next will he model pajama jeans or jeggings?
    The rest of you guys you cant get through to this squishy lefty., Facts, history not even his own lying eyes will convince him.

  20. 24


    @Greg: Well, all the candidates “handled” those stupid questions in exemplary fashion. By all accounts, the CNBC moderators are thought to be morons with an agenda (aka “liberals”).

    Remember when Obama couldn’t handle the question about Benghazi and why he refused to declare it terrorism, instead opting to roll out the weak lie about a video? His fat girlfriend, Candy, had to wallow over to his rescue. You are right about a candidate being unable to handle questions; Obama couldn’t and he is an utter failure.

  21. 26


    Meanwhile, there’s news of genuine importance. U.S. intelligence believes that the Russian airliner that crashed in Egypt may have been taken down by an ISIS bomb. The British government stated that evidence suggested such a possibility yesterday.

    Did Putin anticipate something of this sort would follow Russian intervention in Syria? If he didn’t, he should have.

  22. 27



    Wow, John. Sounds like your mommy forgot to cut the crust off your PB&J before she brought it down to your basement lair this morning.

    Yes, John, I have lived in countries under shariah law. I have read the koran. I have treated patients in three muslim countries all suffering from diseases that are a result of shariah law. Tell us, John, under shariah law what are the criteria for a woman to prove she was raped rather than a participant in adultery? Tell us, John, under shariah law, how must a woman dress? Tell us, John, under shariah law, how are homosexuals treated? Tell us, John, under shariah law, what is the proper size of the stone to be used in the execution by stoning of a woman accused of adultery?

    Hastert? Vitter? How many conservatives are supporting either for current political office with the allegations – unproven, but definitely known accusations – of misconduct? Yet you in typical dishonest leftist propaganda try to make them equivalent to justify continuation of support for criminally dishonest and morally reprehensible democrats currently running for elected office?

    Projecting your antisemitism, John? Let’s look at your ridiculous, infantile smear. You seem to be saying that abortion is not a problem with some Jews, or at least your understanding of Judaism, so my opposition to abortion makes me antisemitic? So, if some black people think abortion is ok, then according to your pathetic attempt at logic, my opposition to abortion would make me a racist then, right? And to answer your question, I know that not all Jews are lefties – do you? Or have you never heard of Prime Minister Netanyahu? Just because you leftists are slaves to groupthink – you know, like when you accuse Justice Thomas, or Dr. Carson, or LTC West, or Herman Cain, Rep. Mia Love, and any other black conservative of being an “Uncle Tom” – doesn’t mean those of us possessing sufficient intelligence to recognize the essential stupidity of leftism will drool on ourselves like you do with such childish drivel.

    Don’t have any magazine subscriptions, John. But there is this informational tool out there called a ‘Google Search’, that allows one to search out for confirmation of claims and data made from personal memory. See, having lived through the hell of the Clinton presidency, there were all kinds of articles penned on the lying toad that were mentioned at various internet news and opinion sites. Some of them had links to the womens’ magazine article I referenced. You can search for yourself, but that would require you, as a leftist, to actually care about the truth of the topic, rather than trying to divert from the evidence showing the despicable lack of character that is inherent in being a leftist, as exemplified in the author of the article in question stating she wanted to fellate Bill Clinton for keeping abortion legal.

    But thanks for providing yet another clear display of the classic leftist diversion tactic in your adolescent little post. Perhaps if you clean up your basement room, do some chores, and ask your mommy REAL nice to cut the crusts off your next PB&J, you can come up with a post that has actual cognitive heft.

  23. 28


    @Rich Wheeler:

    Rich, perhaps I am not being clear in the point I am making.

    May I suggest you do a quick google search for the video done by a conservative doing “man/woman on the street” interviews of self-professed Hillary supporters. He asks them if they “agree with Hillary Clinton on support of shariah law for minorities” – or variations to that phrase. I am not claiming Hillary supports shariah, though I believe if she thought it would get her more votes, she absolutely would support it. This is about the complete ignorance of those who would vote for the shrill, criminally dishonest and egregiously unaccomplished harridan.

    It should be shocking that all of those shown in the video – all enthusiastic Hillary supporters – have no clue what shariah law entails, yet they all agree “it sounds like a good idea” simply because they are TOLD that Hillary supports shariah law. None of these people have the faintest clue that shariah law mandates second class citizenship for non-muslims, mandates second class citizenship for women, that it mandates a woman must have FOUR males who are not relatives as witnesses to “prove” she was raped rather than an adulterous seductress to be punished by stoning. That is just scratching the surface of the evil of shariah law, yet on the video you can see these Hillary supporters nonchalantly shrug their agreement with something on which they haven’t the faintest comprehension.

    We now have the Dept of Education telling an Illinois high school that the school MUST allow a male who has the mental illness of “identifying as a female” to use the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, under threat of losing all federal school funding. The feelings, comfort and security of the girls who are now forced to share bathrooms, showers and lockers with a mentally ill male are – by Dept of Education fiat – totally inconsequential. Only the feelings of the mentally ill gender disordered male are to be given consideration.

    This is the level of insanity that leftist ideology brings. This is what results from the destruction of common sense, morality and individual responsibility in favor of groupthink, artificially imposed pseudoequality, and devotion to the New Religion of We-Are-All-Special-Snowflakes-Now.

  24. 33



    You really need to try to shake loose your fixation on right-wing propaganda memes.

    That’s pretty funny from you, Greggie Goebbels, considering the fact that you are nothing more than a pimp for the Democratic Party.

  25. 34


    Nope. They aren’t. Victimhood is a perfected democrat attribute.

    You sure seem to know how to spew but not to absorb. Plenty of chances to absorb here you might try it sometime.

  26. 37

    Rich Wheeler

    @retire05: Are you a stalker o5?
    How did you become so familiar with BHO’s anatomy?
    Bottom line Karma for KGB scum.Too bad they didn’t get him rather than innocent civilians that paid for his egotism.

  27. 38


    @Rich Wheeler:

    Are you a stalker o5?

    Nah, that’s your bailiwick. It took you less than a hour to respond to me. Seems you have nothing better to do than hang out here.

    How did you become so familiar with BHO’s anatomy?

    And how did YOU become so familiar with Putin’s anatomy since you were the one to bring up the issue of the size of his cajones first? Are you personally familiar with his balls?

    And to explain simple English to you; I didn’t say that Obama didn’t have any, although you applied the adjective “huge” to Putin’s balls as an authoritative statement, I said he “obviously” didn’t have any.

    If you have evidence on Obama that differs, perhaps you can tell us how you know.

  28. 41


    @Rich Wheeler:

    : Actually you said “doesn’t seem” not “obviously.”

    You’re correct. I did say “doesn’t seem”. But there is no denying that Obama has been a cajonesless leader who seem to bend over to appease our enemies.

    You are too confused to even know what you write. Then comes your rambling.–Pathetic

    Well, if anyone knows how to “ramble” that would be you. Pathetic? That’s the adjective that comes to mind whenever you post anything.

    Still waiting on you to tell us how you are familiar enough with the size of Putin’s balls that you can determine they are huge.

  29. 43


    @Rich Wheeler:

    So I call you rambling and pathetic and you repeat it? C’mon o5, usually you’re a lot nastier..

    I also stated that you are well versed in “rambling” and that your posts are the epitome of “pathetic.” Glad you didn’t deny it.

    BTW–Good you admitted your mistake–that’s progress.

    Unlike you, RW, I am an honest person. You? Not so much.

    Still waiting on you to tell me how you are familiar with the size of Putin’s balls.


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