Congratulations Carly – You’ve Hit a Major Milestone!

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Ms Fiorina should be quite proud of herself – she’s just scored a major victory! I am of course, referring to the fact that she is now viewed as a substantial enough threat to warrant her first hit piece in the Washington Post’s e-newsletter!

First, let’s back up a bit. We get the WaPo weekend edition because Sister Babe enjoys reading it, and I admit that I still enjoy the comics during breakfast, and their Opinion section is sometimes funnier than any comic, such as their writer who was in search of a feminist boyfriend.

As a result of the subscription I also wound up on the mailing list for various newsletters that the Post sends. While I generally don’t read their articles I do click on them from time to time to get a bead on the beliefs of the Left-Of-Center crowd. Every so often the newsletters would include the latest installment of the “hate early and hate often” theater directed at Scott Walker. I had been compiling them and was planning a post at some point once he secured the GOP nomination. So much for that idea, so you won’t get to read about how WaPo took a keen interest in alleged “abuse” of his office that would have rendered Obama a criminal by any objective standard, snark at lefty journos who pretend to be “pro-science”, or the sudden interest in a presidential candidate’s college record.

So I’ve been curious as to when Fiorina’s sudden rise in the polls would catch the attention of The Post. It finally did, and when writing a hit piece The Post does not mess around. First off, when you see the words “Fact Checker”, you can expect even greater partisan stupidity than normal, and again, WaPo delivers. Their modified headline about “Carly Fiorina’s Bogus ‘Secretary to CEO’ Career Trajectory (Fat Checker Biography)” tells you if nothing else, it will be an entertaining read.

First off, WaPo caught some heat over this and removed “Bogus” from the headline. Thankfully I saved the e-mail with a screen grab of the headline.


In this Michelle Yi Hee Lee manages to embarrass herself and The Post by contradicting her own headline, pointing out three secretarial jobs that Fiorina worked. This article was so ridiculous that Lee was forced to write an update pointing out the bacaklash that the article rightly generated. Of course, like any good leftists, rather than accept responsibility and apologize Lee sticks to her guns and asserts that a career path from secretary to CEO is not actually a path from secretary to CEO. What are you going to believe – those lying facts or what your intellectual superiors in the media tell you is true?

In closing, congratulations Ms. Fiorina – you have struck fear into the heart of the Radical Left!

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9 Responses to “Congratulations Carly – You’ve Hit a Major Milestone!”

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    Nanny G

    Looks like the WaPo was only trying to give a talking point to those who read headlines only.
    Get into the article and she ends up smelling like a rose!

  2. 5

    Nanny G

    I was in CA when Carly ran for office there.
    Her main pollster was found dead on the floor of his own home surrounded by work he’d been doing for her.
    She failed to ever pay his estate (widow and children) his last earned paycheck of $30,000.
    If that’s how she treats her most helpful employees, how will she treat us peons?

  3. 7

    Brother Bob


    @rich wheeler: Carly is my top choice right now but what Nanny brought up is a true story, a fair point to make, and something Carly will have to answer for at some point. I’ll be interested to see how she does when this grenade gets lobbed at her on the big stage.

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