154 Responses to “The Myth that President Barack Hussein Obama is a Closet Muslim”

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    S Turnet

    Per “retire05”, Comment #5:
    “We are the greatest, freest nation in the history of mankind and our president needs to act like it.”

    Greatest, freest nation IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND? Get real. During its relatively VERY short history, your “great”, “free” nation has already:
    • Perpetrated the genocide of the indigenous people who populated this continent long, long before Europeans showed up;
    • Wholeheartedly engaged in the capture, trafficking, sale, slavery, segregation and now mass-incarceration of people of African descent;
    • Illegally removed innocent Japanese-American citizens from their homes and shuttled them off to internment camps
    • Did not—and though progress has been made—still does not endow women with the same rights and value as men (salary inequality, government control of women’s bodies, no mandatory paid maternity leave)
    • Allows government to interfere in the private lives of non-heterosexual citizens
    • Has supported the insinuation of a devolved form of capitalism to into medicine and healthcare in not providing adequate, quality, free healthcare to ALL citizens
    • Does not provide adequate, quality, free education to all citizens

    The values of freedom, justice and equality embodied in the documents that form the foundation of our nation’s alleged values and laws are indeed “great”. However, upholding the rights espoused in them, solely on behalf of white Christians of privilege, is antithetical to what thoughtful, fair-minded, open-minded, open-hearted Americans believe to be the purport of these documents. To us, such selective exclusion, not to mention your absurd broad-brush statement, is no different from demonizing all Muslims as perpetrators of terror, or supporting—even tolerating—behavior that assumes all young black men to be potential or actual criminals, or calling Mexican immigrants “rapists”, or assuming rape victims “asked for it”. It’s ignorant bias, and it’s un-Christian.

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    @S Turnet: Perhaps a place where left-wing fantastic misrepresentations of facts and history is better appreciated would better suit you, Turnet (or is it Tourett, as in syndrome, as in blurting out whatever obscenity comes to mind). Maybe Syria. Or Somalia.

    The United States has not been perfect, but when led by able leaders, it is the best the world has ever seen and is likely ever TO see.

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    Original post:

    Is there any evidence of President Obama facing Mecca on a prayer rug 5 times a day?

    Oh, Lordy! Here finally is solid proof – irrefutable evidence that Obama is a practicing Muslim. Not only that, but he is turning American toddlers to the ways of the Quran.

    FA, I bring you exhibit O:

    (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) 6 4 2015

    Can anyone sleuth and confirm that he is facing in the direction of Mecca? If he is not, then he must be engaging in some manner of taqqiyah and trying to disguise his Islamic practice by facing the wrong way. Also note how he cleverly has concealed his prayer rug by disguising it as the Oval Office U.S. Seal carpet rug.

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