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    Police said the student had the briefcase in his English class, where he plugged it into an electrical outlet and it started to make noise. Ahmed told WFAA that his English teacher confiscated his case.

    “If the family is willing to give us written permission, we would be happy to share with the public the other side of the story so they can understand the actions we took,” Irving Independent School District spokeswoman Lesley Weaver said.


    photo of said clock

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    Nanny G

    School’s in.
    We should expect young children to be arrested for sexual assault simply for asking a girl out.
    We should expect to see children expelled over a piece of bread that ”looks like” a gun after two bites.
    We should expect children to be in trouble if they bring an aspirin to school.
    Meanwhile 1,175 teachers and staff are assaulted by their own students EVERY DAY (2010-2011 school year numbers) but THOSE students must be allowed free rein.
    They are the ”right” color.

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    The kid’s story was that he was bringing the device in to show it to an engineering teacher, but he plugged it in during an English class and it started making noise.

    Nothing suspicious about that at all! /sarc

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    The genius put the electronic components of a clock in a suitcase. What an original idea; everyone carries a plug-in clock that looks like a cheap aluminum briefcase/bomb.

    Was it a naive attempt to build an electronic clock briefcase or an attempt to build a clumsy faux bomb?

    Ot would take a very creative kid to build a briefcase/clock out of a pop tart, but such creativity would be met with expulsion, but if you build a clock brief/case based on a 110 system, it’s the mark of pure genius. Thank goodness his name is Mohammed and not Robert or John; otherwise he would be in deep manure.

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    @Skookum: #5

    The school personnel had no way of knowing what was inside of that case.
    Open it up and see what’s inside? Noooo… Leave that for the experts.
    You can rest assured that the next muslim student who brings a metal case into a school won’t be stopped or questioned.
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Personally, I think that this could have been a trial run. Get the public used to seeing muslim students carrying things like this case into schools.
    That case was far larger than needed to hold a clock.

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    Should his race or religion make a difference? Gee, I don’t know…. is it more racist for a white guy to fly the Confederate flag than for a black guy to fly it? Is it more racist for a white guy to drop the N-bomb than for a black guy to carpet bomb with it?

    Kids are routinely expelled for gnawing some bit of food into the approximate shape of a pistol; while this situation has every bit of potential to be really, really stupidly over-reactionary, why is there an uproar or shock? Because he is Muslim?

    When someone has a full set of game rules, please let us know.

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    Good Golla Miss Allah! Please don’t tell me there will be a movement of Muslim & multiculturalist victimhood buffoons carrying around clocks in solidarity with Ahmed:

    Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), the first Muslim member of Congress, began carrying a clock around Capitol Hill on Wednesday to show support for the ninth-grader whose homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb earlier this week.

    This did make me LOL……a bit.

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    @Petercat: If I was a teacher or the principal, would I consider opening the briefcase to see if it is safe? No way in Hell!

    Have the kid put it in the middle of the football field and let the bomb squad blow it to Hell. Tell the kid to find a new school and get back to educating kids who want to learn.

    The kids who want to reinvent 110 volt clocks out of ready made components should go live with representative Ellison. He has a point to prove.

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    Considering the number of people that have been murdered by young muslim males (the primary terrorist killers in the world), this sure sounds like a dry run. Remember, their book tells them it is perfectly moral to lie to infidels as long as it is for the good of allah. I did electronics projects as a kid and using 110v for a simple clock that a couple of D cells could run? then starting it up in English class? Yeah sounds like normal behavior…

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    I ask anyone who thinks the clock was a simple benign project to carry one with you the next time you board a flight. Oh oh it’s no longer a laughing matter. I know this stuff for a fact. I carried a lot of instruments on flights and was detained for every flight after 9/11. Of course our boys don’t profile and the fact that I was singled out every flight, say 10 a month was just blind luck. Of course I look like a potential terrorist. Six foot two, 250 pounds with arms and hands that can crush two men at the same time, yes it was really worth harassing me until I quit flying to Europe. F you airlines and politicians, you stopped a lot of terrorism and lost a lot of money by harassing me, but now we welcome at least one terrorist in a hundred count of ME men. Yea, it all makes a F’ing lot of sense. Dumbazz Priks

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    Once again, Obama leaps without looking at the opportunity to over-pander a situation that could very well prove embarrassing. But, it is only embarrassing if anyone acknowledges the stupidity of it. Gates, Trayvon, Michael Brown, Bergdahl… all golden opportunities for Obama to pander to an ignorant demographic which turn out to be embarrassing mistakes, but no one in the media or the left makes notice or takes notice.

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    @rich wheeler:

    Ahmed—Texas–The kid is lucky they didn’t execute him..

    We only execute liberals.

    Of course, the whole thing now seems to be raveling apart as you would know had you bothered to read my link. Ahmed didn’t build a clock. He took a pre-existing 70’s clock out of its housing and made a bomb looking devise by putting it into a metal pencil case. His science teacher told him to put it up, and instead he took it to English class, plugged in in (although the clock has a battery facility) and when it started making noises, his teacher (rightfully so) got alarmed.

    And odd how, when interviewed, he is sitting alongside not his father, but a CAIR representative.

    Had the kid drawn a gun on a piece of construction paper, you would be calling for him to be sent to reeducation camp.

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    We’ve seen similarly designed devices in Iraq and Afghanistan, both assembled into IED’s or waiting to become part of an IED. Here, the police would call it a bomb-making component.

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    Everyone with half a brain knows what that case with a timer and wires resembled. It looks like the b-word not a clock. The little jihadist and his father wanted attention and to push the envelope.

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