Hillary’s outlook is now “grave”

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And she’s not the only one. It has been reported that someone in the chain of Hillary Clinton emails stripped away the “Secret” designation prior to forwarding them on to Hillary:

A Hillary Clinton insider might have stripped the most serious “secret” markings from her emails to disguise extremely sensitive information, a State Department source told Fox News Wednesday.

And the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential contender sent and received emails containing classified information — including spy satellite intelligence — over her private unsecured server.

Stripping classification designations from intelligence information is a felony under federal law, Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano told Megyn Kelly on Wednesday’s “The Kelly File.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano downgraded her condition:

Earlier in the day, Napolitano said on “Fox & Friends” that the Clinton email scandal was a “grave situation” for her legal team.

Sixteen hours later during his appearance on “The Kelly File,” he upgraded her legal vulnerability to “worse than grave.”

This is very logical. It now fits the known facts perfectly.

In Iowa Clinton said:

“I did not receive anything that was marked as classified.”

She also said:

“I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent or received.”

In response, Ron Fournier remarked:

“I am confident that’ has more wiggle room than ‘is.’ ”

Indeed. To understand this, you have to be familiar with Clintonspeak:

“It all depends on what your definition of ‘is’, is.”

It makes perfect sense for Hillary to claim that she did not send or receive anything that was marked “classified” if someone stripped it off before it went to her server. And I predict that it is what the contents of her server will reflect.

The question is then- who did it? The most likely answer is either Huma Abedin or Cheryl Mills. Mills’ lawyer announced her intention to destroy her emails but then she and Abedin were ordered not to even think about it.

Here’s the bottom line: Clinton directed someone- most likely Abedin or Mills- to strip away the “top secret” markings from the emails to give Clinton cover and allow her to make the claims she’s made. That Mills or Abedin would act on her own is not believable. That Clinton as Secretary of State was never to receive classified information over an email system is not believable.

Hillary made clear she knew how everything works:

So I’m certainly well-aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.

I do not doubt that for one second. She also knew what it would take try to circumvent the rules. It should be a simple matter of comparing the emails she received with the original emails sent in order to determine who stripped the “secret” designations away.

Without a doubt she constructed this labyrinthine plot to avoid scrutiny of her side deals for personal profit while at State. Fortunately this House of Cards is soon to fall. Amusingly, The Hill reports that democrats wonder why Clinton decided to hand over her server now. She didn’t “choose” to hand it over. She gave it up to avoid the spectacle of the FBI banging on her front door and physically seizing it- like they normally would to regular people.

This is no longer simply mishandling classified information. This is now a full blown conspiracy. One wonders which, if either, Clinton aide will fall on her sword and go to prison for Clinton.

Exit question: Why would anyone destroy every bit of evidence that would exonerate her?

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    Nanny G

    As a sign of her camp’s level of panic, her potential Democrat replacements are being slimed by those loyal to her on the Left.
    Just today an OLD (isn’t old news irrelevant when Hillary is the subject?) scandal resurfaced about Bernie Sanders paying his wife ($90,000) and daughter ($65,000) out of campaign funds.
    No news outlets have picked it up for Hillary …..yet.
    But Progressives Today (a far Lefty site) is posting it as of August 17, 2015

  2. 54

    Nanny G

    “Interning at #Hillary2016 HQ in NYC: Free coffee, great views, the chance to make history.”
    No pay.
    At all.

    Hillary in 2013:

    “Businesses have taken advantage of unpaid internships to an extent that it is blocking the opportunities for young people to move on into paid employment. More businesses need to move their so-called interns to employees.”

    Hillary even last week:

    Her $350 billion plan envisions students working 10 (paid) hours a week to make college “available to everyone willing to work for it.”

    Hillary’s outlook is not grave IF her supporters have such short memory spans as to not get gigantic headaches from her hypocrisies.

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    @Ditto, #50:

    Yeah, keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at nights. Meanwhile her campaign is in serious damage control mode.

    Hillary Clinton’s match-up poll average is now 12.4 points ahead of her closest potential republican opponent, Donald Trump. She has actually pulled farther ahead of the republican front runner.

    Maybe a different tactic is in order.

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    @Bill: #53
    For some time now, I have been wondering who is in charge of this RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY. Who started it, and does it have tax exempt status?

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    @Greg: If and when the media begins to cover what is actually going on with Hillary (MSNBC states that it is not Hillary that is under investigation but her “behavior”. ?!?!?) she will finally finish swirling around the drain and be gone forever.

    After 8 long, painful, failure-packed years of Obama, the LAST thing we need is Hillary in the White House with scandal after scandal after scandal erupting. She is dishonest, incompetent and unfit for office; all verified by her own actions. You can defend her until Bill Clinton pledges celibacy, but those hard and true facts remain.

  6. 58




    I’ve been keeping track of the numbers sport and you’re wrong. The realclearpolitics poll-averaging is giving a false picture of where the candidates are today, but as the disingenuous troll you are, you keep linking to it only because you are so desperate to avoid the truth. As the polls are progressing, Hillary is steadily sinking while Bernie Sanders is rising among Democrats. Trump has risen in the last month and has remained steady in the lead among Republicans, despite the concentrated best efforts of the progressive MSM (including FOX) and Washington establishment operatives to torpedo him.

    Hillary is Doooooooommmed!!!!

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