Ayatollah Khamenei Annihilates Claims by Obama, Jarrett and Johnson

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Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson recently claimed that using the term “Islamic extremism” when talking about ISIS, would be to concede that “what they are doing occupies legitimately some form of Islam, which is about peace.”  About peace?  Really?

Khamenei and Obama


Even in an age when political correctness is de rigueur, claiming that Islam is about peace is, by any other descriptive, fiction.  While many who consider themselves Muslims may not feel a need to violently propagate their beliefs, the question isn’t about them, so much as it is about their religion.  

As America’s second-in-command of responsibility for the Nation’s security and the safety of its people, and given the daily slaughter human beings in the Middle East get treated to, it would be right to assume that he has cursorily given the Koran a view.  It would also not be a stretch to assume that his boss would have lent the Koran a few minor perfunctory glances.  Alas we would be assuming too much.

Johnson and his bosses, Obama/Jarrett, are selling us, them, with, “we understand what this depraved terrorist organization is doing is no part of your religion.”

Ayatollah Khamenei vehemently disagrees.  Obama, Jarrett and Johnson should look into the Ayatollah’s apparently newly published 416 page proclamation describing his strategy for the destruction of Israel, and just as chillingly, he explains why.

The “why” contradicts and negates everything you have been told by this Administration about Iran’s leadership, including every pitch Obama has used to promote its deal with Iran — that deal that you’ll never fully read or see, . . . you know, that very deal that guarantees the Ayatollah Khamenei will have his nuclear power.

Khamenei’s “why” should also concern all of the European Union, China, Russia and even India.  Khamenei  boasts of Iran’s success in bringing international fatigue toward Israel, resulting from attacks on Israel by Iranian proxies. He actually believes that Israeli Jews will feel forced to move to the U.S.  Not to Europe evidently, where they are no longer welcome.  He supposedly envisions ‘liberating’ Jerusalem. Israel has every right to be concerned, however, he is apparently coming for parts of Europe, China, Russia and India, based on his assertion of “well-established Islamic principles.”

“A land that falls under Muslim rule, even briefly, can never again be ceded to non-Muslims.”  It appears that Khamenei sees himself as international conquistador of all lands that Muslims have ever inhabited, even as minorities.  Even as minorities?   “What matters in Islam is ownership of a land’s government, even if the majority of inhabitants are non-Muslims.”   This does not say, “other than in North America.”

In this year, 2015, this thinking, pronouncement and writing by the supreme leader of any nation should imbue any observer with apprehension, concern, or something resembling alarm, . . . but no, not this Administration.  It pulls out all stops to sell Americans the concept that Khamenei should have his trigger on nuclear power.


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    It’s a simple algebra equation. If you can’t believe the Ayatollah, you can’t believe our president or anyone in his administration.

    A Democracy or a Republic like ours doesn’t work, if the leaders don’t have the best interests of the United States as their primary objective.

    I understand why Obama, raised in the midst of Marxists, continues to work against our best interests, but why are so many Democrats working to bring our country to its knees?

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    Nanny G

    Islam annihilates claims by Obama, Jarrett and Johnson.
    In Islam any land that falls under Muslim rule, even briefly, can never be ceded permanently to non-Muslims.
    According to real history Spain was once Islamic Andelusa.
    And even Osama bin Laden insisted it be given back to Islam.
    But, according to a false history, Islamic explorers beat Columbus to the North Americas by over 400 years!
    Even Turkey’s president Erdogan buys this lie.
    And it forms a basis for Muslim claims to the land of North America.

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    James Raider


    @DrJohn: #2
    As I’ve noted in previous articles, if the Ayatollah doesn’t sign this treaty, it does not exist in any practical terms.

    His beliefs provide him all the leeway he needs to lie, cheat, or distort anything that he deems necessary to achieve the goals of his religious agenda. Lying to Kerry and Obama does not register on his moral or religious compasses.

  4. 5

    James Raider


    @Nanny G: #4
    As much as we might admire the beauty of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, it presents a serious problem for Spain, as if it didn’t already have enough problems, . . . sitting on the edge of an economic precipice.

    And remember that Vienna almost fell to Muslims, first to Suleiman the Magnificent during the Siege of Vienna in 1529, and again at the Battle of Vienna on Sept. 11, 1683, with the King of Poland, John III Sobieski saving the day. This was the turning point in the Ottoman expansion which was well on its way to controlling all of eastern and central Europe.

    However, the Ayatollah didn’t restrict his sweeping plans to territories ‘conquered’, and it appears that he plans to include lands where ANY muslims live. This obviously includes all of North America.

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    James Raider


    @Skook: #1

    why are so many Democrats working to bring our country to its knees?

    Skook, between fears of getting their funding cut-off with prejudice, and anxiety over being accused of being racist, these Dems are in a box of their own making.

    And with the help of 90% of the media, they are allowing a dictatorship to trample the Nation.

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    And what will the Islamic fanatics do with their legions of homicidal maniacs, once they have subjugated the entire world? Will they turn their knives and guns on Muslims wth a slight doctrinal difference? Once the killing is over and the homicidal maniacs need to find a real job, what positions will be available?

  7. 9

    Nanny G

    I often think about this eventuality.
    First Islam demands slavery.
    And slaves may be infidels or fellow Muslims.
    Most infidel slaves eventually putatively convert to Islam simply for the better treatment.
    But, let’s say all Infidels are murdered.
    Islam is a failure as a political or governmental model.
    It can only succeed if it subjugates most of the populace.
    Therefore Islamic caliphates will be slave states, filled with slaves.

    Remember a Muslim cannot borrow money.
    He can only sell himself or a child to get out of extreme poverty.
    ISIS is an excellent model of a form of Islam that could make it after everything else is gone.
    It has the ruthlessness required to subjugate even its own people to slavery.
    Egypt, Jordan, old Syria under Assad, old Libya under Gaddhafi are/were too soft on their own Muslims to ever lead over a planet.

  8. 10

    James Raider


    @Nanny G: #9

    It has the ruthlessness required to subjugate even its own people to slavery.

    The socialist / communist agenda is no different. None of them revere Freedom of the individual. They cultivate the power of the few.

    It is infuriating that so many senior bankers and heads of too-big-big-to-fails support these idiots.

  9. 11

    MOS 8541

    One must ask the original question-Jeh Johnson is not qualified to occupy the office which was handed to him. If one reviews the terrorist literature by Bruce Hoffman, Martha Crenshaw, Fernando Reinares, Wayne Hall, Van Hipp, and Mary Kaldor a very stark contrast exist between what Jeh claims to be islamic extremists and ISIS. A friend’s son was part of the team that negotiated this deal. Kerry and the fool threw America, Israel and the world under a tank, steam roller and a road crusher. The US was road kill before negotiations ever began. Kerry was the biggest fool at the table-hung over is too kind.

  10. 12

    James Raider


    @MOS 8541: #11

    Jeh Johnson is not qualified to occupy the office which was handed to him.

    There is not a single qualified appointment sitting in control of any government department. Qualifications in this age of Obama style government corruption are irrelevant.

    Swearing allegiance to socialist ideology and affirmed commitment to implementing doctrinal decrees and following orders from Jarrett, are demanded. Failing to adhere, results in destruction of career.

    It would be entertaining to read a fly-on-the-wall account of Kerry’s meetings with his ‘team’ of idiots.

  11. 13


    Nanny does christianity also demand slavery? or is it just optional? Certainly there are many regulations concerning slavery in the Bible If we are a Christian nation how come we can’t have slaves like in the Bible?

  12. 15

    Nanny G

    @john: Can you point to a single CHRISTIAN regulation supporting taking new slaves?
    Didn’t think so.
    Christians are obliged to obey the laws of the lands where they live OR accept the consequences (like being thrown to the lions for refusing to do an act of worship to Rome’s emperor.)

    But, now that the off-topic has been dealt with, back to the Ayatollah.
    CNN reports this:
    An Iranian warship pointed a weapon on its deck at a U.S. military helicopter and coalition warship in the Gulf of Aden, a Defense official said Wednesday.
    The two ships were just a few hundred yards apart when an Iranian crew member pointed an on-deck machine gun at the warship and the U.S. military helicopter that had just landed on that coalition ship´s deck.
    The coalition warship and helicopter crew quickly noticed there was a cameraman standing right behind the Iranian gunner.
    But, ”Death to America!” doesn’t really mean anything, right?

  13. 17

    James Raider


    Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer have just set the high bar on moderating a political debate. It’s the best handled debate ever. Asking tough, tough questions and taking no crap from the candidates.


    And every one of these “second tier” candidates on that stage would be excellent compared to a Clinton.

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