In the Interests of Science

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We have a large number of aborted babies and no one seems to know what to do with them, since selling dead babies is illegal. Old Skook has a solution; especially, since the public is bored with the illegal sales of baby parts to research facilities.

We can start dissecting the babies in high school biology classes, instead of using the ubiquitous frog specimen. If we sell or donate millions of dead babies to high schools, no one will worry over the illegal trade in dead babies. The public will come to accept dead babies and no one will be upset over the presence of a dead baby in the home or on the sidewalk. It will just be another dead baby and we will look at it as if it were a dead frog.

To achieve this more natural state, we should donate or contribute millions of dead babies to our high schools; in fact, we can use the EPA to make it mandatory that all dead babies must be utilized in the schools.

Dead frogs will become obsolete and no one will miss the school day, when they get the chance to cut a baby into many different parts. A dead baby will be given to a lab group of four or five students and they will dissect the dead baby and cut it up into many pieces. Every kid who graduates will have the ability to dissect a baby.


The cutting will necessarily be more complicated and precise than the frog and if it is done correctly, each student should end up with an organ and a limb. These can be preserved and taken home to remind the students of their biology lessons. We can advance the fields of science in high school biology classes and advanced students can begin to learn the neural, skeletal, reproductive, and muscular systems on real human baby specimens.

Our children will learn to become immune to the weak stomach reactions to blood and gore. They can all become facsimiles of Doctor Mengele, before they are old enough to drive and if they must ever make the decision to abort, there won’t be the wimpy reactions of compassionate human beings; Hell no, they will abort at the proper time to yield another perfect baby specimen for another high school biology student.

Preservation of samples to take home

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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    James Raider


    Skook, you hit centre target with this one. The cringe factor is off the chart.

    The medical profession generally, and the hateful racist left have prevented the reality of abortions to be understood or seen. The numbing of senses is easy when the head is stuck in the sand.

    Abortions longs ago stopped being performed in extreme or critical situations, and are now simply available on demand, . . . even promoted as such. 2 months old, 3 months old, 4 months old, . . . who cares. You want one, you get it.

    The more exposure to the truth the better.

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    James Raider


    And it’s always about money first, . . . genocide second:

    “”Workers know there’s a quota. They become sales people for abortion, otherwise Planned Parenthood will lay off workers, ……… We were rewarded in some ways — if we met our quotas, we’d have a pizza party or the COO would come down and take us to lunch or something like that. But to actually have an award on paper, that was something I had never seen before,” said Johnson, who details her 10 years as an abortion clinic employee in the book, Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line.

    ( )

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    Wonder how long it will take Greggie Goebbels to come on board to tell us that those are not babies, but just a clump of cells. Because every one knows that a clump of cells has livers, hearts and brains, right?

    At 24 weeks gestation (5 months) a baby looks just like those photos Skook is showing, albeit a bit smaller. Fingers, toes, legs and arms, eye brows, hair has started to grow on it’s little head. It is sensitive to noise (soft music, dog barking, etc) and can feel pain at 20 weeks. But hey, it’s just a clump of cells.

    One of the best rebuttals I have heard against abortion was when Greg Gutfield (atheist) jumped on Juan Williams (self-proclaimed Christian). Williams said that we should think of all the advances made by research because of those baby parts (I’m paraphrasing here) and Gutfield told him how great it was that we could kill babies so that the those of us that escaped the abortionist could have a better life. Gutfield was slamming Williams’ defense of Planned Parenthood, of course.


    Think about that number. How many Einsteins, Mozarts, or George Washington Carvers have landed in the abortionist’s trash can?

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    Brother Bob


    Great post Skook, but maybe there should be a warning on FA’s home page about the graphic images? I understand the reason for them but if nothing else the warning would be for folks who may have young ones looking over their shoulder.

    To the point of your post, whenever the left says something like “We need to have a conversation on…” this is exactly the kind of discussion the do not want to have. The coordinated avoidance and silence is speaking volumes right now

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    @Brother Bob:

    but maybe there should be a warning on FA’s home page about the graphic images?

    I understand where you are coming from, but sorry, I disagree with you.

    For far too long the truth about abortion, and its barbarity, has been hidden. Meanwhile, even on channels that we think are safe for our children we see commercials that are X-rated. Young children are being taught things in our public schools that a generation ago was barely spoke of in college.

    Let everyone see what abortion really is.

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    I agree that these images need to be seen. It is not acceptable to brush under the rug, due to squeamishness, the horrible atrocity that is abortion. If looking at the results of abortion are too cringeworthy to view, then there is no justification for the comission of this slaughter.

    I work on babies at 23-24 weeks gestational age almost everyday as a neonatologist. The idea that the babies I work on are only worthy of the right to life because they are wanted, while the victims of abortion are not considered worthy because they are inconvenient for someone who is farther along their human life cycle is an evil dehumanizing ideology no better than that used to justify slavery, or of the Nazi holocaust against the Jews. It is vile, callous hypocrisy to kill these innocents using the twisted excuse that it is better for them to be killed because these babies might end up in poverty if they were allowed to progress along the human life cycle.

    Pro-abortionists don’t want the results of their actions to be seen, precisely because they know that the horrorific barbarism smashes their deceptive rhetoric about “womens rights” to pieces. What human who commits abortion did not start out in the same manner as the carved up victims of the act?

    Pictures such as these put the lie to the “glob of cells” of tissue argument. The cognitive dissonence of that deceptive argument is easily seen from the fact that expectant women do not have “clumps of cells” showers…they have BABY showers. Women do not go out and celebrate having abortions, but they do celebrate giving birth.

    Not showing such photos is exactly what the butchers of Planned Parenthood want, just like they don’t want pregnant women to see ultrasound images of the fetus, but have no problem using the same imaging technology to acquire better “specimens” for their blood money.

    It is utterly sickening, when watching the 4th CMP video, to hear the abortionist say, “another boy” when sifting through the remains of an abortion victim. If it wasn’t human before being torn apart, why would the abortionist refer to her specimen as such?

    What monsters. What inconceivable evil.

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    Nanny G

    Great try, Skook.
    But back when Jonathan Swift tried it people lived by different standards.
    You really could outrage them and freak them out over the idea that a hunger among the poor could easily be alleviated by using certain infants as a food crop.
    Frogs are expensive and ecologically endangered because of man-made global warming.
    Babies really area better choice for many reasons.

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    Oil Guy from Alberta

    There has been 45 murders in Baltimore this month and US Forces are reeling and pulling out to regroup. Chicago and Detroit have yet to report. More at eleven.

  9. 10


    Gutsy, Skook. I was sorely tempted to post similar pictures but I refrained. I am glad you did it. Lousy liberals need to face what they’re doing.

  10. 11



    Brother Bob and everyone, I don’t really think of kids reading these pages and it is sad to think of them looking at the pictures, but we are fighting a war for our country and our culture. Our opposition is much better organized and they have control of the media that is designed to influence the witless. It works.

    I have been a trapper and a hunter in my youth, so the story of Cecil probably affected (I refuse to use the noun impact as a verb. It’s not that difficult and we should all strive to learn correct English usage.) me differently.

    A hunter who pays a guide relies on the guide’s knowledge and integrity. Unless there was collusion to get an illegal lion, it was not the fault of the dentist. I’ve never hunted in Africa, but I’ve known hunters who have hunted in Africa. Like all fields of endeavor, there are people with integrity and then you have people like the American political class.

    The witless wonders of the world rose up to condemn the hapless hunter who missed his killing shot with his bow. It happens all the time. It becomes the guide’s responsibility to finish the animal’s agony and make the hunter feel good about himself. That’s the professional’s job. Everything went to Hell. It took too long to kill the animal, the animal had a tracking collar and the whole world was tuned into a possible illegal hunt. Sadly, it is the tremendous cost of permits for hunting African animals that goes toward the preserves that protect them. By allowing a hunter to kill a lion, elephant, or croc, many more can be kept alive with the money collected by the fees. Usually, semi-domestic herds need to thinned and the culling of herds might as well be carried out by a man who is willing to pay big bucks for the fantasy of being a great white hunter.

    Yes, I know those scenarios quite well; however, the killing of one particular animal, compared to the wholesale slaughter of human babies seems like a contradiction of emotion. I know what it smells and looks like to skin and butcher animals for consumption: I can only imagine what it is like to butcher babies for the abortion abattoir, and except for those who have served in combat , I doubt if many readers of this post will have any idea of the sights and smells of death and dismemberment.

    If we are going to stand up to injustice, we must learn to control our natural reaction to puke and gag with the dry heaves, and expose the witless wonders of the public to the reality of the abortionist’s abattoir.

  11. 12



    @drjohn: Doc, it’s like a never ending game where the borders are advanced at every opportunity. Will gays advance their agenda until it is no longer illegal for coaches, scout leaders, and teachers to make homosexual advances toward students?

    Twenty years ago we would have said Hell no to the possibility of gay marriage, now it is a reality and the gay front seems to have no plans to rein in their agenda.

    Will schools have special clinics for abortions? I am sure it’s in the cards for the abortionists, as soon as they define a profitable marketing plan. However, if the public is duped into accepting abortion like being excused for a sick day at school, we and the public better know what we are signing up for, this is reality and this is the truth. When the truth becomes uncomfortable, we better reexamine our priorities.

  12. 13



    I don’t really think of kids reading these pages and it is sad to think of them looking at the pictures, but we are fighting a war for our country and our culture.

    How right you are. And think about this; do you think any one would object to high school students being shown photographs taken at the concentration camps showing the inhumanity of the Nazi regime toward certain classes of people? Are children banned from the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.? Nope. When I was there during a school holiday, there were lines of kids waiting to get in, some grade school age.

    Yet the left has fought tooth and claw to prevent even high school kids from being shown photographs of dead, chopped up aborted babies.

    Our opposition is much better organized and they have control of the media that is designed to influence the witless. It works.

    Of course. And they have also controlled the dialog. Pro-choice? What the hell does that really mean? Didn’t the choice happen (in 99.9% of the cases) prior to conception? It’s the same thing as the gays’ word smithing to change perceptions of their movement. Homophobia? Really? Phobia means “fear.” Do you know anyone who are afraid of homosexuals? Hell, even the radical Islamist movement like CAIR coined the term “Islamophobia”, (fear of Muslims) after the success the gays had with their coined term.

    What no one wants to talk about is why the left wants to dehumanize us. But one only has to read the writings of Antonio Gramsci to understand the logic behind it. If a society is dehumanized, if they are made miniscule, then there is nothing but the government that becomes important and the government is the greater of the two. Control. It is all about control.

    Seventy years ago, if we learned that the Nazis were performing abortions on as many women as we have seen in our nation (55,000,000 remember that number) all of Western society would have been appalled. Now, a human being is reduced to a clump of cells with no viable value except in its body parts sale value.

    Yes, you are right to show the photographs. And it should be done on every TV channel, in every newspaper, every magazine, on posters and high way bill boards so that the nation wakes up and realizes how far we have degenerated as a society and turn that around.

  13. 14


    Another great post Skook. As to the pictures, I’m only sad that Dems, loony lefties and the MSM won’t post them! The horrors and realities that are the abortion factories in this nation are real and someone has to put it out there and get everyone to face up to the immorality that is today’s abortion stance. When we see people crying over a lion and ignoring or worse the senseless slaughter of babies, one has to wonder if we are now in fact a failed society.

    Our latest grandson just turned one month old. He was a month preemie, but luckily was able to come home immediately. As I look at him, I have to stop and wonder how and when did so many of us as a people lose not only our moral compass but in fact our basic humanity

  14. 16



    In typical cowardly leftist fashion, they are avoiding the grim reality of what they are supporting in the defense of PP. It is so much easier to post the exact same stupid leftist agitprop links as JisterJ and Ralph did in one of the other threads, from the mentally ill shrieking harlot “skepchick” hag.

    Bottom line is the leftist pro-abortionists cannot claim these photos of the victims of abortion are “heavily edited” as they are laughably trying to do with the CMP videos. The fact they resort to injunctions against the other video evidence being released – in violation to the 1st Amendment – shows they KNOW the evil of their acts is indefensible.

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