The Corruption and Fundamental Transformation of America by the GOP

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Our Ship of State

Last night, I was caught in heavy traffic and a horrible back-up for diverting traffic off the interstate to facilitate road construction, but the hours of creeping along the interstate went faster by listening to Savage interviewing Donald Trump. The Donald has become a more polished politician; he danced around Savage’s loaded questions with grace and finesse. However, Trump’s predictable repetition of the predicate, presumably to buy time and for emphasis, in every second or third sentence, was noticed, and hopefully, he will make an effort to correct this slight flaw in his diction pattern; since, continued use of even minor flaws become irritating over time, especially if a man becomes president and you hear him all the time. Otherwise, Trump’s speech is a refreshing change from the lilting, lisping, dramatic pauses of our CiC.

It was obvious, Savage admires Trump. His enthusiasm for the candidate was humorous; especially, after listening to the pessimistic rants of Savage intermittently the last few years. (My travels are not on a regular schedule; consequently, my radio listening covers a wide variety of venues, depending on location and time of day.) (Skip the ad in the middle)

The loaded questions and crafty answers were in direct contrast to Hilary’s pointless answers to carefully crafted and unloaded questions from the Left’s partisan news personalities, but they paled in comparison to Savage’s next segment on illegal immigration and our government’s bi-partisan corruption in this money-making scheme of epic proportions.

We, of the GOP’s Conservative base, have wondered why our representatives have sold us out base and why they have basically function as loyalists for Obama after gaining majorities in both the House and Senate. The lame excuse of only having control of the House and being powerless was only a diversion. Obama now has complete control, with GOP congressional majorities, but why? The GOP victories with Conservative support has only served to expose the duplicity of our Republican representatives.

We who voted for them and campaigned for them were left asking, why? It must be verified, but Savage offers the logic behind the corruption of “Fundamentally Transforming America” and its ties to the Kock brothers, it seems plausible. You can judge for yourself:

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20 Responses to “The Corruption and Fundamental Transformation of America by the GOP”

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    The RINO response to The Donald illustrates the RINO problem with Karl Rove and Reince Priebus. They don’t want to make waves. They want to be #2 and get their benefits. They don’t want to make the fundamental changes we need and want.
    Jeb Bush is happy to talk in spanish in a monotone. He does not want to get anyone excited. As if anyone will vote when the campaign is boring!
    The same goes for Bernie Sanders. You gotta love the guy: he is willing to make waves. And Her Highness is a crook, through and through. She used her office for personal gain. She defied the rules and hid all her correspondence.
    The Dems and the RINOs belong to the party of Big Government, rule by the bureaucracy, abolishing any accountability whatever.
    That way there is no one to blame.
    Gaah! Sick! Bring on The Donald!

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    I actually had the chance to listen to Savage yesterday and there is one thing I’ve always noticed in his rants as to the “selling out” of the elected officials to the left or worse.

    Basically while he rightfully blames the entrenched establishment Republicans who lied like hell to keep their phony baloney positions, telling the electorate what they wanted to hear then reverting to their real positions as always, he as far to many others in fact miss the real villains in this sad story and that is the American Electorate.

    Far to many incumbents were re-elected, their past performance ignored by the very voters who were complaining about that very performance. As usual, the public chose to believe the lies and ignore the facts as presented by their records which leads me to question just how well informed or worse, just how much real interest do the vast majority of republicans really have in the workings of government and in turn the fate of this country?

    It would seem to me an informed electorate would stop making the same mistakes over and over yet we keep re-electing the very people who side with everything true conservatives are against. The establishment Republicans are every bit guilty of this stampede to oblivion as are the Democrats! Now in this election cycle we see their true stripes as the establishment draws their swords to ravage those who speak the truth and want change. A man like Cruz as an example has stuck to his guns, trying his damnedest to keep the promises he made and the retribution form both parties is almost maniacal!

    In the end, the fault lays squarely on the shoulders of the electorate, a fact that has to be hammered into the heads of every responsible citizen. People like Savage and more must remind us of our duty as citizens and more, the citizens must take heed.

    I know I’ve voiced this here more than once, but unless the electorate starts taking things seriously and begins to inform themselves with the facts rather than relying on false promise, this country is doomed.

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    @joetote: There has been a remarkable rejection of the field of Republican candidates. This probably relates to the fact that most of the candidates are happy with the tedious cliches of comprehensive immigration reform and pathways to citizenship. If either Cruz or Rubio would have taken a stance against the invasion, they would have the Trump advantage. Trump’s insight into the pulse of America allowed him to pull in front by 20 lengths and unless he has a major miscue, and runs to the outside rail, and he is eligible to stumble, he has a tremendous lead that will be hard to beat.

    Americans are tuned into the invasion, the rest of it needs to be sensationalized to capture the public’s attention, and we don’t have control of the media for the overwhelming witless majority, but they understand, we are losing America through the silent and relentless invasion. Unless we gain a significant share of the witless media, it is hopeless to get the public to concentrate on the corruption of congress.

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    Trumps fine at banging the drum on some hot issues but we’ve been here before and once the electorate gets a good look at his real stance on issues I believe his star will wain like it did in the past after a vigorous start
    I hear establishment republican bandied about a lot And my response is they are creatures of politics and through the use of polling… They have developed criteria to get themselves elected and Aside from a blunder here and there generally succeed
    Even though real conservatives may disagree with a particular stance they may be targeting fence sitters or other demographics which they need to win
    Political reality is another facet which many conservatives would rather someone take a dramatic damn the torpedoes type stance instead of taking a political solution
    The point is the electorate has gotten the results in general of who they have elected.
    It’s somewhat of a myth that the establishment is controlling us as a politician will generally change course depending on their electorates desires
    There are some exceptions but mostly occur on the left
    Side of the fence where the majority of ideologues reside
    O’bama is a good example as he did do some middle of the road 1st term but his 2nd term has been catering to the black demographic along with the ultra liberal demographic which since he’s done and on the gravy train to wealth after he leaves office now gives him the ability to go far left
    Ultimately it’s the voters who’ve created this mess as a politicians goal is to get reelected and he (sorry for using the masculine so much) will not commit political suicide to please just one demographic of his electorate
    They’re ability to grasp what their electorate wants is their most important skill
    I am generalizing and their are always a few exceptions but in the whole I believe this is true

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    @Matt: Their ability to grasp what the electorate wants is their most important skill

    To which they have mostly failed. Hence the rise of Trump, who is resonating with both the right and left. What I’ve noticed too, he’s reaching some of the non-voters and those who usually are indifferent, at the very least he has their ear and attention.

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    @Matt#5 – You mention in your comment a few times “demographic” which I identify with “identity Politics”….the Ruse of the Democrat Party. The Party of division, envy, jealousy…all of the ‘Deadly Sins’ and that is no joke.

    We are a Nation of One People….this division Ideology is killing our country.

    Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth. He is a divider, not a leader…
    He is a Negative Person. And a whole bunch of other “things”…

    He needs to go… along with his Negativity and hopelessness he has foisted on America…

    As for a majority of Republicans…they left the stage long ago…they have been MORE than a DISMAL disappointment….they have treated their constituents like garbage….WE are NOT GARBAGE. They are going to find that out soon enough!

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    Trump is just being populist
    There’s no real substance because he has absolutely no
    His rise is due to being blunt and outspoken not because the Republicans are failing
    Wait till debates where his vulnerabilities will show

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    @Matt: Populist :Which I can retort the same about Hillary and GOP Establishment. No Fucking Solutions. Outside the coasts, their schitck don’t stick.

    Debates should be fun. I think there’s a candidate out there who’ll tell the media to stfu b/c you are f’ng retarded and your questions are stupid. Something some of the electorate wants.

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    Trump is banging the pots and pans, and America hears the noise. If the candidates want to be considered to be contenders, they must now address the issues. In the case of legislators, they better be ready to explain why they have ceded the power of the purse to Obama and why they failed to live up to their electioneering promises. Platitudes and cliches will only make the audience mad and your chances will be negligible.

    Let the games begin.

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    @rich wheeler: Yes Rich, you have been campaigning for web for several months. I remember when he first came on the political scene by mating a politician’s daughter. I believe he was still in uniform.

    Of all Democrats and some Republicans, I like Webb.

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    It would seem to me an informed electorate would stop making the same mistakes over and over yet we keep re-electing the very people who side with everything true conservatives are against.

    You are working from an incorrect assumption. The public is poorly informed, both by the MSM (including Fox news) and by their local news sources. This is most certainly true where candidates for election are concerned. Aside from campaign commercials there is often very little in the way of facts that the public can learn about the various candidates who run for political office.

    I run into this every election trying to find out about the various candidates to try to figure out who to vote for. It’s a lot of work when you try to ignore who the MSM wants you to vote for, and try to learn on your own about the other candidates that the press never seems to want to talk to.

    What makes this worse is when very few of the candidates seem to want you to know much about them beyond what is in their campaign flyers. When they are sent questionnaires from voter information groups and don’t bother to answer them, or decline to comment, When they don’t announce town hall meetings, when they don’t want to go on TV or radio or even streamed interviews, when they wont push or attend debates, you can only assume that they aren’t really serious about wanting to be elected.


    I don’t trust Webb anymore than I do Boehner or the rest of the RINOs.

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    I would not say it is a wrong assumption per say. The information an informed voter needs is out there. that voter has to get off his or her ass and look for it. I grant you the MSM and more do not inform as needed, but it is well documented a co-opted media as well as education is part of the plan so as to keep that information from the voter.

    The co-opting of the media is bad enough, but the indoctrination by the education sector has created a squadron of mind numbed robots who are now registered voters. Seeing as the teaching of our basic ideals and tenets is now frowned upon by the elite and in turn our elected despotic officials, one has to assume it was planned to take the informed voter out of the mix.

    I’m afraid I do not have much use for the uninformed voter because they are to damned lazy to take their sacred right to vote seriously. As I said, the information is out there.

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    The information an informed voter needs is out there. that voter has to get off his or her ass and look for it.

    Again, I have to disagree with you. Very often the information the voter needs to make an educated decision is NOT so easily found. With the news media, I think that it is on purpose, to keep the people in the dark.

    Seeing as the teaching of our basic ideals and tenets is now frowned upon by the elite and in turn our elected despotic officials, one has to assume it was planned to take the informed voter out of the mix.

    No Joetote, you aren’t getting it at all. The “plan” is to only provide the voter with enough information (or propaganda if you will) in order for them to vote the way the controlling elite want them to. The Democrats, establishment Republicans and the MSM want to keep the people uneducated, dumbed-down and too busy coping with life’s struggles, so that the peasants only pay attention to the sound-bites and propaganda that is shoved in their face. That is how “progressives” work, to lead the sheep into compliance so that they can be fleeced an fed upon.

    I’m afraid I do not have much use for the uninformed voter because they are to damned lazy to take their sacred right to vote seriously.

    Unfortunately, for your disdainful aloofness towards them, the uninformed voter outnumbers those of us who do make the effort to educate ourselves, which plays right into the hands of the elite. Instead of ignoring these masses and pretending that they don’t matter, it is better to try to remove the wool covering their eyes. and if necessary force them to learn. Read George Orwell’s works, and you can see the truth in what he wrote.

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    I stand on my words. Lazy ass people who refuse to educate themselves get what they deserve. There is no excuse for what is going on in the end other than the laziness of the American voter. If not so, how is it that we see some of our younger people who in fact see through the charade and dig until they get the truth.

    Orwell in fact predicted exactly what is going on. As such it is up to the electorate to get their heads out of their asses and do their homework.

    As i said, I don’t have any use for the uninformed lazy ass voter, but I have even less patience for anyone who makes excuses rather than take it upon themselves to force the truth into the open if needed.

    I and so many others try and when we do we get the trolls and others who on this site as well as in the world in general do and say anything to turn the people away from the subject at hand which is, by the way, the survival of this country that is at the hands of a merciless assault by the very ideals that we fought for so many years ago

  15. 17




    Simply ignoring uneducated or lazy voters will not make them go away, nor will it stop them from voting. Unless we try to make them informed and show them how they are being fooled by the power elite, we will not be able to overcome the useful idiot vote. Having to put up with the trolls and their diversionary tactics is one of the things that keeps me from commenting more here. For the most part, I try to avoid feeding the trolls and I will sometimes try to bring discussions back to the topic at hand. I often simply don’t have the time for their nonsense.

  16. 18

    rich wheeler

    @Ditto: Do you or Joe think the Trumpists represent this higher educated voter you are referencing?
    With Sarah on board are you hoping for a Trump/Palin ticket to attract the more intelligent well informed voters?

  17. 19



    @rich wheeler:

    Trump and Palin are clearly living rent free in your head.

    The voters that we refer to are “on to” the socialist-fascist activist game of the far-left wing “progressives” that have taken over the Democrat party and have essentially purged it of all conservative and moderate Democrat representation. They are well aware of the way the leadership of both parties have corrupted the government into an elitist oligarchy to serve a crony capitalist class of globalists. We see the way this oligarchy is using illegal immigration to keep wages depressed real unemployment high, and to bring in an entirely new wave of undereducated entitlement serfs in order to lift the corrupt “progressive” political machine’s dropping support numbers.

    Most of us here remember how easily Palin wiped the floor with Biden in their Vice Presidential debate. Considering the complete embarrassing fool that Biden has proven to be as VP, and that some in the Democrat party are considering him as a replacement to the sinking Clinton campaign, you might want to reconsider how you portray the debate winning Palin.

  18. 20



    Just to drive Rich a little further into his TDS (Trump Dementia Syndrome):

    Trump Leads, Jeb Slips, Rubio Crashes In WSJ/NBC News Poll

    Since the last WSJ/NBC poll in June, despite a full-frontal media push to destroy him, billionaire businessman Trump has risen from just 1% to take the lead with 19%.

    Bush, who was in first place in June, has not just been overtaken by Trump, his support has cratered from 22% to just 14%. Bush is now in third place behind Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who sits at 15%. Back in June Walker was in second place with 17% support.

    Hit the hardest between the two polls is Rubio, who fell from 3rd place in June to 8th place. Support for Rubio has slipped from 14% to just 5%.

    Holding even steadier than Walker is Ben Carson. In June, the retired neurosurgeon was in 4th place with 11% support. Today Carson is still in 4th place with 10% support.


    ADDED: A new Monmouth poll, that has a somewhat larger sample size and smaller margin of error, backs up much of this NBC/WSJ poll. Most surprising is Trump’s favorability ratings, which is tied with Jeb at 52% and beats all the other GOP-ers, other than Rubio (54%).

    In overall support, Trump is in first place and beats Jeb and Walker combined. In three weeks Jeb has lost 6% support.

    With a 52% favorable rating (36% unfavorable), all that media/GOP establishment talk about Trump’s ceiling of support being too low to win the GOP nomination is now out the door.

    Poll: Trump Crushes Bush and Walker Combined, Favorability Rockets to 52%

    A Monmouth University poll, also released Monday and with a somewhat larger sample size and smaller margin of error, shows Trump in first place, beating both Scott Walker and Jeb Bush combined.

    The poll puts Trump in first place with 26% support. Second place Jeb Bush and third place Scott Walker sit at 12% and 11%, respectively.

    That is what you call a blow out.

    The remainder of the “top ten” includes Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) (6%), Mike Huckabee (6%), Ben Carson (5%), Chris Christie (4%), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) (4%), Marco Rubio (4%), and John Kasich (3%). Carly Fiorina and Rick Perry each earn 2% and Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), George Pataki, and Jim Gilmore each get 1% or less. Another 10% of GOP voters say they still are unsure who they will support for the party’s nomination.

    Compared to the last Monmouth poll just three weeks ago, Trump’s support increased 13%, while Walker jumped 4%. Bush and Cruz both lost 3%.

    The biggest news here is the increase in Trump’s favorability rating, which is now at 52% favorable to 35% unfavorable.

    Three weeks ago, the millionaire businessman was upside-down 40% to 41%.

    Where is Rich’s fantasy man Jim Webb? Still at 1%

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