New HUD Directive to Transform Neighborhoods is a Great Opportunity for… Conservatives?

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HUD has a new directive planned to fundamentally transform where we live. To rehash what Skook had to say about this last week.

HUD has determined or more correctly, Obama has determined the reasons for the high rates of failure among urban minorities are hidden within the five arbitrary numbers of their Zip Codes; change those numbers or relocate minority youth and magic transpires. The urban conditioning fades away, and is replaced with the reality of living the American Dream.

He goes on to cite HUD’s report:

HUD’s rule clarifies and simplifies existing fair housing obligations for HUD grantees to analyze their fair housing landscape and set locally-determined fair housing priorities and goals through an Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH). To aid communities in this work, HUD will provide open data to grantees and the public on patterns of integration and segregation, racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty, disproportionate housing needs, and disparities in access to opportunity. This improved approach provides a better mechanism for HUD grantees to build fair housing goals into their existing community development and housing planning processes. In addition to providing data and maps, HUD will also provide technical assistance to aid grantees as they adopt this approach.

In other words, HUD will decide who gets to buy homes and where. Skook then captured what most conservatives seem to be thinking on the subject:

Now, you can play along with the smoke and mirrors and assume Obama is trying to create blacks who are white inside, especially girls, ”no child’s ZIP code should determine her opportunity to achieve.” Fundamentally altering America leaves a wide horizon of discretionary options; however, let’s be practical and accept the obvious – this plan is not designed to help disadvantaged minorities: its sole purpose is to get even with whitey and punish him for assuming he can escape the blight of inner-city America.

Read the whole thing. However, this is one of the rare times I find myself disagreeing with Skook. I do not believe that this move is to punish white Americans – this move is to punish conservative Americans. We’ve seen how this country has become fed up with the policies of the President Obama and the Radical Left – look no further than the results of the 2014 elections, which Draw and Strike!  sums up for us. Note particularly the impact of Obama’s polices when his name is not on the ballot at the state legislature levels. What’s amazing is that this is happening despite the GOP’s insistence on being the party of stupid and its leadership’s condescending arrogance toward its base. Imagine what the political landscape would look like if Republicans would actually defend conservative principles…

That’s the beauty of the HUD directive. Like using various agencies such as the IRS, EPA, DOE, etc. to take control over local issues the president is setting the stage so that no matter how badly Democrats get rejected at the polls the outcomes will not matter since control will be placed under the control of leftist bureaucrats in Washington. Wait a minute, didn’t the tile of this post say this was an opportunity for conservatives? As a matter of fact it is!

It’s obvious that the intent of HUD is twofold – to punish predominantly conservative neighborhoods by changing the makeup of what these communities chose for themselves, but also to move Democrat voters out of deep blue voting districts to ones where their votes can start challenging the conservative strongholds. Does anyone think that this directive will be helping poor whites move into prosperous black/Hispanic neighborhoods? Or that we will see a push for more minorities in the various lily-white leftist enclaves around the big cities?

That’s where the beauty of this directive lies. Let HUD start imposing it’s will on localities. When conservatives who want to live in predominantly conservative neighborhoods start getting denied home loans or local banks start getting strong armed as to who they must offer mortgages let the lawsuits fly. Let’s see HUD show it’s methodology as to how they impose this policy. Since this policy is to be non-discriminatory let’s ensure that there is not a disparity based on neighborhood’s voting tendencies. When the disparities show up it will be time for hearings and subpoenas for memos and e-mails to find how such discrimination could have been advocated. We already know what is going to turn up – it’s time to push back and turn the radical left’s artillery around and start using it to fire down on them.

And in a show of reaching across the aisle I’ll offer some advice for members of HUD and the press. HUD reps: start planning now on how you’re going to delete all of your e-mails and have your backup servers incinerated. And for the press, this will be a big story when it breaks – you have plenty of time to prepare for how you’re going to bury it.

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6 Responses to “New HUD Directive to Transform Neighborhoods is a Great Opportunity for… Conservatives?”

  1. 1


    I believe NY’s Westchester county was one of the testing grounds for this new policy and their resistance is already making the national news. All it takes is for a high-profile Republican candidate to pick this up and beat it like a drum.

    Just imagine all those Liberal suburbanites learning that their dear pets are going to be imposed on THEIR communities and going to school with THEIR kids. If this issue gets properly aired out, the entire Democrat establishment is going to pile on and put this to bed BEFORE election 2016.

  2. 2

    Nanny G

    How’s that work, exactly?
    When a nice Texas condo complex allowed renters from a minority and poor area to live there the group (mom and daughter) went on line inviting all comers to play in the HOA’s pool for a fee to the two women.
    Craziness ensued.
    Now we learn that 20-year-old Tatyana Rhodes, and her mother LaShana Burks are being evicted…..for Non-Payment of Rent.
    Big surprise.
    Should the complex be forced to rinse and repeat for the sake of ”diversity?” Or should they be allowed to stick with people who obey their rules and pay their bills?

    Long Beach, CA, in a bid to allow their diverse population to be closer to their food supply, is now allowing chickens and goats in homes and apartments (as long as there is 10 FEET between the animals and the next-door neighbor’s door.
    Will the last civilized person please turn out the lights as he leaves this $#!+ hole?
    Oh, wait, too late!
    LB just had a 10 day power failure in their downtown area (also known as Little Guadalajara) whereby all residents lost all their refrigerated food and had to live on granola bars.
    No official cause (I’m betting on stolen copper) yet and the City is keeping mum on the amount of crimes during the blackout, too.
    So, soon to come to all those gated communities?
    I’m betting there’s a loophole in there somewhere so limousine liberals can enjoy their obliviousness a little longer than their tax-paying victims.

  3. 5

    Nanny G

    In the past, when distant leaders told foreign natives that their religions were inferior and that their culture was lacking, that they would have to jettison those old out-dated beliefs and come into line with his beliefs, he would be called an IMPERIALIST.

    But that is what Obama did in Africa this latest visit.

    Telling Africans to dump their old-fashioned religions and cultures that don’t favor homosexuals like he does.

    Recall that Obama did win black votes even as they simultaneously voted down gay marriage initiatives here at home.

    Seems Obama is more tone deaf than ever.

  4. 6

    Brother Bob


    @Nanny: When a directive comes out of DC telling locals from foreign nations how to live their lives it’s Imperialism. When it’s done domestically it’s called “Community Organizing”

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