The people Obama finds important vs. the ones he does not find important

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There’s something about this picture. I think there’s a message to us in it, but I can’t quite nail it….Barack Obama sent aides to the funerals of three of the people in this picture and noted their passing. Obama failed to note the passing of the other three and sent no one to their funerals.

Pretty sharp contrast, no?

The truth is I don’t think Obama gives a damn about any of them. He was looking to score the usual cheap political points off three of them and noting the other three would get him nothing.

While we’re at it, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, the little thing from Chicago called the murder of Kate Steinle a “little thing.”




These are the victims of the Chattanooga massacre

chattanooga marine victims chattanooga navy victims


After their murders, Obama jetted off to a Broadway show and a fundraiser. As for their funerals, don’t hold your breath.


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    James Raider


    For all doubters at to both the lack of insight demonstrated by this President and the his politically bent intents, this puts the nail into the confusion, . . . . Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing project —> HUD announces “final rule” on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing project. Is the MSM afraid to talk about what this means?

    “. . . the Obama administration is now set to create a wealth-adjusted community utopia.”

    the administration is moving forward with regulations designed to help diversify America’s wealthier neighborhoods,

    Top down dictatorial decisions on where you will live, who your neighbour will be, and who will pay. Recollections of Hitler and Mao rolled into one?

    This isn’t a President seeking to build a Garden of Eden in America. This is government cash redistribution.

    . . . . . Ignore all common sense, human nature and history, and just impose your own idiocy on a Nation containing enough self-haters and guilt that is becomes a third word has-been. Then close the door and go golfing.

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    James Raider


    Today Obama must have found “important” the CNN airhead anchor who talked about changing the faces on the dollar with the brilliant narrative that the dollar currently had the faces of dead old white men. Disparaging the dead, who in this case had much to do with the creation of America, is apparently how these slugs get traction and approval from the left.

    A typical self-hating idiot. Where’s the sense of BALANCE and reasonable thought for crying out loud?

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    It is a slippery slope once the President begins notating what happens to individuals in society. Every tragedy or tragic death cannot be commemorated; there are simply too many. So they have to be prioritized by some method.

    Obama’s method seems to be, first, it must be politically useful. Well, actually I guess that is the only criteria.


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