Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens Bring up the Question – Why Do Republican Politicians Bother to Exist?

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Help us out here, Republicans. Many of us want to support you, we really do. We worked to hand you majorities in both houses of Congress and you rewarded your constituents by letting the president run his extremist agenda all over you. This was just capped off with finding a way to cave on President Obama’s goal to achieve a nuclear armed Iran. As painful as that has been to watch, what hurts the most is watching you squander an issue where you could easily gain political support simply by speaking common sense.

I am of course, talking about illegal aliens committing violent crimes here in the United States. The fact that illegals are responsible for a significant amount of criminal activity is hardly news. It might be easier to track if we actually kept a registry of crimes committed by illegals, of course. And yet, dangerous criminals are getting released into our neighborhoods, as The Boston Globe’s Maria Sacchetti reports:

For years, doctors warned federal immigration officials: Do not take your eyes off Santos Hernandez Carrera.

He had raped a woman at knifepoint and spent roughly half his life in jail, where immigration officials hoped to keep him until they could send him home to Cuba. As far as the public knew, the strategy worked: Until last month, the public sex offender registry said Hernandez Carrera, who has been diagnosed with a mental illness, had been deported.

He never was. Instead, the Globe discovered that Hernandez Carrera is in Florida, one of hundreds of immigrants convicted of sex crimes who should have been deported but instead were released in the United States because their homelands refused to take them back.

They are convicted rapists, child molesters, and kidnappers — among “the worst of the worst,” as one law enforcement agency put it. Yet the Globe found that immigration officials have released them without making sure they register with local authorities as sex offenders.

Allowing these criminals to roam freely is the policy of this administration. And unfortunately, no serious Republican contender for president in 2016 has come down hard and decisively on the right side of this issue and hammered it home. In theory this should be an easy sell to both the candidates and the American people. Most sane people don’t like the idea of dangerous criminals being allowed to roam where they live. Add in the fact that these criminals should not even be in our country in the first place. and this should be a no brainer. But this is the Republican party we’re talking about, so “no brainer” was the operative word – of course the party leadership supports amnesty. Of course, they do not support a fence to keep illegals out. This seems to be out of fear of alienating a voter base that supports some of the most extreme views of the Radical Left anyway.

Image appears via The People’s Cube

Even with the criminal element aside, with labor force participation rates at Great-Depression era lows, this issue makes a perfect inroad with working class workers, not to mention can be a way to show the black vote how the radical leftist policies of Democrats are hurting them. But studies and papers only go so far in promoting an issue. One thing that the left does so well is to exploit personal stories. Look no further than how effectively the Democrats used the not completely accurate stories involving Trayvon Martin, Sandra Fluke, and Michael Brown to stir up their base. If only there was a story that could be used to personalize how real this problem is. Actually, there is. We just saw the recent killing of Katie Steinle, as Dr. John recently wrote:

Kate Steinle did not have to die. She died because one of Obama’s Latino nephews killed her. She died because her illegal alien murderer knew he’d safe in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. Liberals killed Kate Steinle as sure as did Francisco Sanchez.
Tragically, Steinle’s death is not unique. Since 2010 121 murders have been attributed to illegal aliens with 14 deaths in 2015 alone.
The United States is infected with 347,000 convicted criminals released into the general population by the Obama regime. Chew on that for a moment.

Or how about an Iraq war vet who learns that her son was murdered by an illegal? John Hinderaker at Powerline observed: (emphasis his):

Anita Shaw was an Army sergeant serving in Iraq when she learned that her 17-year-old son Jamiel had been murdered by an illegal immigrant in Los Angeles:

Los Angeles High School football standout Jamiel was shot twice, once in the stomach and once in the head, near his Arlington Heights home in March, 2008.

He was targeted by Espinoza simply because he was carrying a red Spider-Man backpack and was mistaken for a rival gang member.

The killer, who was aged 19, had been released the day before he killed Jamiel having served four months of an eight month sentence for assault with a deadly weapon and battery on a police officer.

“I was screaming and crying, I wanted to help find the guy, but I felt completely helpless. And then when I found out he was an illegal alien, I felt everyone was trying to keep it quiet, I felt like because he was an illegal alien it was alright that he killed my son.

“It felt like an American citizen living in the United States is not worth anything, but my son was worth something.”

I felt like because he was an illegal alien it was alright that he killed my son. That is a very perceptive insight into America’s elites. Ms. Shaw comments on the murder of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco:

I still don’t understand why it happened, just like what happened in San Francisco, why wasn’t this guy deported after he was released from prison? “Sanctuary City”, that’s crazy.

Indeed it is crazy. The first priority of government is to keep its governed citizens safe. Ironically, the same people who demand that the state have a monopoly over lethal force in gun control are generally the same ones cheerleading government-backed efforts to allow these criminals to roam freely among us. As Debra Saunders at Real Clear Politics points out:

Where is the common sense in shielding repeat felons and border jumpers from the consequences of their crimes? There is no need to look outside the city: San Francisco screwed up. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, the Board of Supervisors and the mayor were so busy crowing about their pro-immigrant credentials, and refusing to differentiate between legal and undocumented, that they forgot voters elect them to keep their city safe.

Pointing out a real threat undercuts the simplistic leftist argument of xenophobia toward Hispanics. There is nothing racist about protecting Hispanics from violent criminals as well. At the end of the day, if any leader wants to protect Americans from dangerous foreigners there are really only three ways to do it:

1) Execute them
2) Imprison them
3) Deport them and ensure that they can not return

The first option is not a viable option for obvious reasons, while the second will create an ongoing burden for US taxpayer. The third option has flexibility – building a fence, returning them to their governments with an understanding that there will be real consequences on the governments if these criminals return to the US, etc. And since no prominent Republican has taken a firm stance, it created an opportunity for Donald Trump to charge in braying and absorbing most of the media attention on this issue. I’m not going to go into the many issues with Trump – Jonah Goldberg gave a very thorough rundown of Trump’s appeal and ultimately why he’s a horrible presidential  candidate. But this presents a great opportunity for Republicans to step forward and be the adults in the room. And if they truly want to go on the offensive, it could also be pointed out how the White House made a point to get heavily involved in the Michael Brown and Freddie Gray deaths, but are completely silent now on Steinle. Or on the many homicides that happen in Chicago on a regular basis.

Very simply, your #LifeMatters only as far as your demographic and the demographic of someone who might hurt you helps to advance a radical leftist agenda. Absent that, Ace brings the point home:

Apparently Jamiel’s father spoke at Trump’s immigration reform rally. Instapundit notes that this murder could be politically consequential — which is why the media has decided, for the moment, that Black Lives Do Not matter.

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10 Responses to “Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens Bring up the Question – Why Do Republican Politicians Bother to Exist?”

  1. 1

    James Raider


    BrotherBob, in November 2013, Oprah shouted from her podium, “There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it – in that prejudice and racism – and they just have to die.”

    Her choice of words was despicable, just as racism is despicable, though it is evident that racism in today’s America is only practiced by whites, if one believes our media and the race-baters.

    This banner has been hoisted by the left and has morphed into Old White Men Have To Die. Have Old White Men, regardless who they are, become the Jews of 1935 Germany? Current spewings on all our media suggest this trend is on a path our stock market envies.

  2. 2

    Brother Bob


    @James Raider – just like your [email protected] only when it advances a radical agenda, the same goes for bigoted remarks generating outrage

  3. 3


    @Brother Bob:

    This seems to be out of fear of alienating a voter base that supports some of the most extreme views of the Radical Left anyway.

    That is the lie these RINOs are telling to justify their actions. They suppor illegal alien invasions simply because it keeps wages low just as the US Chamber of Commerce and their fellow wealthy cronies like it.

    It is the inoculation security of this capitalistic feudalism, that Illegal immigrant crime simply does not touch the Washington DC establishment class and their partners in dividing up the spoils. That is why they don’t care. It doesn’t effect them other than their profiting from their betrayals in selling out the US worker force. Lives of the common folk only matter when the loss of life can be used to manipulate the masses into supporting the globalist – progressive agenda.

    Unless Republican voters stop holding their nose and continue to stupidly cast their vote for “the lessor of evils” (which ensures rule by the evil,) nothing will change for the better and we as a nation will be lost to the greed of the overlords.

  4. 5

    Nanny G

    Trump’s book, Time to get Tough, contains his solution for the problem of illegal immigration.
    Build the fence (make it a wall where necessary.)

    Enforce the laws already on the books…..
    That includes deporting all illegals as they come out of prisons.
    It also includes going after employers who hire illegals.
    It also includes a clamp down on under-the-table economy that illegals work in.

    Add hundreds more border patrol employees.
    Basically, there’s nothing in Trump’s proposals that other Republicans don’t also tout as helping solve this issue.
    So, there’s nothing special about Trump over other Republicans except in the area of amnesty.
    Cruz opposes amnesty, like Trump.
    Jindal opposes amnesty.
    Walker has lately opposed it, too.

    Question is: if and when one Republican gets elected as president can he do what he’s said he’d do?
    Is it all within only his purview to achieve these things, or will the courts stand in his way?

  5. 6


    Until we initiate term limits for all elected politicians (say 12 years max), we will continue to have uncaring representatives in office. All they care about is not stirring up the pot, say a few things to placate the base, and continue to reap the riches and lavish lifestyles of the Washington politicians.
    None of them give a rats a__ about the voters, it’s all a sham to keep us sheeples in their back pockets.

  6. 7


    Iowa Hawk in his tweet was spot on about our vaunted “Fourth Estate. “Moreover, when more Republicans see the press as an appendage of the Democrats and challenge the very language ,illegal alien, becomes foreign invader, this changes the progressive narrative into a pragmatic presentation that ends “gotcha questions.” Perhaps , more Republicans will exist.

  7. 8


    It is very difficult for anyone but liberals to have positions, as the liberal media will work in league with liberal politicians to create a negative image of whomever they wish to destroy.

  8. 9

    Pastor Kenneth Glenn Koons

    Because Bob, we are not a real Conserv Party. We are a diverse group that is still led by the old Jerry Ford, Bob Michel, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Bush family mod go across the aisle losers.And lose they do. Only Newt started the conserv movement with Reagan but we still do not win enough House or Senate elections to make it a truly conserv party. RINOS still dominate and we keep losing. So, whether the issue is ACA, IRS, Va, borders, illegals, Islamists, there just is not enough pressure to stand up against all these evils. I first voted in 1958 and taught POLYSCI and Religion for 48 yrs. and have fought PC liberalism since I was 15. And we still are stuck in a rut of being short changed.

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