Why Trump really leads the pack

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Donald Trump has vaulted to the top or near the top of many Presidential candidate polls, including one from the Huffington Post. The Daily Caller offered five reasons Trump is in front. Salon offered up its usual dose of stupidity. The LA Times suggested that Trump is popular because he’s gone to war with the media.

Wrong. They’re all wrong. Below you will see why Trump leads the pack.

Revealed: 276 ‘sanctuary cities’ let 8,145 illegal offenders free in just 8 months, 17,000 total

Some 276 “sanctuary cities,” nearly 50 percent more than previously revealed, released over 8,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records or facing charges free despite federal requests that they be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation, according to an explosive new report.

The Center for Immigration Studies, revealing new numbers it received under the Freedom of Information Act, said that those releases from cities that ignored federal demands came over just eight months and are just part of an even larger release of 17,000 illegals with criminal records.

FBI data backs up Trump claims on illegals and crime

The FBI’s latest National Gang Report extensively documents criminal gangs, some comprised in large part of illegal aliens, are indeed importing drugs and committing a high percentage of violent crimes throughout the U.S.

One section of the 79-page report details “Gangs and the U.S. Border.” It documents gangs, “especially national-level Hispanic gangs, such as MS-13, the Eme, Sureños, and TB, continue to pose a significant threat to the Southwest border region.”

The report reveals that “in many cases, gang members who commit criminal activity in the region are not U.S. citizens nor lawful permanent residents.”

The FBI documented that surveys conducted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection indicate in some southwest border sectors “the percentage of non-U.S. citizen gang members was as high as 80 percent.”

The report is here if you care to fact check.

Eliazar Rivas-Rodriguez (illegal) gropes teens in crotch Michigan

Eliazar Rivas-Rodriguez yet another illegal alien has been charged for sexually groping two teenagers in a wave pool, at Michigan’s Adventure. Eliazar Rivas-Rodriguez yet another Obama/Democrat/Open Borders Republican ‘dreamer’ must have been chanelling his inner Bill Clinton when he ‘allegedly’ groped the two teens on July 4th. Eliazar Rivas-Rodriguez has been illegally living in Indiana.

For second time in a week, illegal immigrant accused of hit-and-run

RALEIGH (WTVD) — Federal immigration officials tell ABC11 a second illegal immigrant suspected of causing a serious wreck this week will not be allowed out of jail.

Earlier this week, the I-Team covered the return of Efren Roblero to the streets of Wake County.

Roblero is accused of driving drunk and causing a crash that injured two people over the weekend. He managed to post his $75,000 bond and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials approved his release from jail.

Now, another illegal immigrant, Antonio Arellano, is accused of hit-and-run causing serious injury, driving without a license, and reckless driving.

The woman he allegedly hit spoke to ABC11 Friday from her hospital bed at WakeMed where she is recovering from surgery.

Mexican Illegal Alien Arrested for Allegedly Kidnapping, Raping 13-Year-Old

On Thursday, Michigan police arrested a Mexican illegal alien, 23-year-old Aurelio Hernandez-Gomez, after finding him with a 13-year-old Florida girl who had last been seen two days before her ordeal.

Cops acted on a tip that led them to a Hartford home where Hernandez-Gomez hid the girl while assaulting her.

Michigan authorities charged Hernandez-Gomez with one count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, meaning they believe he raped or otherwise penetrated the girl after incapacitating her or otherwise rendering her helpless. They have not released further details, such as whether or not the victim was related to the alien suspect. Hernandez-Gomez is being held on $150,000 bond in a Paw Paw Michigan jail and will be back in court on Wednesday.

This is why people are drawn to Trump. There is a large vein of anger out there- anger at the invasion by illegal aliens from the South. Anger at the damage they cause. anger at the murders in this country committed by illegals. Anger when illegals protest US policy while brandishing the Mexican flag:


Never mind that the media is utterly derelict in its reporting what Trump has been saying. In fact, they have been flat out lying:

Cooper appears to have based his argument off of a recent Salon article published a day prior to the aforementioned interview. The Salon article, “This proves Donald Trump is lying: Here are the actual facts on immigrants and crime,” also engaged in the deceptive sleight of hand to their readers. Their first sentence asserted, “Donald Trump opened his 2016 presidential campaign with an epic rant against Mexican immigrants.” A few sentences later and Salon doubled down on their dishonest assertion: “He went on to tell CNN that the threat lies not just with Mexican immigrants, but with immigrants in general.”

Salon then tripled down:

Here is what you need to know: immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than people born in the United States. A 2013 Pew Research Center study found that across all people aged 12 to 24 (the teen and young adult years when almost all criminal activity first begins) immigrants were much less likely than the U.S.-born to have committed a crime in the last year.

By intentionally using the term “immigrant,” Trump’s detractors battle a strawman. They cite studies focused on all immigrants, not just illegal aliens who enter the U.S. secretly and illegally. They mix statistics from legal immigrants with the far-fewer number of illegal aliens in the United States, causing the crime numbers to look better for illegal aliens.

This is one of the worst things I’ve seen in a long time- a gang character assassination. Trump has no chance to become President as people learn more about him and that FEC filing thing looms, but to watch as one news outlet after another and one politician after another lie about what he said is mind boggling. It is pure fascism. This is a sign of just how fearful is the legacy media of the truth. This is a sign of just how electrified is this third rail for politicians of all stripes.

It’s a horrible omen for the country, but if Trump can force the truth into the sunshine then he will have done us all a great service. If only a serious GOP candidate was courageous enough to tap the reservoir that is out there.

The left is blathering about statistics. It’s nonsense. According to CNN and MSNBC, statistically Kate Steinle is not dead.

The problem is, she is dead. She is dead along with 120 others in this country since 2010 at the hands of illegal aliens. Then there are the rapes and the rest of the crimes.

It’s not about rates of crimes. None of it should have happened.

None of it. And Americans want it to stop.

Meanwhile, lefties are urging El Chapo to kill Trump.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    There is absolutely nothing pretty about the left wing encouragement of illegal immigration. Their illegal residency costs taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars, they take sorely needed resources from citizens that need them, they contribute disproportionately to crime and the take jobs that many Americans could use, because they are so exploitable.

    The greatest fear the left has right now, as they drive headlong to flip the switch on 12 million new, Democrat, voters is that suddenly a largely ignorant American public might wake up. Trump is the alarm clock.

  2. 2

    Nanny G

    When Trump made his now famous statement about Mexico not sending their best, and rapists coming in, he was automatically handed ownership of every single illegal-alien-doing-any-criminal-act story that happened from then on in our entire country.
    He gets instant headlines and air time for free.
    Not only that, but his stand forces other candidates to make their own stand more clear.
    I noticed Hillary gave an entire speech on our economy without taking on how she might secure the borders or deal with illegals now here.
    For Trump this silence is a ”win-win.”
    He uses it (or he will use it) to show the marked contrast between his own views and that of candidates soft on illegal immigration.
    Now, frankly, Trump USED to be a lot softer on illegal immigration.
    But then Obama and Hillary opposed gay marriage until only recently, so flip-flopping is less bad than it was when Kerry said he ”voted for the $87 billion before he voted against it.”
    Trump is more media savvy than all the other candidates.
    He found a worthy parade and positioned himself at its front.
    When you do that, of course you ”lead the pack.”

    Now, how about his specifics?

  3. 3


    Every Dem that can should vote for Trump in the primaries. Trump may be leading the GOP pack but he is 20 points down in a match up with Hillary. Probably Bernie Sanders could beat Trump
    The London bookies currently have Trump at 100-1 to win in 2016

  4. 7

    warner hyde

    One thing no one has pointed out is the money illegals bring into a city by skipping out and forfeiting on their bail..

    While i laying in the hospital bed after a illegal had hit me head on while i was riding my motorcycle. A police officer brought me my stuff out of my saddlebags and told me not to bother making plans for the hearing, That the guy would make bail the next day and be out of the state in three.

    Sure enough a week later when i was well enough to talk to my insurance, They told me straight up they were not going to waste time looking for the guy, They had all ready written it off as a lost to them..


  5. 8

    George Wells

    @Bill #1:

    “Trump is the alarm clock.”

    Trump’s alarm clock had a premature ejaculation of stupidity.
    He peaked 15 months too soon.
    He’s now already on his way down, spiraling into self-marginalized oblivion thanks to his failure to control his astonishingly irrational mouth.
    One by one, he’s burning his bridges – he’s been working overtime alienating everyone blessed with enough grey matter to recognize an idiot when they see one.
    Mark my words: Trump’s attack on John McCain war record will be his Waterloo.
    He will not recover.

  6. 9


    @George Wells: Yet, in the final analysis, what he said about illegal immigration was absolutely factual, was it not? This is what propelled hit to prominence. Of course he was going to brash himself out of the race; that was inevitable (oh…. “good call”, George; really went out on a limb there) but it gave the Republican field the opportunity to pander, as Democrats do, without violating their positions; they can oppose the left wing caricature of themselves. Perhaps that was the plan?

    What is missed is him walking his statement back but, of course, that only works for liberals when the liberal media gives it ample coverage.

  7. 10

    George Wells

    @Bill #9:

    ” “good call”, George”

    Trump was just a joke all along?
    If the Republican Party is nominating presidential candidates based on how ridiculous they are, what promise does that hold for the GOP’s chances to retake the White House?
    And THAT’s their “plan”?
    Got any more tricks like that one up your sleeve, or will you just be pulling a rabbit out of your hat next time?
    You were just making pretend long enough for this buffoon to turn himself into his own punch line, weren’t you?
    Good move!

  8. 11


    @George Wells: Does everyone have to explain to yo the meaning of the words that aren’t there? I’ve neither said he was a joke nor that he was the nominee. It is merely YOU that wishes to tear down the candidates that are not running a campaign based on handing out gay gift baskets.

    No matter what Trump does or says, the absolute fact remains that what he said about illegal immigration was factual and the basis of his rapid expansion of support.

  9. 12

    George Wells

    @Bill #11:

    “It is merely YOU that wishes to tear down the candidates that are not running a campaign based on handing out gay gift baskets.”

    Not at all. I’ve pointed out that there are four LEGITIMATE candidates for the GOP nomination, candidates who could beat HRC in 2016, and who I could support. NONE of them support same-sex marriage, and NONE of them support adding sexual orientation to anti-discrimination laws. And if you BOTHER to look back for yourself, you’ll find that I NEVER said that I support HRC, or WOULD support her. Your “gay gift basket” analogy is completely false.
    And I certainly don’t need to tear the comb-over man down. He’s doing that quite well all on his own.

    “No matter what Trump does or says, the absolute fact remains that what he said about illegal immigration was factual and the basis of his rapid expansion of support.”

    What Trump said was rife with distortions and over-simplifications, and it was exactly these outrageous and inflammatory remarks that DID earn him the adoration of the GOP’s radical extremity. What statements like those and the ones he UNFORTUNATELY-FOR-HIM lobbed at John McCain proved was that Trump has no business running for the presidency. Whether or not there is some kernel of truth buried in a mountain of $hit doesn’t make the pile smell any less bad. Fortunately for the rest of the GOP pack – and the country – Trump mortally wounded himself (politically speaking) quite early on, and the rest of us needn’t concern ourselves with his political viability any further.

  10. 15

    George Wells

    @Bill #14:

    There was no quid pro quo. Both times I voted for Obama, he was against same-sex marriage. I voted for him to keep Republicans who OPPOSED equal rights for gays out of the White House. Democrats weren’t offering a “gift basket” – it’s just that what Republicans were offering was dramatically worse. The “gift” I got wasn’t anticipated, and when it came, it was delivered by the Supreme Court, not an elected official of either party.
    Or did you forget?

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