Donald Trump is the Canary in the GOP Coalmine

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Donald Trump is performing a very important task for the GOP… he’s an indication that the brand still has a pulse. Not much of one… but it’s there.

Americans are fed up with Republicans, particularly the establishment types. How do we know? Because twice in the last six years a majority of voters elected Barack Obama as president. In both cases Obama won against the establishment’s to carry the party’s water. [mc_name name=’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000303′ ], while strong on defense and right on the Surge, was wrong on much else including campaign finance reform and immigration, and he refused to highlight the anti-American friendships of Barack Obama. Similarly, while Mitt Romney was right on Russia and China, he was hardly a conservative, having implemented RomneyCare and pronouncing himself a Republicans who believed in Climate Change. And he too refused to attack Obama where he was most vulnerable, this time on Benghazi.

When Americans had a choice was between a hardcore liberal Democrat and a milquetoast Republican, a majority picked the Democrat, twice, despite the fact that he was utterly unqualified in both cases. In 2008 he was unqualified because he had never run anything… ever, and in 2012 he was utterly unqualified because in four years of running the government he had gotten literally everything wrong. But a majority of Americans voted for him rather than the GOP milquetoast.

Which brings us to Donald Trump. He may be many things… arrogant, brusque, a crony capitalist and only marginally connected to the GOP… but one thing he is not is milquetoast. Which is why he is now leading the GOP for the nomination. Some Republicans don’t like what he has to say, but they like the fact that he’s saying it and the is willing to stand up and unabashedly fight for his position. He’s like Chris Christy used to be – and just as bad in some ways. When he’s in the ring you know exactly where he stands, and Americans like that.

When Trump said that Mexico was not sending over their best and suggested that many of the people coming over were criminals, he started a firestorm, from every direction, including from Republicans. And of course the media dutifully reported on his comments and promptly lied, and put words in his mouth. While many Republicans may not quite agree with Trump, they sure as hell don’t believe the narrative coming from the Democrats and the White House that every illegal alien in the country is just a poor, formerly destitute angelic youth who is simply seeking a better life for himself. Because that narrative is so counter to the reality Americans see on the news and on the street corner, conservatives are willing to accept some hyperbole if it at least means the issue gets addressed… something the Chamber of Commerce owned GOP establishment is unwilling to do.

Donald Trump may not make it to the finish line. But if he doesn’t, the GOP ignores his message, and style, at its peril. If the GOP establishment produces another milquetoast candidate who’s not willing to articulate and defend conservative positions, particularly those that related to immigration and border security, they will lose. Whether the nominee is Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or some dark horse who’s not even on the radar yet, if the GOP doesn’t give conservatives a candidate who is willing to take the fight to the Democrats in a no holds barred match, they’ll find themselves with the first triple defeat since FDR. And this time they may not find their way back.

Conservatives may not currently have a viable alternative to the GOP, but they do have the choice to sit at home and do nothing. And do nothing they will. After two cycles of being ignored, only to be proven prescient in their prognostications on the disaster of Barack Obama, conservatives have little motivation to engage the enemy again if the fighters on their team aren’t willing to mix it up. Donald Trump may be a flawed candidate, but he’s invigorating the Republican base, something the establishment of the GOP hasn’t done in too many years.

The product of a military family, growing up in Naples, Italy and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and being stationed in Germany for two years while in the Army, Vince spent half of his first quarter century seeing the US from outside of its own borders. That perspective, along with a French wife and two decades as a struggling entrepreneur have only fueled an appreciation for freedom and the fundamental greatness of the gifts our forefathers left us.

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    Brother Bob


    It’s just a damned shame that the Republican candidates worry too much about angering the consultants running their campaigns to speak honestly. Trump isn’t even honest, but his bluster addresses the pent up frustration of a base that voted GOP majorities into Congress and has been rewarded with the Surrender Coalition. Trump’s an ass, but the crop of candidates could learn a thing or two from him.

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    @Brother Bob:

    that comment was just plain weak!

    You give her too much credit. It was worse than weak.
    Trump is scaring the hell out of Dimocrats, but even better, he’s scaring the hell out of the Rino’s. He is the only candidate on either side that has spoken on any campaign issue, and that illegal infiltrators of the border.
    From the reaction of the crowds, the Repubs aren’t going to stand for a candidate that is going to be weak on illegals. Seems as if some want him to tone it down, but he actually needs to ratchet it up. Put the fear into them.

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    He’s another Koch Bros shill and most are too stupid to see that.

    So, you think Trump, a billionaire, is beholden to the billionaire Koch brothers? Really? That’s what you think?

    Oh, that’s right… you voted for Obama…. twice. You’ll think what you’re told to think, and like it.

    @Brother Bob:

    It’s just a damned shame that the Republican candidates worry too much about angering the consultants running their campaigns to speak honestly.

    Unfortunately, they have to while the liberal candidate the media has selected does not. Anything a Republican can and will be used against them (in either its accurate form or a form to be determined at a later date) in the court of public opinion while the liberal will have blunders hidden away and their resume’ padded.

    Note that this favorable treatment does not apply to ANY liberal; only the one the media has chosen. In 2008, it was Obama and, if you remember, the Clinton’s were racists, at that time. Now, all that is forgiven and, though Hillary makes every effort to clearly show the disdain and low regard she has for anyone but herself, the media will kow-tow to her… until something better comes along.

    The success Trump is enjoying is why I wanted Gingrich in 2012. I think he would have been just as brash and outspoken but with more thought and experience behind it. Sure, he had some baggage, but he damn sure would have let (too much) Candy Crowley stop him dead in his tracks in a debate.

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    Red Team Dems could not be more overjoyed with The Donald.
    His polling against Hillary shows at least a 20 point gap, about twice the gap of any other candidate
    Dems will vote for him in any of the early open primaries.
    Evangelicals will never vote for him
    If the dems didn’t love him, would he be getting as much press coverage?

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    @Brother Bob:

    Trump’s an ass, but the crop of candidates could learn a thing or two from him.

    Most (if not all) of the candidates are asses (Republican, Democrat, et al.). Our current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania avenue is an even bigger ass than Trump. The difference I see is that Trump speaks with candor and will give it to you straight. He doesn’t lead you on and tell you he supports your position, only to turn around and betray you by voting against your will like too many of those running will. The most important thing to working class voters and taxpayers, is that Trump agrees they are getting screwed by the Washington establishment and he is promising to turn that around. THAT right there folks is what could win Trump the nomination, in spite of those issues he is “not conservative” enough about.

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    in spite of those issues he is “not conservative” enough about.

    Just which Republican is conservative enough. Very few vote as they should. Dimocrats are 100% liberal, Republicans are about 50% liberal and 45% moderate. maybe 5% conservative. I get damn tired of being betrayed.

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    rich wheeler

    The Donald is right where I said he’d be 2 weeks ago !7%—He’ll top out around 19% and then have nowhere to go except sideways to down.
    Dems don’t fear this guy—he’s been a donor to HRC. RINOS are concerned as well they should be. Conservatives like Walker and Cruz hope to pick up Trump supporters after he implodes.
    On to the debates and Iowa/NH. It’s a long haul.

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    Just which Republican is conservative enough.

    Exactly why I put that in Quotations.

    @rich wheeler:

    Dems don’t fear this guy

    Bullcrap. Of course they fear him. Thanks to The Apprentice, His face is known all over America as a Savvy business man who does not put up with incompetence. They have been attacking him venomously since he entered. (as have many of the RINOS). You don’t do that unless a person is a political threat. Mainstream working class voters have been demanding Washington do something about job creation for over seven years now as their main issue and and are also concerned about the flood of illegal and legal immigrants taking jobs away from the US citizen workforce, Not only has the establishment leadership of both parties in Washington NOT listened, they have made the problem for US workers WORSE by supporting more “free trade” bills that export jobs and supporting Obama’s open border pro-illegal immigration policies. Just as with Regan, the establishment RINOS and the Democrats and the MSM mouthpieces are telling us “he can’t win.” Yet his blunt, somewhat badly worded and misreported words about illegal Mexican immigrants and the need for job creation in the US, echoed loudly amongst the working class and boosted him to the lead in a mere couple days. That was a huge unexpected response blow to the progressive RINOs and Democrats. Trump doesn’t need special interest and lobbyist contributions to run, and has said that he can’t be bought by them. That too reflects favorably to the majority of the voting public. No Rich, we are not going to buy into your lie. There is serious fear on both sides that Trump could get a huge popular vote from all sides and that has them very worried.

    he’s been a donor to HRC.

    Trump is a big-time businessman, so of course he has donated to candidates from both parties. He understands the corrupt political game of campaign contributions to gain influence. Just as has many other big-time businesses, often to both candidates in a race. It’s called “hedging your bets”.

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    rich wheeler

    @Ditto: Do you SERIOUSLY believe that Trump pulling 17% in one Repub poll worries Democrats?
    Why would that be—-Have you seem his #’s against HRC? Let’s talk again when he gets close.
    You are a betting man–what are the Vegas odds? MY guess 20-1.
    Maybe that’s Joe Tote who’s the betting man.

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    Since campaign finance reform was passed by the gazillionaires in congress; It’s going to be difficult to find another statesman, as Ronald Reagan. Not impossible, as all things will always be possible, but much more difficult; Heck, look at Illinois: Go Bruce, Go! Lord Acton had it right; It’s been 150 years, and the Democrats are once again, united with the Republicans; Funny thing, it was slavery that once divided theml; Now, they’re all about inclusivity,; As long as they’re the ones doing the including. My brother, what is that speck in your eye? Let me help you out with that…

    We’ll see if I can get through the capcha crap this time. Methinks , I can’t decipher the arabic half of the characters it’s providing. That’s some “moving forward” you folks at FA really need to consider….

  11. 15


    ….and, it didn’t challenge me this time. The shorter, sweeter idea in the words earlier chosen, must have been deemed much more a threat. Naturally, FA must defend itself in some ways; As if the paid the resident trolls, don’t keep you busy enough.

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