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    Nanny G

    Recalling when he and his retinue left the Obama White House out the back door,
    A pile of trash was there to greet him.

    A birthday cake is a big improvement.

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    @Missy: Holy snot! It’s Missy!!!! Have missed you! How have you been?

    @another vet: Remember how the Dalai Lama back in 2003 would not condemn the Iraq War and pondered that terror may require a violent response?

    Reading some of the FB comments on that link source is amusing and sad as those who think of Bush as a mass murderier are befuddled, trying to wrap their minds around how the Dalai Lama can cavort with Bushitler.

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    Other than a broken right arm, I’m just fine, thank you! We are now in the Missouri boonies where cell phones and email doesn’t work, but we are happy and I hope the same for you! One big regret is I lost track of Mata when my email account shut down. Give her my best, please!

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    another vet

    @Wordsmith: Those people aren’t worth the time of day. My, how much the terror threat has grown in the last 6 years. As well as the number of working age Americans not in the workforce. And the National Debt.

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    One big regret is I lost track of Mata when my email account shut down. Give her my best, please!

    Would you like to tell her directly, yourself? Can I pass along your current email address?

    Happy 4th of July! Don’t break any more limbs. It’s bad for your body.

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    We’ve had three email accounts and after a couple of weeks we lose them, my brother said it’s because of our service provider. Internet is very bad down here. Thank you, you are such a peach!

    I’ve even considered driving to Omaha and scream at someone because the guy that hooked up our service said yahoo’s headquarters is there.

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    I don’t know where my post went, just said our internet service provider is bad and every email account we have had down here gets locked up, we give. Thanks anyway!

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