‘Lunchbox Inspections’ Coming To A School Near You?

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another brick 

How long until Mooch brings this to America?

Teachers are free to take – and keep – any item from pupils’ lunchboxes if they think they are unhealthy or inappropriate, the government has said.

Parents were outraged last month when it emerged children had scotch eggs and a Peperami confiscated under health eating policies.

Now ministers have backed the move, giving staff freedom to ‘confiscate, keep or destroy’ anything deemed to break school policies and setting out the procedure for carrying out lunchbox inspections.

…Vikki Laws, of Colchester, said her daughter Tori, six, was not allowed to eat her Peperami sausage snack, which was confiscated and only returned at the end of the day with a note from teachers.

She said another parent was also told her child was not allowed to have scotch eggs in her lunch box.

Food justice coming to a school near you

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9 Responses to “‘Lunchbox Inspections’ Coming To A School Near You?”

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    coming?! already here. i put a small zip lock bag with some lays potato chips in my daughters lunch bag along with a ham sandwich some yogurt and a banana and the lunch monitor confiscated the potato chips. my daughter came home upset and that was here in colorado.

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    Nanny G

    Scotch eggs.
    You can’t eat one then stay awake and concentrate.
    You’ll be too busy digesting and enjoying the endorphins.
    Scotch eggs are: fried egg placed between two sausage patties, coated with raw egg then bread crumbs then deep fried.
    I mean YUM.
    But then a nap.

    As to Peperami….it is a commercially made sausage that is 44% fat at the least.
    Some other sandwich meats and spreads are just as fatty, so, I don’t get why it was confiscated.
    A peanut butter sandwich will have over 60% calories from fat in ”low fat” versions.

    Kids need calories to GROW and feed their brains.
    Those photos of Michelle’s school lunches show inedible crap.
    Let kids eat what they want.
    They can grow up later and decide to cut out this or that…..or not.

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    Sounds like in the former UK that they are forcing kids to eat only food that is non-offensive to the coddled mooo-slimes!

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    Nanny G has never seen a scotch egg. It’s a hardboiled egg, rolled into a ball of sausage meat, (which can be vegetarian), coated in breadcrumbs, then baked, not fried. I’m from a Scottish family. We eat them with pickles or mustard, or both.

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