So You Say You’re Against Symbols that Represent Treason? (Guest Post)

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The Confederate Flag Two Minutes Hate has reached a new level of stupidity – Apple is removing all games that depict a Confederate flag. I haven’t weighed in on the subject of the Confederate Flag issue since almost every conceivable angle on it has pretty much been written. I’m pretty much in the “It belongs in a museum” camp that a lot of conservatives have expressed. I do think that moves to ban its private ownership and scrub this flag from society are wrong, though. I understand all of the con arguments and think they have merit. Here is my take on the pro argument.

Most Southerners didn’t own slaves. They also have far greater ties to the Civil War than the rest of us. There is a great book called Confederates in the Attic. that I highly recommend. The most telling thing I learned from the book is that while in the north between 2 and 3 out of 10 people have an ancestor that fought in the Civil War, in the south that number rises to 6 out of 10. For many Southerners the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, rather it was based on the stories passed down via their grandparents about how they were just looking to defend their land from an invading army. This isn’t to discount black Americans who have had stories passed down from their grandparents about what it was like being a slave, but my point is that the Confederate flag isn’t as clear cut as the radical left’s talking points. But this isn’t why I wrote this post.

I think it’s great that lefties are ready to take such a principled stand against a symbol of treason against the United States. As it happens there is an act of treason that involves a very public figure right now! What would you say if I told you…

A high ranking diplomat abused the office to set up a money laundering operation.

The money laundering involved using the position to accept bribes from foreign governments who wanted to buy influence over the White House

The operation helped to fund terrorists.

It looks like this diplomat even took bribes to help the Russians control over massive amounts of uranium

Our diplomat even violated the law by using a personal e-mail server to hide the operation’s various criminal activities

And even worse, when caught doing all of this, rather than come clean this diplomat simply lies

And what would you say if I told you that this traitor has so much contempt for this country that the funds raised through this treason are being used to fund a run for… public office?

It’s easy to take a bold stand over an act of treason 150 years ago. It’s not as much fun to confront it today, especially when it is associated with someone who is loved by so many on the left. How many of you are ready to join me in stamping out this hateful symbol?

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    “It belongs in a Museum”, pretty much every flag and statue and memorial ARE like museums. You might as well go all in for the cultural revolution and get a job running one of the camps.

  2. 2


    I’ll take the ahistorical morons who want the battle flag of the Army of Virginia put out of public view seriously when they exert the same level of opprobrium towards the ISIS flag, images of the flags of the USSR and communist China, and all the Che Guevara shirts.

    Until then, these leftist illiterates can pound sand.

  3. 3

    Brother Bob


    @Pete: I agree – this is a great opportunity to go on the offensive. Even better, let’s quash their icons like FDR and Wilson. Or show how some of their sacred cows, like gun control, abortion, and labor unions were created to hurt black Americans? The possibilities are there, if only we had the means and will to do it

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    Treason? At the time there was little doubt that a state did not have the right to secede. Succession was not an attempt to overthrow the US government. TIt was caused by disagreement between the free and slave states over the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in the territories that had not yet become states. If one reads the 1868 SCOTUS decision regarding the legality of secession one would think Justice Roberts made that tortured decision.

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    Jim S

    Lets tear down the Lincoln memorial! After all Lincoln was a war criminal. What else could you call someone who sent an army to annex a foreign country, burn it’s civilians and their property to the ground, and toss dissenters in his own country into the slammer? It’s a major embarrasment that this guy is memorialized in our capital and on the fiver. (warning for the humor-challenged.. I’m being sarcastic here)

  6. 6

    Jim S


    Treason? At the time there was little doubt that a state did not have the right to secede.

    Depends on who you were asking. Obviously the feds will say there is no right to secession, since it’s in their benefit to say so. But Jefferson said otherwise. Since the 10th amendment reserves powers to the states not specifically reserved to the Feds, it should be clear that a state can secede.

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    Nanny G

    Carved into the Bamiyan Cliffs are the two niches of the giant Buddha statues.
    There used to be two extremely large Buddhas in them, until the Left the Taliban blew them to smithereens.
    Today their natural-born offspring want to destroy American History.
    How far will we let them go with this?
    Are we willing to put ourselves under Taliban rulership?
    It is just the same.
    Fail to study History and you are doomed to repeat its mistakes.
    The Left wants to destroy History, just like the Taliban then and ISIS today.
    What big mistakes are they planning on making that they want people to follow them blithely into?

  8. 8


    @Nanny G:
    Nanny I am a Buddhist and on my first trip to Afghanistan 1976 I saw those statues
    The Taliban are über right not left
    Radical Islam was born out of the billions that the USA have to the most radical Muslims to fight communism
    Take a look at the brave mujahadin freedom fighters that Reagan invited to the White House
    They are today’s Taliban

  9. 9

    Brother Bob


    @John: You’re comparing the Taliban to one political group based on their finding religious icons displayed in public offense and use the force of the government to have them removed? I think you’re looking in the wrong direction, amigo.

  10. 10


    Remember the stories of when “Gone With The Wind” was released, there was talk of censoring or blocking the movie because Gable said the word, “damn”? Remember how silly and narrow-minded this was depicted as being?

    Now, the left talks about doing the same thing because a Confederate flag appears in a movie about the South, the Confederacy and the Civil War.

    Morons. Utter and certifiable morons.

  11. 11




    If we are today, going to now judge symbols and the large groups of individuals who adopted them by their historically racist offenses, we need look no farther than the Democratic Party. they should disband and go away in shame for their racist behavior which started in 1792 and ran through the civil war as the controlling party in the South and all the way through Jim Crow, segregation, to today, where again they are working to create racial divisions. They continued to view blacks with disdain and refused to grant them equal rights to whites, until the Republican Party forced anti-racist reforms upon them. A look at the end effect of LBJ and the Democrats entitlement programs, show that the conditions for the nations poor have not improved. Instead it has destroyed the black family unit (as well as that for poor whites) and made them so dependent on entitlements that they vote Democrat for fear of losing the handouts they depend on. Thus enslaving them to support the DNC for the pittances given them by their masters to survive. The jobs are few now, (If you atually crunch the numbers – real unemployment today is 10% worse than it was during the Great Depression,) because the Washington Progressives (of both parties) are importing more lower caste workers to keep job competition fierce and wages low, insuring that even more will be forced to become entitlement enslaved voters for the elite political urban-plantation masters.

    Yes, I do include Establishment Republicans amongst the progressive slave masters of today. I propose that these RINOS who have taken over the party leadership are vengeful Democrats at heart, continually pretending to be Republicans in order to destroy the party that won the civil war. This scenario fits quite well with classic socialist plans on how to take over a nation. Now that they have taken control of the GOP, they are working hard to betray the promises they made to the Republican voter base and purge the party of Conservative representatives.

  12. 12


    Black Churches are burning in the South – at least three attributed to arson – since the massacre at Emanuel AME in Charleston, S.C.. But that’s not a topic of interest at Flopping Aces. To review, ever since these brutal racist murders, the writers have chosen to vigorously advocate how marvelous the “Battle Flag of Northern Virgina” is; or that since most Southerns didn’t own slaves, that means slavery actually wasn’t a very big deal. Furthermore, if anyone is upset or concerned about a white supremacist murdering black minsters and old ladies in a Church, the proper and dignified response is to angrily point out that “Democrats are the real racists”, or “But black on black crime!” (if you’re allergic to straw you might want to log off now). For good measure point out that Dylann Roof was just a lone nut (ignore all those pictures of him with the Battle Flag of Northern Virgina) and that his favorite online resource, The Council of Conservative Citizens, is actually a liberal organization.

    Do I get my Right Wing Head in the Sand merit badge now?

  13. 13


    @Tom: In view of the long record of racist liberals jumping to politically motivated conclusions, then proving what ignorant asses they are when the actual facts are revealed, you may want to cool your heels on your lynching plans over these church burnings.

  14. 15



    Black Suspect Arrested After Racist Message Discovered Outside Predominately Black Church

    A Colorado Springs man was arrested after police believe he left racist messages outside a church.

    Vincent Broughton, 44, who is black, is facing charges for committed a bias-motivated crime and disorderly conduct.

    The signs were posted outside the New Covenant church that is predominately attended by African Americans. One sign references the KKK. Another reads, “Black men beware, you are the target.”

    Racist signs posted outside of black church – You won’t believe who did it!

    The signs were posted outside the New Covenant church that is predominately attended by African Americans. One sign references the KKK. Another reads, “Black men beware, you are the target.”

    Most probably assumed the signs were posted by a racist white person. Not so in this case.

    Seems like it’s more incitement to chaos and racial divide from someone.

    Sounds kind of like something a leftist would do doesn’t it?

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