TRUMP – Some Stimulation For Our Lethargy, Finally

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Trump is running.  Finally some energy and dynamism gets showered on the Presidential race, but with the vast majority of the media laughing disparagingly at today’s announcement by Trump, including most of the pundits on the right, I dusted off the core of an article I published here on FA in April of 2011. Since few will be saying anything positive about Trump, mainly because he wears his ego on his sleeve, and not because of any lack in competence, I present the following points “copied” from “Trump As President,” which remain valid four years later.

Donald Trump
  • Trump is not ideologically anchored. This moves his appeal factor positively as he will carry little obligation to either political party. He will also present a more refreshing alternative to a public tired of Washington indebtedness to special interests. At the very least, he will be more honest with how he feels, and he will easily be more knowledgeable with on all topics than what we have seen subjected to since the last Presidential election.
  • A lack of ideological fervor also makes it more likely that from his perch in the Oval Office he would be a pragmatist. Unlike the embarrassingly far “left” rooted individuals choking the Obama Administration, Trump would most probably pluck the best talent, however it might present itself, wherever he could find it, and in whatever political flavor it might be drenched.
  • His insecurities mean his ego can be stroked to get his favor and attention, but he isn’t narcissistic. In Trump’s case the insecurities also suggest that he is driven to succeed.
  • Trump will surround himself with experienced talent, and it is unlikely that he will punt important decisions down the road, or to someone else, unlike Obama who is clearly controlled by his handlers and seems ready, willing and able, to have others take care of business. If and when America elects Trump, he will be the President, NOT one of his handlers.
  • Trump will not chase the Presidency in order to enable a retirement anxious for newfound opulence and luxury. Trump might be seduced, but he won’t be bought.
  • Trump will get into the face of anyone in his administration not delivering the goods whether on the economy, on international affairs, and on national affairs. His ego will not allow for anything to screw up. Trump will be a “task master.”
  • He’ll probably try to figure out how to get his name emblazoned over the White House front door. He has a tendency to “brand” everything he touches. One way or another, he’ll want the world to know “Donald Trump was here.” “Destiny” would be his middle name for at least four years.
  • Getting elected would not be Trump’s “crowning moment,” . . . the four years of his Presidency would be.
  • He may not be as bright as Slick Willy Clinton, however he isn’t as ideologically rooted, therefore his pragmatism will be more effective and he is likely to be more persuasive. Oh, and he will not tarnish the Oval Office the way Slick did.
  • He isn’t afraid of hard work, and his track record suggests an interested, inquisitive mind, unlike what we have recognized in the current occupant of the leather chair in the Oval Office.
  • Trump likes attention, obviously, but his need to be successful at everything he does, means he’s a workaholic, which would be a welcome change from the reality we have discovered in the incumbent.
  • Trump has been in the construction business in New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Chicago where he’s had to have a close and warm working relationship with the mob since the mob controls such minor and unimportant industries as Concrete. Those “guys” are not the easiest crowd in town to deal with. Trump knows how to ”get things done,” and will. When you need a guy, he “knows a guy.”
  • Trump cleaned his bankers – got the better of them through his now legendary recoveries from the grim shadows of the poorhouse, again, and again, and again. That took unmitigated brass.
  • Trump comes across as a bit of a lecher who could give Slick Willy a run for his money, but that’s just a perception. Slick used other people’s executive jets to take advantage of impressionable young women, and the whole world knew about it except Hillary. Trump has his own plane.
  • Love for America? It is impossible to deny that Trump really loves America, and is passionate about its success and leadership in the world.
  • Contributions to both political parties? You’re kidding? . . . . Who cares. He bought some support. That’s what Congress is there for, . . . to be bought. The results are obvious and ever present.
  • Trump has a long track record of being a leader. America is longing for a leader who can deliver more than long words on a teleprompter saying little and delivering less.
  • Genuflection – somehow that is not a picture of a President Trump and any foreign head of state which would be served up by the MSM. Ever. Knocking fists? Perhaps. Genuflection? Not much.
  • Trump’s fluid I-speak-my-mind-regardless-who-I’m-talking-to approach would be a refreshing alternative from the daily decantings of unrelenting telepromptered dronings we are served from the White House. Not that Trump’s musing are all intelligent, many are fused in common sense, but at least he’s entertaining when he drives off the road.

I don’t particularly like the man, and I don’t agree with many things he does or says, however, in an America where so many politicians have been bought, Trump can’t be.  Plus he knows how to hire talent and lead it. He is a very successful Manager and clever Negotiator, both critical if there is any hope that the great Ship America can be turned away from the shoals of disaster.   Neither Obama nor Clinton have shown any capacity for such.  And the Republican field, . . .  the Obamatrade disaster has sunk the barge most were floating on.  Trump entering the field will liven the debate and stimulate all voters to consider what is important to bring America back from its slumber.


A constituent of the vast baby boomer generation with a career which has been fortunate to know the ponderous corporate worlds, as well as the intimately pressurized, and invigorating entrepreneurial domains of high tech and venture capital, I have harvested my share of mistakes meandering through corridors of enterprise from Silicon Valley, to London and endless, colourful, sometimes praetorian points in between. The voyage has provided an abundance of fodder for a pen yielding to an inquisitive keyboard, a foraging mind, and a passionate spirit. Whether political or business or social or economic or personal, is it not all political? It is a privilege to write, and an even greater privilege to be read by anyone, and sometimes with the wind at my back the writing may occasionally be legible. I do not write to invite scorn, nor to invite respect, but if I get really lucky the writing can stimulate thinking. I also write for the very selfish purpose of animating my own processes, and engaging the best of what life offers. Above all, whether biting fire or swatting shadows, I am grateful to be gifted the freedom to write and publish whatever flows down to the keyboard. To all those who enabled this freedom, and to all those standing guard to preserve it, I am indebted.

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  1. 52

    Nanny G

    @rich wheeler: BTW Though Trump currently stands 8th at 4.2% RCP poll—He is 2nd only 2% behind Bush in Fox News poll– garnering 11%
    Latest entry Christie–two chances slim and none.

    There’s another poll that is interesting.
    Who would you never vote for?
    Trump wins this one hands down.
    59% of likely voters (Republican) would NEVER vote for him.
    No other candidate comes close to that.
    In second place only 17% said Jeb Bush.
    In third, only 15% said Chris Christie.

  2. 53

    rich wheeler

    @Nanny G: No surprise there–Trump will use that negativity to his advantage in an US vs them campaign. He’ll blast everyone in primaries. Remember he’s only looking for 15-20% to win. .His slogan will be “The more THEY hate me the better you’ll like me.”

    Latest RCP Poll Trump bump to #7 at 6% running 2ND in Fox News 12% AND CNN 11%.

  3. 56


    @rich wheeler: Trump is at least smart enough to be a good campaigner. Before he entered, nobody wanted him, now he’s one of the top candidates only 2 weeks later. Can you imagine how tough he’ll be in another month?

  4. 57


    @rich wheeler: Obama says “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

    Trump says “illegal immigrants are bringing crime, drugs and economic decline to this country.”

    Time will tell if Trump has more to offer than speaking his mind and telling the truth. Obama doesn’t even have THAT and you leftists love him. Hillary is as far removed from honesty, integrity and ability as one can possibly get and you leftists salivate for her to gain the White House. The left makes very poor choices and has no right nor business critiquing ANY candidate.

  5. 58

    James raider

    @Nanny G: #52,
    Expectations of the very reaction to Trump we are enjoying, by the whole of the MSM and the left, as well as some on the right, is exactly why I wrote this Article.

    “Trump” reaction is amazingly visceral, particularly from those who consider themselves ‘intellectuals,’ – they’re missing the ephemeral intuition gene, and are only clever in their own minds. The proof rests in who they STILL support AFTER six years of evidence that they made a mistake.

    I also like that Trump is dragging self-righteous executives out into the street for a brawl.

  6. 59

    rich wheeler

    @James raider: been chronicling The Donald’s recent rise to 12% in Repub. Primary race. As mentioned he only needs 15-17 % to win in this field of 16 candidates–he can win with a 60% negative.
    The Problem will be the General Election. His statements are further eroding support from Latin voters–approx. 16% of the electorate’ Demographics say if 75 % vote Dem—combined with Blacks at 80%+ [t will be IMPOSSIBLE I’ll repeat IMPOSSIBLE for ANY Repub. to beat HRC. in the Electoral College…Fact.

  7. 62


    @rich wheeler: Hillary is by no means a shoe-in. Sanders (SANDERS!!) is coming up strong behind her, indicating that the left wants something…. anything… in the way of an alternative to Hillary. Why Warren didn’t run, I cannot imagine.

    Hillary is clinging to the Clinton name recognition and nothing else. She all but comes right out and says, “What do you support? I support that, too.” She will not address serious accusations made against her (which indicates strongly that she CAN’T address them), she shuns the media and only appears at formulaic, staged events where she can be sure no embarrassing questions will leak out. Eventually, she has to face the music, and that will be quite a symphony. Imagine a debate between her and nothing-to-lose Bernie.

    No doubt, if it comes to that, the left wing media will back the left wing candidate, but she ain’t there yet. Even with the media’s cover and support, it will be the Republican’s race to lose. Liberals have totally screwed the nation over the past 7 years.

  8. 64


    @rich wheeler:

    The Donald is helping her..

    He is exactly the opposite of Shrillary. He will confront the press and tell the truth. She will not confront the press and she doesn’t even know what the word truth means.

  9. 65

    rich wheeler

    @Bill: Demographics and Trump’s distain for the 16% Latino vote point to a Dem. victory–Bernie stagnant at around 15% can’t beat HRC. On the other hand 15-17& if garnered by Trump in a 16 person field could be enough for Trump–2nd or 3rd in Iowa and a win in NH would be a great start—I don’t see Trump winning the nom but he’s stolen Walker’s early popularity .Figure Rubio or Bush will get the nom–paired with Kasich of Ohio for Veep they’ll have a shot at victory.

  10. 67


    @rich wheeler: Really? Thanks for that message. So far I haven’t heard a Scott Walker speech, nor have I heard a Donald speech. The message from Donald is that the country is a better place than the Dimocrats will let it be. The Dims want the ability to tax people to pay the people to vote Dimocrat. The message of Donald will get louder and louder as the Dimocrats realize, Holy Crap, this guy is serious and a serious threat the the Dimocrat ways.;

  11. 69

    rich wheeler

    @Redteam: You say you haven’t heard a Trump speech. There’s the problem–listen up–be informed. RT.
    Believe me, the more Trump speaks the better it is for the Dems.

  12. 74

    rich wheeler

    @Redteam: He is a true long shot but in politics anything is possible. I really didn’t think he’d run but this guy really believes in himself. He was a huge underdog when he upset George Allen in Va.

  13. 75


    @rich wheeler:

    He was a huge underdog when he upset George Allen in Va.

    You do recall that the election was lost by Allen, not won by Webb. Allen had a huge lead when he made the Macaca statement. If it wasn’t for the lib press, no one would have noticed that.

  14. 77


    @rich wheeler:

    Demographics and Trump’s distain for the 16% Latino vote point to a Dem. victory

    I wonder, how is stating absolute, if blunt, facts showing disdain for the Latino vote? His comments were about illegal immigrants and Latinos that vote are not (or should not be) illegal immigrants. If their loyalties at with illegal immigrants and not the United States of America, they are not going to vote for a Republican anyway.

    Bernie stagnant at around 15% can’t beat HRC.

    Sure he can; if Hillary keeps ignoring the media, they WILL turn on her and, should they do that and throw in with Bernie, he will beat her. In that vein, Mr. Webb hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell unless he starts lying about how far left he will be… and fast. Plus, how’s that support for the Stars and Bars going to work out for him? Should anyone choose to, this can be used to make him a despicable racist; just as the left does to anyone else they want to dispose of.

    Listen closely and you can hear Scott Walker’s desperate plea—
    ” Bill and RT don’t discard me for The Donald”

    See, that’s one of your problems. You always confuse stating facts on a subject with full-bore support of the issue.

  15. 80


    @rich wheeler: What is it Rich? You don’t want to admit that Webb can’t hold on to one wife? I mean, they seem to dump him as soon as the ceremony is over. You think he disrespects them (women) , or something? I will admit if he can get all of them to vote for him, he might get an insurmountable lead.

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