Hey, remember when blackface wasn’t cool?

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It has been disclosed that Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane NAACP, is actually white and according to her brother lives in “blackface.”

Liberals are falling all over themselves defending her which begs the question- why wasn’t blackface always cool?

Remember this?

danson blackface


Didn’t go over so well, despite Whoopi’s involvement. How about Al Jolson?




What about Ben Vereen, who really is black?



Didn’t sit well with many people. Sarah Silverman?



C. Thomas Howell?


Robert Downey Jr.?

Downey’s appearance took a lot of heat.

Most of these appearances caused a considerable stir and some resentment and outrage on the part of the liberal community, but only Dolezal’s actions were blatantly deceptive yet she is the one being defended by the liberal establishment.


Like I always say, you can’t spell liberal without the letters H Y P O C R I T E.

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    Common Sense

    This facade is 4+ disgusting. I understand that color of skin should NOT play a role in the employment process but last I checked if you lied on an application you certainly exposed yourself to dismissal. The cover up is disgusting and I believe this person black, white, purple, or green should either resign (the honorable thing to do) or be dismissed!! Be fun to watch the NAACP dance with this one.

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    While the liberals and Blacks, especially the NAACP (please note she has resigned her position) are stumbling over each other defending this woman with the “it’s not wrong for a white person to be at the head of an NAACP chapter and so on, a thought just occurred to me.

    If they are so open to her and her false blackness, does this mean that folks like Colin Powell, Condi Rice, and so many others can now be considered as the “right kind of blacks”? Just wondering

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    AGAIN, each and every thing the left pretends to be upset and insulted by, usually to the point of demanding and eventually forcing someone to lose their job is NOT anything they actually care about. From they way they treat a conservative woman, black, Hispanic, gay or how they happily ignore someone that has grown wealthy on scams and/or influence peddling (while despising the wealthy employer) we know it is all nothing but high, phony drama.

    Their one and only principle is not to let principle get in the way of political gain.

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    I attended Pomona College, some 55 years ago.
    In 1910 Pomona had a blackface skit.
    It was an amateur production.
    It was before my time; I had no say in the program.
    What was once the College Song was allegedly performed at that skit. The song did not make its appearance until 1911. But the College Song died anyway, because it was RACIST, although not having been performed at the skit.
    The College has refused to delete all references to Al Jolson, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Vereen, and all the others in Vaudeville who performed in blackface.
    In addition, the College has refused to delete George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and all other slave holders from its holdings.
    But we have to be so PC, because folk will, you know, get upset.
    Fitting eptiaph for a school whose mascot is the Prairie Chicken (Sage Grouse). This was changed from the Huns after 1918. First it was Sage Huns, then just Sage Hens!

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    Her “Stunt” (lies) of many years now exposed…Surely is bringing MANY things into the light of day…

    Many-Many-Many things….

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