The McKinney Pool Party Adventure

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You can get a very good accounting of the players in the McKinney Pool Party here and here. What I want to focus on is the video and what Officer Eric Casebolt was facing.

Here is the raw video

As you watch the beginning of the video, you’ll note that all the kids who obeyed the officer and sat down were not hassled.

At about 1:59 you can hear Officer Casebolt instruct a group of girls (including bikini girl) to leave the area.

“Get out of here. I already told you.” said Casebolt. Casebolt then directs the girls to leave in a direction across the street and away from the action.

“You are leaving now” says Casebolt.

Bikini girl disobeys, walking over to two young men who we will soon see again.

Casebolt spots bikini girl and tries to escort her away from the area, and she resists. Then it hits the fan.

Bikini girl’s two boyfriends then charge Casebolt from the side.

This is where I side with Casebolt. As someone who has written here at length about cops being killed, all I could think was these punks could have been charging Casebolt with the intent of taking his weapon and using it on him. Casebolt was within his rights to be concerned for his well being, especially in the Obama/Holder anti-cop era.

Casebolt never aims his weapon at anyone and one of the punks was arrested. Casebolt then immobilizes bikini girl. A black man standing nearby is not troubled by Casebolt’s actions.

at 7:29 two officers return with the punk who charged Casebolt.

And some girls still were disobeying the order to cross the street.

At 8:00 Casebolt explains to the kids why they were there. They disobeyed. At 7:54 bikini girl is uncuffed.

Benét Embry is a local radio show host in McKinney. He is also black. He had this to say about the event:

Predictably, the incident is being framed as racist when it clearly was not. Black activists are cashing in as you read this. The parents who had no idea what their kids were doing are all breathless today.

None of them seem to give a damn about what their kids were doing wrong. ‘

Predictably 2, McKinney agitators are calling for the firing of Embry because he’s wandered off the plantation.

“Don’t listen to this fool’s show,” Facebook user Tracy Price-Thompson wrote on Embry’s page. “Petition to have it cancelled and taken off the air. But wait, he’s not engaging Blacks as his audience anyway. He’s pandering to whites, eating crow and shucking and jiving to please those who will never accept him.”

The incident seems to have been sparked by a fight between the organizer of the party- Tatiana Rhodes – and a resident of the area.

Predictably 3: Homes in the Craig Ranch area have been vandalized and its residents threatened.

The kids didn’t have permission to be there.
The kids didn’t obey the cops.
Two punks threatened a police officer.

This is bad time for law and order. It is a bad time for police. It is depressing how many people aren’t interested in facts, don’t wait for the facts to emerge and seize upon any civil disobedience to impose their preset agenda on others.

The wrongdoers will get a pound of flesh- Eric Casebolt has resigned. Reuters can’t even get the facts right. They report:

In the video, Casebolt is seen shouting obscenities at black youths in a multiracial crowd, shoving a black teenage girl, briefly pointing his gun at black youths and throwing the girl in her bathing suit to the ground, burying his knees in her back.

Watch the video- 2:45. He points the weapon at no one. And all of it without context.

Again, it boils down to respect for the law. If the kids don’t crash the pool without permission, this doesn’t happen. If she simply obeys the LEO, bikini girl walks home. But society is sick. I am not understanding why some think they are above the law- as though they have space to destroy. I am not understanding why reporting is as pathetic as I have ever seen.


DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    Scott in Oklahoma

    Well, the message to the McKinney police officers is very clear now; do not attempt to enforce any rules, laws or ordinances violated by any persons of a race other than yours. To do so, exposes you to great risk, personally, professionaly, legally and economicaly. Do the minimum, take the reports after the dust is settled and the violence is over. The risks are no longer worth the reward as the media, the public, your chief and your city administration WILL throw you under the bus at the first opportunity, to protect their own reputations.

    To the residents of McKinney, you will get the police protection you deserve… the very minimum. You failed when you had the opportunity to support an officer doing his job; you allowed the media and the race baiters stear the narrative to their own design unobstructed. Shame on you, all of you.

  2. 2


    @Scott in Oklahoma:

    What is happening in McKinny is a crime. Those residents of that subdivision are a diverse population but they will continue to get death threats, be harassed by the Nation of Islam, who is already there, and Al Sharpton, who is on his way. Those race pimps don’t give a damn that they are going to put black residents in harm’s way. All they care about is pushing their agenda; lining their own pockets.

    A bunch of kids, both black and white, crash a pool party promoted by one of the black residents, who is now claiming victimhood and of course, has lawyered up with another bottom feeding race pimping lawyer, start fights, do drugs in front of small children, harass the residents who were at the pool legally and now all the usual bottom feeders are present.

    If the residents of that subdivision has any brains at all, they will come out of their houses, stand at the ends of their blocks with long barrels in hand, and tell the Professional Grievance Industry there will be no more vandalism in their tow and the Professional Grievance Industry is not welcome in McKinney, Texas.

  3. 3


    Dr John you have great info on this mob scene.
    ANYONE can notice many of both black, white, other teens DID OBEY the officers (for the most part) as the officer tried to separate the troublemakers ….who happened to be mostly ‘very defiant’ black kids, and of course the ‘followers’ (the sheep) among them, like the ones at the end… the LEO explained to them WHY they were being detained…and low and behold, there was a REASON other than what the media wants to LIE ABOUT …it’s that because…they are black…Unreal…

    I feel particularly bad for the Police and for that neighborhood…

    The “promoter” of this “party” is an idiot so is the DJ. I don’t know how many “other” party’s they “hosted” this was a complete disaster….maybe some other line of work is in order.

    Parents need to have better reins on their kids…know what they are doing…perhaps parents should be subject to fines if their kid gets into trouble (depending on t h e nature of the trouble) something has to “give”…

  4. 4



    Parents need to have better reins on their kids…know what they are doing

    There you go. The girl on the ground is 14 years old. Where is her mother or her father?

  5. 5

    Nanny G

    We seem to live in two different ”realities.”
    The actual reality and black people’s ”reality.”
    NYPD head Tom Bratten explained how hard it is to hire more blacks because police cannot have arrest records.
    He is being crucified for saying this.
    But it is true.
    You don’t want to put thugs in that uniform!
    And you especially don’t want to do that just to balance the races of the police.
    (Well, I’m wrong. Blacks DO want police hired with arrest records……IF they are blacks. 15% of the NYPD is black and that’s not enough for them.)

    The officer, Casebolt, was put in a lose-lose situation.
    As a special forces fighter he knew to cut bait while he could.
    He STILL might be sued by the HOA or the girl’s family, however.
    Maybe he was in a lose-lose-lose situation.

    Baltimore’s five top-level criminal justice staffers resign from their posts in the last two weeks.
    They also know a lose-lose situation when they’re in one.

  6. 6

    Common Sense

    The most disgusting part of the whole incident is the reporting of the occurrence!! Unless you where there and knew what was going on, the history of such incidents in the area, and the number of people surrounding this officer then you know NOTHING!! I do not condone or condemn the actions of this officer!! Sadly our reporting does this for ratings versus reality!!

  7. 7

    Nanny G

    @Common Sense: The most disgusting part of the whole incident is the reporting of the occurrence!! Unless you where there and knew what was going on, the history of such incidents in the area, and the number of people surrounding this officer then you know NOTHING!!

    It is worse that you can imagine.
    The mom/daughter organizers may turn out to be madams using teenage gorls as young as 13 as their ”dime-bag girls!
    That bikini-clad girl in the video is one of the pair’s ”dime-bag girls” always available for the parties these two organize!
    From Conservative Treehouse:

    Sexual exploitation is the real story being concealed. The fact that Tatyana’s mother, LaShana Burks, is also involved adds a particular unease to the exploitative mix.

    LaShana Burks obviously has no issue with her 20-year-old daughter organizing parties where 13, 14, 15 year old girls intermix with teenage and much older gladiator males, during her “make it clap” parties. The same type of young adult males who were present at the “Dime Piece Cookout”, turned pool party fiasco, last Friday.

    However, Mrs. Burks is apparently not alone; after all – the families (fathers) of Grace, Jahda and Dajerria have appeared together with their daughters on national television defending their “Dime Piece Cookout” behavior, and subsequent participation in the “Dime Piece” event(s).

    The social media of the aforementioned teen “Dime Piece Girls” is so profoundly vulgar in graphic sexual language and imagery, we intentionally refuse to show or link to it.
    Personally we find it difficult to believe their parents accept what is being advertised by their teenage daughters.
    However, we are forced to admit, there exists today a sociology of thug-life and culture that accepts behavior historically defined as lacking virtue or morality.

    It would be profoundly interesting, before they get too far in retreat, to put Tatyana Rhodes and her mother LaShana Burks back in front of a camera and ask them to explain to a national audience what the verbiage of their promotional events reference.

    Pimping out little girls, how disgusting. Especially since their parents seem in on it.

  8. 8


    Expect to see more of the same. Race agitators are now convinced they can instigate these sorts of incidents without repercussions or bearing any responsibility. What great fun.

    So, we will see this time and time again until… yep, you guessed it…. someone gets seriously injured or killed. THEN what do you think will happen?

  9. 9

    Scott in Oklahoma

    @Bill #8… see Baltimore, Ferguson etc. Then as it plays on, we can look for federalization of ALL law enforcement, followed by a suspension of the Constitution and the postponement of swearing in of a new president because the country is just in too much turmoil and Martial Law has been declared until things “calm down”.
    Let’s not forget this little factoid… every dictatorship in the last hundred years began with an election.

  10. 10



    Isn’t it simply grand how the NYTimes gets to race agitate by using McKinney as a launchpad to talk about race issues that really should have nothing to do with the incident?

    It might be described as a question into “excessive force” issue; but should not be characterized as a “racial animosity” issue.

    The media is shaping the battle space narrative, once again.

  11. 11


    The left is desperate to divert attention away from their monumental failures and find something that they can use to maintain a grasp on power. Racism and oppression is it; they ride in to the rescue and take control of the “situation”.

    Using people’s lives as political toys. That’s our leftists.

  12. 12


    @Scott in Oklahoma: I understand and appreciate your position, but I wish the peace officer would have stuck it out a little longer. Apparently he was called to two suicides earlier in the day and like most of us, was surely at a high stress level.

    The police chief threw him under the bus, almost immediately, as if he was afraid of negative fallout from the media and a replay of Ferguson and Baltimore. Now, I ask myself, what happens to this policeman without a force to serve on?

    Are all POs going to be gun shy (poor word) about enforcing the law in racially diverse communities? Will blacks be given a wide berth because of their ability to unleash holy hell upon an officer who defends himself? Will this become a type of affirmative action or dispensation for black criminals?

  13. 13


    I’m not totall disagreeing but….if you watch the two young men coming from the officers right, especially in slow motion, the one in the darker shirt is pushed/bumped by the one in back, Dark shirts left foot slips on the sloping grass, it catches on the concrete then he back peddles.

    He gets that muc out of me, beyond that he and his friend should never have approached the officer it was the time to STFU.

    This was a sad case of wanna be thugs messing up everything, now an officers life is ruined.

  14. 14

    Scott in Oklahoma

    @Skook #12… He was having a bad day before he got there, that is certain. And in the fast breaking world, he saw the bus coming and figured it would be easier to bail; he knew he was going to get thrown under the bus by the chief, the city and the press. It doesn’t take long to learn if your chief is a stand up guy or not, and if he isn’t, ye gotta be really careful.

    He’s a cop without a job, nobody will hire him either. And not only is his career done, his source of income is as well. So his family gets to suffer right along with him. And suffer the death threats he didn’t earn.

    As for the rest of law enforcement… well, it is now publicly obvious that the good cops, the ones who go the extra mile, the fearless ones ready to jump in the fray, will be thrown under the bus at the first hint of controversy. It isn’t about racial diversity, it’s about the public deciding they can punish cops for merely doing a job that the vast majority of people wouldn’t touch. The racial part is just an added bonus, look at the crime rate in Baltimore for an example of what happens when the police aren’t supported by the city or agency they work for.

    As I wrote back in October will copy here again:
    On Ferguson and Ofc. Wilson…
    There’s a lot of noise about the latest leaks from Ferguson, but some important facts are getting missed by most people. The repercussions to follow, across the nation, will be felt for a long time. Bear with me a moment, here are my thoughts…
    Sadly, the real victim in all of this, when the dust finally settles, is Ofc. Wilson. His career is over, he can’t live anywhere near St. Louis and his reputation as an honest hard working police officer is forever tainted. If he’s lucky, he may be able to get a law enforcement job somewhere vary far from his present home, with a small agency who can understand what he has been through, and get on with his life. But he will be gun-shy forever about defending himself, opening up the opportunity for bad guys to really do him damage. A real shame for a guy who was just doing a job he probably loved, and by all accounts was pretty good at. Not enough people are thinking about that, so busy they are making him out to be a racist demon.
    Another offshoot of this whole situation nobody is thinking about… how many cops are going to walk away from the job, never to return, knowing if the occasion arises and they have to defend themselves with deadly force, good shoot or bad, their career is essentially over? Talented, well rounded good cops, in it for the right reasons, bailing out. I know some guys doing exactly that, retiring early and taking a financial hit just to get out. How many young people will disregard law enforcement as a career, knowing they will not get any support from their agencies, nor the public, should they get drug into a bad situation not of their making? A lot of talented, strong hard working people, thinking about law enforcement with the right intentions, choosing another option; leaving the openings to what may be less desirable candidates who might become what people fear as cops; predators, bullies and even criminals, carrying badges and guns and getting paid to be what so many fear. All because anarchy was allowed to rein, and continues to rein in the St. Louis area. The race baiters getting support from the president and attorney general demonstrate just how little regard a large segment of society (and the executive branch of the government) have for the rule of law, the Constitution (remember that innocent until proven guilty thing we used to have here?) and respect for those who have the unsavory job of protecting the people from themselves and others.

  15. 15


    @Scott in Oklahoma: Thanks for the professional opinion.

    Black neighborhoods may soon witness a new type of apartheid, as they become more and more isolated because of their lawlessness and their refusal to accept the rule of law. I take no satisfaction in saying this, but the black communities are bringing this separation and isolation upon themselves. They can celebrate a hollow victory, the thug culture is winning and no one cares to turn the tide.

  16. 16


    @Scott in Oklahoma:

    I have to wonder what people think when they see a police officer with a firearm strapped to his/her waist. Do they think those guns are just a fashion accessory?

    What other profession requires wearing a firearm, for not only their protection, but protection of the citizenry they swore to protect? And tell me this; what other profession requires such perfection? A cop, with 15 years of stellar service, made [what some consider] a misjudgment and now he’s out of a job. So obviously, according to some, police officers are not allowed to get stressed out and must maintain absolute perfection.

    I heard that idiot Juan Williams say today that cops should not be pulling guns on teenagers. Maybe someone should send Juan Williams a list of cops that have been murdered by teenagers or inform him that teenagers should not act like they are going to bum rush a cop. The most dangerous part of Juan William’s job is crossing the street in New York City.

  17. 17

    Scott in Oklahoma

    Skook, I have to agree totally.
    Retire05, Most people gauge what a cop does and sees by what they see on TV. Not even close, and yes, Juan Williams is a racist closed minded moron.

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