Obama Destroys Clinton’s Foreign Policy Swagger

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The Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign machinery has masterfully shielded her from any probes the media might burrow into her policies, any policies, or into whether she even has policies that she might impose on the Nation from the comfort of the Oval Office.  From behind the impenetrable shield she feels comfortable hurling divisive claims of GOP voter suppression in the knowledge that the pandering media leaders will lead the accommodating pack down a rabbit hole.

Obama & Clinton


Preoccupation with absurdities down that dark rabbit hole will allow no time and no light to facilitate scrutiny of her bizarre world galloping and destructive years as Secretary of State, and of Clinton’s role atop America’s foreign policy apparatus.

Oh, but wait, here comes help from Clinton’s former boss.  Resting from his relentless pursuit of legacy fabrication through an impossible Iranian deal, Obama made a stunning declaration this week applauding his own success on the international stage.

One of the better deconstructions of this peculiar bit of surreal and unfounded boasting, comes from Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media:  “Watch Obama sum up his failed presidency in under sixty seconds”

The brief video report is worth a look as, in his usually piercing style, Levant punctures another of the typically inflated hyperbolic balloons floated by a President purposely insulated in a cocoon of glorification.

“It is a quintessence of the man.  It is blaming George Bush. ….. His explicit measurement is what do others think of us. ……    Do you think Russia and China really respect America more now?

He claims to have “ended two wars.” But that’s not right either. ISIS has filled the vacuums left by Obama’s retreat.”

Obama’s perceptions, so incompatible with the international realities of the past six years, have greased the slide that will send future Clinton foreign policy claims of success, right into the abyss.

So, what is it again that Clinton has accomplished?

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    So, what is it again that Clinton has accomplished?

    I don’t know, let’s ask her…. OOOHHH! I forgot; that’s impossible, isn’t it? All her conversations are one sided with only HER version of events.

    What is it about democracy she fears? (To use a phrase of hers)

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    James Raider


    Foreign Affairs Question Of The Week:

    What is about this O/J that would get a career military leader like Gen. Hawk Carlisle, commander of Air Force’s Air Combat Command, to tell ISIS, . . . . “don’t publish any more selfies of yourselves, because we’ll know where you are and we’ll bomb you into dust particles.”

    . . . Nothing quite like broadcasting your capabilities just for a football spiking moment.

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    Hillary’s foreign policy swagger must be that red “RESET” button she gave to the Russians.

    A side note on that “RESET” button, it was a quite good facsimile of the “EASY” button used by Staples. I’ve always wondered if they bought theirs from Staples, but since Hillary isn’t talking to the press, we’ll never know. May be there’s an email related to the button.

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    A side note on that “RESET” button, it was a quite good facsimile of the “EASY” button used by Staples.

    I have one at work that is more appropriate to Hellary’s campaign; it’s a “Bullshit” button.

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