It’s not just Pam Geller. Gays are asking for it too

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The response in many quarters to Islamists’ so-called outrage to insulting the prophet Mohammed has been to cower in fear and blame those who exercise their right to free speech rather than those who would kill over it. Lost in the argument is the simple truth that Islamists kill for the sake of killing Christians- both in the Middle East and Africa. ISIS and Boko Haram share that inclination.

As slandering Christianity and persecuting Christians has become largely de rigueur in the United States of America it seems not to raise many eyebrows. The left, however, claims to own population groups such as women and gays but now they have a problem.

Islamists in Iran, Obama’s newest BFF’s, disapprove of gays. They hang them on a routine basis. In Syria, ISIS throws gay men off the roofs of buildings. If they survive the fall, the crowd gleefully stones them.

“It’s too much to watch, and people are just standing there in these images and watching, and they are not doing anything, and their facial expressions are really scary because they are not even scared of what is going on,” says Nour, who’s also an LGBT rights activist. “They might be a little bit excited or maybe happy to get rid of homosexuals in the city.”

And lest you think this is limited to Syria, Iran and Iraq:

The couple fled to Turkey a few months ago, but they can’t shake the fear that their relationship could cost them their lives.

They share housing with other Syrian refugees, where they have to continue to pretend that they are straight. When the ISIS photographs emerged, one of their housemates made a sickening comment.

“He made an absurd joke about how he was so amused, had too much fun watching homosexuals. He says now gay men can fly.”

Homophobia is strongly ingrained into Islam:

The pictures released by ISIS and other videos refer to gay men as the tribe of Lot, who, according to readings of the Quran and the hadith, or prophetic traditions, sinned by refusing Prophet Lot’s call to cease their homosexual activity and led to the destruction of Sodom. One hadith states, “When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes.”

ISIS now is seeking out gay men for execution via “flirting squads.”

At Gay Patriot V the K put up a great post slamming the idiot responses from the left and from O’Reilly while adding a neat twist. Among the gems:

“Why would anyone do something as provocative as hosting a Muhammad drawing contest being gay“? New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi.

“This is what happens when you light the fuse act all gay and stuff. You get violence.” – Fox News blowhard Bill O’Reilly.

“At some point free expression absolutism homosexuality becomes childish and unserious. It becomes its own kind of fanaticism.” – Washed Up 70′s cartoonist Garry Trudeau.

A commenter there added this:

6.I posted a comment the other day on Business Insider on an article about the Garland attack asking the other commenters whether or not they’d consider a Gay Pride picnic in Dearborn MI (aka Dearbornistan) provocative to Muslims. No one answered my question but I got a lot of down votes. Progs don’t care for thinking too much.


What would the left say? What would O’Reilly say?

Stop being gay? Stop asking for it? There are other ways to exercise your homosexuality?

People need to come to grips with some truths. Islamists hate you for what you are. They hate you for what you say. They hate you, period. Islam is not compatible with a free society. It is not compatible with the Constitution.

Wake the hell up.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    By their line of thinking, to avoid being targeted by Islamists, the left should stop:

    1. Being gay
    2. Drinking
    3. Using drugs
    4. Having sex with multiple partners
    6. Dressing provocatively (for women; for men, see #1). This includes not having head, face and body completely covered.
    7. Not being Muslim

    Unless you abide by these rules, there is no hope that you will not insult and provoke a Muslim, though compliance does not necessarily mean you get to keep your head.

    Again, go into a Muslim bakery (in Iran) and order a cake for a gay wedding.

  2. 2

    Nanny G

    Flirting squads are a variant of Islam’s Morality Police (also called Muttawa.)
    Those flirting squads are here, too.
    The gays who respond have been beaten up, not murdered as of this point in time.
    But the existence of flirting squads is forcing gays back in the closet in Europe.
    They have always been in the closet in Islam, naturally.
    Only Israel allows its Muslim gays to live out in the open freely.
    A long time ago, just after the Benghazi deaths, I pointed out that the Hillary policy of trying to hire gays for guarding the embassies and consulates probably angered those Muslims applying for the jobs.
    It took her almost a year to remove that paragraph from State Dept. applications for foreign workers in lands where homosexuality is criminalized.
    Obama just held back helping Nigeria in its fight against Boko Haram.
    His reason (no ”reason” involved) was that Nigeria treats homosexuals badly, so let Boko Haram take them over.
    As if Boko Haram is BETTER in human rights than the Nigerians!
    No, it is that Nigeria is a Christian country and Boko Haram is a Muslim organization.

  3. 6


    Did you even read #6, Rich?
    Conservative women are hot. Liberals, not so much. The screechy, whiney voice doesn’t help liberals much, either.
    How’s that Hillary body pillow working out for you, anyway?

    It’s funny that under Islam, for a man to have sex aith another man is forbidden, but for a man to have sex with a young boy is accepted.
    I guess it’s like Islamic views on sex between a man and a woman-
    As long as the man is having sex with a partner who doesn’t enjoy it, it’s okay.

  4. 7


    @rich wheeler: The point is, since liberals want to give up rights to avoid irritating an otherwise mild-mannered Islamic terrorist, they should attend to the things that REALLY make their towels flip.

    But, I forgot… with liberals, it’s always about what everyone ELSE should do differently.

  5. 8

    George Wells

    Laughing mightily at the implication that Muslims differentiate their hatred of Americans into specific categories, distaining homosexuals separately from their overriding hatred of America for supporting the “Zionist State” of Israel, for example.

    The World Trade Center Towers weren’t targeted in anticipation of the legalization of gay marriage, and the friction between Christianity and Islam would be no less if gays had remained in their respective closets.

    Muslims react violently to ANY deviation from what they interpret as being the “correct path.” Once a Muslim embraces the violent resolution of every difference of opinion that surfaces, he becomes an instrument of tyranny. Gays aren’t their exclusive targets any more than Jews are, or Americans. Muslims are just as barbaric to their own, happily engaging in “ethnic cleansing” over nuances of scriptural interpretation. Such is the gleeful way of religious extremism.

  6. 10


    @George Wells: Who else are they hunting with flirting squads and pushing off of buildings?

    Here at home, gays are not singled out either, as different people are held in disdain for different reasons (Bruce Jenner for outing hisRepublicantude, for instance), yet gays like to play the ultimate victim and force anyone not enthusiastic about them pushing their lifestyle upon the public into servitude.

    Funny you should brush off radical Islamists killing fellow gays. Still limiting your protests to soft targets, I see.

  7. 11

    George Wells

    @Bill #10:

    “Funny you should brush off radical Islamists killing fellow gays. Still limiting your protests to soft targets, I see.”

    I suppose that you find it equally “funny” that I brush off the never-ending squabble over Turkish ethnic cleansing of Armenians 100 years ago, or Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons on his own people today. Or the selling of Nigerian school girls into sexual slavery or the genital mutilation of Indian women or the impending extinction of most large, non-food-stock animals on the planet.

    It is an ugly world we live in, made so largely due to an unnecessary excess of human population. My voice has no effect in this larger context. My protests would never reach the ears of ISIS terrorists, Ugandan homophobes or Japanese whalers. Retire05 often “encourages” me to waste my efforts in such quixotic directions, as if they might miraculously have an effect, and you also find it “funny” that I don’t chase windmills. I prefer to speak to others who share the same language and who vote in the same elections. It is only here, in America, that my voice counts at all.
    “Funny” that you should think otherwise.

    Those gays being killed in barbaric foreign countries are not my “fellows”. The Nigerian girls are not my daughters. Americans are my “fellow” countrymen, and our collective voice resonates most effectively when applied to our own internal affairs. Having less than an unlimited amount of breath, I choose not to waste mine foolishly. If you think that’s “funny,” you have a strange sense of humor.

  8. 12


    @George Wells: I find it funny that you follow, blindly in lock-step, whatever the left wing mentality demagogues tell you to follow. Radical Muslims will not permit gays, among others, to live and kill them. They kill them because they are gay, because many are Muslim. Yet, you want to brush it off because it would be in irreconcilable conflict of ideological positions to condemn them for murdering gays for being gay. For, were you to do that, you would become what you leftists describe as “Islamaphobes” because any condemnation of radical Islamic terror is Muslim-hate.

    So, you pooh-pooh it. Just as liberals will not challenge a Muslim bakery with an order for pastries for a gay wedding. Just as liberals will not apply the same hateful insults to Islam as they do to Christianity. Just as cowardly liberals ALWAYS seek the soft targets and only protest for selfish political gain. Liberals don’t care about gays; they care about breaking down Christianity because that is what has to be removed before totalitarianism can take hold.

  9. 13

    Nanny G

    @Bill: @George Wells: I find it funny that you follow, blindly in lock-step, whatever the left wing mentality demagogues tell you to follow. Radical Muslims will not permit gays, among others, to live and kill them. They kill them because they are gay, because many are Muslim. Yet, you want to brush it off because it would be in irreconcilable conflict of ideological positions to condemn them for murdering gays for being gay. For, were you to do that, you would become what you leftists describe as “Islamaphobes” because any condemnation of radical Islamic terror is Muslim-hate.

    Your comment dovetails perfectly with (Red) Ken Livingstone’s actions when he was mayor of London.
    He campaigned as a pure lefty and thus garnered almost the entire gay vote as well as almost all of the voting Muslims votes (many Muslims feel that voting is ”unislamic,” so they stay home).
    After winning 9-11-01 happened, then the Afghanistan then the Iraq conflicts began.
    The 1st year he had a huge ”Peace!” demonstration on the streets all went well (in public.)
    But, privately, Muslims threatened gays to quit the demonstration or face beatings and possibly deadly attacks.
    So, the next “Peace!” demonstration was about to come around and the gay groups wrote to the mayor insisting he protect gays so they could march for “Peace!”
    Red Livingstone considered.
    Then he decided.
    Red Livingstone took sides with the Muslims.
    He told gays they could march and be safe by ”acting straight.”
    Or else they could stay home.
    Liberals are all going to face this challenge.
    Red Ken Livingstone is a touchstone as to which way they will go.

  10. 14

    George Wells

    @Nanny G #13:

    It sounds to me like Mr. Livingstone is a coward, pure and simple. He took the most expedient and inexpensive route he could find, bowing to extortion rather than protecting a class of lawful citizens who were threatened with violence. If you are proud of the example this coward set, I pity you.

  11. 15

    George Wells

    @Bill #12:

    “you follow, blindly in lock-step, whatever the left wing mentality demagogues tell you to follow.”

    This same, tired old verse?
    I agreed with Retire05 that Islam was already at war with the United States, and that an aggressive response was in order. Was that something from “the left wing mentality demagogues”? Retaliation against acts of war – including terrorism – isn’t “Muslim-hate,” it’s justice. I support nuking a few hot beds of ISIS support, collateral damage be damned. Is that “liberal?” You just make up a fantasy world in which everyone who doesn’t share your own hive mentality has been brainwashed by Satan or – as Retire05 is fond to speculate – Antonio Gramsci. Your “world” isn’t real.

    “Liberals don’t care about gays; they care about breaking down Christianity because that is what has to be removed before totalitarianism can take hold.”

    Ahhhh…. and Republicans DO care about gays? Funny how they show their care…
    And I’d be careful implying that Christianity is what stands between mankind and totalitarianism. I seem to recall that for about three hundred years, the Papal Inquisition sought to establish totalitarian Catholic orthodoxy in Europe. And Pope Pius XII certainly did precious little in opposition to Nazi atrocities during World War II. Christianity’s record on freedom sucks. When Christians aren’t trying to make the rich take care of the poor, they’re trying to control the behavior of non-Christians. They do some good, sure, but left to their own devices, they’d be no less “totalitarian” than any other power-hungry cabal.
    Again, your “world” isn’t real.

  12. 16

    Nanny G

    @George Wells:
    No, I’m not looking up to Red Ken.
    He’s an excellent example of how liberals will decide matters.
    He chose Muslims over gays because gays will not come after him in a violent manner.
    Just like liberals who side with Muslims over Christians because Christians are not known for coming after them.
    Just like liberals will side with Muslims over women because women will not come after them in a violent manner.
    How many times do you have to see the examples before you discern the pattern?

  13. 17


    @George Wells: No, Republicans don’t care about gays; they care about everyone. Republicans don’t divide people up into interest groups to mix and match when political power is needed. For Republicans, but more so conservatives, all people are created equal and should be treated equally. This means that if someone does not want to make a cake for a gay wedding because they oppose gay marriage, they are free to do so and suffer the business consequences of their actions. This means that the government has NO right to step in and demand the baker bake the cake.

    Republicans believe gays have all the rights as everyone else… but not more. Since Republicans believe EVERYONE has the same rights, no one’s rights trumps the other. You and other liberals believe differently for you only believe rights exist as a means to a wedge issue to generate more political power.

    Thus, while it is politically beneficial to ignore the threat of ISIS, you and other liberals will ignore the specific and explicit attacks by ISIS specifically against gays for being gay. But I believe that if they will do that to gays, they will do that to anyone they feel have it coming which would inevitably include myself.

  14. 18

    George Wells

    @Bill #17:

    “Republicans believe gays have all the rights as everyone else…”

    Gee, Bill, when exactly did they start believing THAT?
    Was it when that “activist” Supreme Court threw out all those anti-gay “anti-sodomy” laws that Republicans supported?
    Upon close inspection, your premise reduces quickly to nothing more than “Gays have the same right to live heterosexual lives that everyone else lives.”
    A.K.A.: “Every gay man has the right to marry a woman any time he wants to.”
    Your Republican brand of “equality” is nothing more than the totalitarian imposition of sameness that you accuse Liberals of seeking. Forced “conversion” therapy. Refusal to include gay groups in RNC agendas. Yeah, Republicans care. You’d LIKE me to believe that Muslims are a greater threat to gays than Republicans, but it’s been Republicans, not Muslims, who have been fighting gays for as long as I’ve been around, and they continue to keep their collective heels dug into the throat of gay rights. I’m not buying your rose-colored fantasy picture of the GOP, ‘CAUSE IT AIN’T REAL!

  15. 20

    George Wells


    When Republicans resort to spitting and pointing fingers it’s a sure sign that they have lost whatever argument they were attempting to make.

    You know what the law was, what it is now, and what it will soon be.
    How preciously moronic to have no better response then “Icky!”

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