For Police It’s A Thankless Job (Guest Post)

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Recent events in Ferguson, MO, and Baltimore, MD, illustrate that cops just can’t catch a break.

Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore City State’s Attorney, has ruled that Freddie Gray’s death was a homicide – In one day no less. And the MSM just ate her declaration up. But the facts of the case aren’t all in. Until the facts are in, police deserve the same presumption of innocence that is the right of every American.

The cops will get there day in court. However, as Michael Biesecker and Ben Nuckols wrote: “… getting a jury to convict police officers of murder and manslaughter will be far harder than obtaining arrest warrants.” If not convicted will we see more rioting from thugs who disagree with court verdicts? Will Mobsy and the MSM say that the cops who try to stop the riots are being brutal? Will Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake again say: “I made it very clear that I work with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech?”

We all know what happened in Ferguson, MO. Rev. Al Sharpton and the MSM and the rioters couldn’t wait for the facts of the Michael Brown shooting. The result? Two cops were shot. Jeffery Williams, who had attended the protest prior to the shooting, admitted to firing the shots that struck two police officers.

And Rev. Sharpton is now calling for the Department of Justice to “take over policing in this country.” In the wake of anti-police hysteria, Sharpton is calling for the use of civil rights laws to replace local police departments with a “nationalized” police force. What’s worse is that Obama agrees with him.

There is little doubt that the environment in which cops work is deteriorating.

Now this. Brian Moore, a New York cop, after being shot twice in the head on Saturday, is fighting for his life.

While the Moore shooting might not be directly related to the riots in Baltimore, a connection isn’t hard to project. Before the wave of anti-police protests began nationwide, spurred by the “hands up, don’t shoot” demonstrations based on a lie in Ferguson, Mo., there hadn’t been a New York City police officer shot and killed in the line of duty in four years …[.]

And, Sunday morning, an off-duty Oak Park police officer was shot on Chicago’s South Side.

Sure, there are some bad cops out there. But they shouldn’t taint the good ones. The old saying, “One Bad Apple Doesn’t Spoil The Whole Bunch” applies here.

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    old guy

    I am patiently waiting for the truth to come out. Just like other events I am sure it will be 180 from what is being spewed now.

  2. 2


    If not convicted will we see more rioting from thugs who disagree with court verdicts?

    Uh…. yeah. The racist left has already had their “victory” celebration; what do you suppose their mood will be if they do not get 6 life sentences?

    And Rev. Sharpton is now calling for the Department of Justice to “take over policing in this country.”

    If they are going to do that, they had better be conducting some exercises and drills to prepare for….. heeeeyyyyyy… wait a minute.

  3. 3



    We know from threats they made to the police that organised street gangstas were planning to be involved in Baltimore. Considering the professionally printed protest signs, I can’t help wondering how many of the “protesters” are SEIU or OFA operatives.

    The 200 businesses that were looted and burned and their insurance should sue the idiot mayor personally. and have her criminally charged as an accessory before the fact and malfeasence in office.

  4. 4

    Common Sense

    There will be NO such thing as justice in Baltimore unless there is a guilty finding!! To hell with the judicial system it it does not provide what is desired!! America has seen to many times to not know what’s coming!!

  5. 5


    The rich people thank them for protecting them from the poor and even make the poor pay taxes to pay the police to protect the rich!

  6. 6


    Then they arrested Zfreddie Grey they were literally 5 blocks from the police station
    It took them 50 minutes to get there
    He was dead when they arrived
    According to Pew polling ,
    2/3 of Americans think the police should have been arrested

  7. 7


    @captain*arizona: The wealthy contribute a far greater share of the taxes which support the police, but they also provide a lot of their own security. Meanwhile, the police are most busy in the poverty-stricken neighborhoods (thank you, Democrat party) protecting those citizens, where the risk to their own lives is also greatest.

  8. 8


    “There is little doubt that the environment in which cops work is deteriorating.”
    Not everywhere. It appears that this is the case mostly in large blue cities.
    At least here in the southeast, according to a survey done by a law enforcement website, LEO morale and job satisfaction are higher than the national average. I just wish that I could locate the survey.
    I do remember that part of the reason cited for the job satisfaction nombers was mutual respect between LEOs and civilians.
    Why would anyone want to be a LEO in a blue city?

  9. 9

    Nanny G

    Some web sites are publishing security camera footage, if it is available.
    One camera showed Freddie Gray racing into a three story building, but not leaving by the door.
    A person who has seen other, nonpublic footage from a different camera said he came out a 2nd story window and landed HARD before he was arrested.
    It was purported that he went in the building to stash drugs he had on him.

    In other news there has been a huge crime wave in Baltimore since police have been accused of murdering a fleeing felon. (I’m considering the ”spring-assisted knife” in his possession to be a felony, as the law states.)

    Wave of Baltimore shootings, killings continues
    The increase in violence that has followed the death of Freddie Gray continued through the weekend, [Article written May 11th] with four homicides reported since Saturday, according to Baltimore police.
    Ten people were reported shot on Sunday alone, including three who were shot to death within a span of 39 minutes.

    Did THOSE black lives matter, or not?

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