An Open Letter to The Westboro Baptist Church – Your Country Needs You (Guest Post)

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To whom it may concern:

I’ll be up front with you – I don’t like your group. I won’t go into the reasons here, as they’re obvious and would take too long to list. For that matter, I doubt that if you knew me you would like me, either. I live inside the DC Beltway, and one quick reason why you would dislike me are my views on gay marriage. Ironically, these very same opinions you would view as left wing extremist are the same views that the American left would suggest that I fit in with your group, along with the Nazis or the Klan. This is maddeningly ironic, considering today’s left enjoys the use of Lawfare  as much as the folks from Westboro. And it’s not polite to point out that the KKK was started by the Democrats, not to mention that a former Kleagle served as a Democratic member of the US Senate as late as 2010. And the Nazis? You can’t spell “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” without the word “Socialist”. Of course, using the state to abuse certain groups is the natural end for leftism – look no farther than the recent Gestappo tactics used against innocent citizens in Wisconsin. And this brings me to why I’m reaching out to you.

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You no doubt have heard about the massive hate campaigns that left wing extremists have launched over the gay marriage issue; Memories Pizza in Indiana is probably the most famous recent example. You’ve probably heard about Washington State’s efforts to destroy the 70 year old grandmother who doesn’t want her flower shop to be forced to participate in a gay wedding. And of course there was the Christian bakery who was driven out of business in 2013. Not content with destroying them once, the forces of tolerance weren’t happy until they destroyed the Klein family again. You probably see where this is going – I’m asking you to use your particular biases to force leftists to cater to you. I’m guessing that you can force gay-owned businesses to print up cakes, sign, and shirts with some of your more colorful opinions. Personally, I don’t like the idea of doing this, but if you play this right and hire some decent PR people to train your folks you can come across as perfectly rational when a reporter approaches you. Simply use phrases like “Equal protection under law” and “Non-discrimination” the same way the left likes to wrap a velvet glove around the iron fist of their state-sanctioned anti-Christian bigotry. And yes, we know it is anti-Christian given how the radical left has chosen to pass on an opportunity to come down on another religion known for anti-gay tendencies.

I’d like to say that this would help the radical left see the stupidity of its ways, but we all know that won’t happen – that’s a topic for another day. So why am I asking this of you? Because every one of their businesses that you attack, every lawyer that they have to hire to defend themselves and every social media storm they generate fighting you takes away resources that would otherwise be used harassing innocent Americans. And don’t try telling me that you wouldn’t enjoy this –  your organization is built around confrontation. Would you rather see these leftist bullies trying to ruin he lives of civilians in the culture wars, or would you rather see them try picking on someone who can fight back like you? And you get to do it in a way that is both completely legal and constructive!

Just so there’s no misunderstanding, this is not an attempt to join or even ally with you. I’m not asking this as a personal favor, so there won’t be any favor for me to return to you somewhere down the road. I’m throwing this out to you because we share a common enemy. If you love this country as you claim to, but if you’re not ready to defend it against people who have so much contempt for it that they believe it needs to be “fundamentally transformed“, then you should probably be asking why your group exists in the first place.

I do realize that here is a down side to this – I’m not crazy about the fact that this will earn you some free publicity, and possibly even help you seem reasonable by fighting against the extreme positions of the radical left. But frankly I don’t see any your group ever gaining any real power, where as the radical left has massive and destructive influence in our media, educational system, and in government bureaucracy. As Winston Churchill once said, “If Hitler invaded Hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

So what do you say? Care to use your evil powers for the forces of good?  And who knows, if you play your cards right you might even get the Democrats to put one of your members into Congress for a few decades!

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12 Responses to “An Open Letter to The Westboro Baptist Church – Your Country Needs You (Guest Post)”

  1. 1

    rich wheeler

    ” My enemy’s enemy is my friend”–right wing extremists ally with Wesboro Baptist Church.
    Watch out for the fleas.

  2. 2


    Rich shows the one of the untruths of Islam: the enemy of your enemy may still be your enemy and once you have defeated their enemy, you will have to defeat them.

  3. 6

    Jim S

    Sounds interesting…. but I’m reminded of that Star Trek episode where the historian set up a Nazi party on a fragmented alien culture and then lost control of it….

  4. 7

    Nathan Blue

    @rich wheeler: What I think Rich meant to say was:

    “The above is a great use of hyperbole, as it shows how the mainstream left is now as backward and extreme as the wack-job groups it usually likes to use for media purposes. Good point, and I have nothing intelligent to offer in response. Brother Bob, you’re right. I got nothing.”

  5. 8


    @rich wheeler: No friendship, just dropping a subtle hint and wouldn’t we all just LOVE to see the reaction of some gay business having to deal with this? Of course, there would be no willing media to over-hype a gay business denying Westboro their RIGHT to make the gay business debase itself and then support those driving the minding-its-own-business business out of business. I think what we would see is the left do a rapid turnabout and expose it’s own hypocrisy…. once again.

  6. 10

    Greg –

    None of us can judge someone based on his or her gender. They have the same right with us. What is the problem of the gay marriage issue actually? I deserve to choose what I want to be and you too. At least, for me, I know that we are different.

  7. 11


    The problem is you are not asking people that through various reasons do not accept or approve of the gay lifestyle to adopt a live and let live philosophy but to become an active participant against their will or religious belief
    Case in point was the cake issue
    The proprioter of the store
    1. Did not refuse to sell them a cake
    2. Did not refuse them access to their store
    3. Refused to decorate the cake with requested gay marriage style which would have easily been available in numerous other establishments not with same beliefs as owners of this store
    They eventually won their position with a gag order imposed by judge for them not to discuss it
    But while all this was being resolved their business was all but destroyed, they were vilified demonized and required to spend numerous amounts on legal fees for acting in what you would classify as a live and let live manner.
    So not acting to actively participate caused them enormous trouble.
    Doesn’t sound like the gay community acted fairly at all now does it

  8. 12


    @Greg –

    I deserve to choose what I want to be and you too. At least, for me, I know that we are different.

    You CHOOSE? I thought the argument was there was no choice involved. And, if you you chose hetero over homosexual, you must hate gays… since you disregarded that choice.

    Now, for me anyway, the problem with “gay marriage” is the insistence that it be termed “marriage” and, therefore, every bit equal and the same as marriage, which you yourself state is different. As I suspected and as is being demonstrated, the goal is not to achieve some higher plane of legality but to, in every way, equate homosexuality with heterosexuality and make the gay lifestyle “normal”. The goal is to dilute and destroy traditions.

    We ARE different. Whites are different from blacks, Hispanics different from Asians and gays different from straights. Realizing and accepting those differences (and respecting and living with them) is the key to ultimate tranquillity, not forcing others to conform and change to match an artificially determined set of criteria.

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