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    Nanny G

    I know it looks like she did the world a service, but the courts have decided a different way.
    It is legal to use flags as clothing, as carpet, even to ”desecrate” them.
    I don’t know the court’s rationale for all this, except that ”free expression” is in there somewhere.
    I wonder, since Dems are in such a hurry to get rid of parts of free expression out of the US Constitution, if they would mind having to respect the flag in trade for preventing films being shown on campus, or certain speakers from being allowed to speak?
    What a twisting on the First Amendment is going on!

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    My primary take on this is in regards to the race issue moreso than the despicable, tasteless act of flag-burning- the belief that had she been black, law enforcement would have handled her differently.

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    I do wonder, though, what would have happened had she not been a middle-aged white woman, but someone of color who behaved in this fashion.

    Really? You have to wonder? Why not look at the protests in the restaurants where white people are harassed, protests where traffic is illegally stopped and, of course, the destruction of Ferguson. Apparently, if one is black, it is impossible to get arrested. In fact, many in Ferguson got cash awards for the rudeness of being teargassed while pillaging shops.

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    Sorry, but I have zero respect for idiots desecrating the flag. A veteran, one of the less than 1% who have actually served to protect what the flag represents, has a much deeper understanding of what that flag stands for than a bunch of anti-American scumbags who think walking on it as a deliberate act of provocation will ever comprehend.

    Throwing in the race card merely crystalizes their stupidity. It is amazingly tragic that they perceive a more sinister theme to how this veteran was handled by the police than the multiple occurences of black-on-black violence resulting in the deaths of young blacks in places like Chicago. Talk about seeimg life through cognitive blinders…

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    @Pete: These people are certainly due their opinions and points of view. However, if this is what they think of the nation (the flag), then they should refuse to accept any of the benefits from the taxpayers.

    But, they won’t. Because they are leeches.

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    The only consolation veterans have in a situation like this, is that they fought for the right of citizens to do stuff like this without their government cutting their head of for stepping on the country’s flag.

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    warner hyde

    According to Ga law…

    50-3-9. Abuse of federal, state, or Confederate flag unlawful

    It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to mutilate, deface, defile, or abuse contemptuously the flag of the United States, the flag, coat of arms, or emblem of the State of Georgia, or the flag or emblem of the Confederate States of America by any act whatever.

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    This explains it all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rights https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rights
    You will find that the United States does not fare very well , It is in fact a hipocrit and creates registries just as Hitler did prior to denial of the courts and then Deportation to “Re-Education centers. The politicans in this country has indebted the population and their future generations with a un-payable burden of debt through financial irresponsibility. The USA has the HIGHEST prison populations in the WORLD! Through financial disparity created by politicians, the financial gap between the middle class and the poor is growing closer by the day due to them not protecting the economy from foreign commerce through tarriffs. Keeping a country that is sworn to destroy us as a most favored trading partner. The politicians invest in Chinese companies so they can reap larger profits thereby committing treason De-Facto against their oath of office and the American people. They make laws to protect themselves which in effect elevate them above the common people-sounds like royalty doesn’t it? Slap a politician and get years in the federal pen. They slap you and get a slap on the hand. They spend 24 hours in office and get free medical for life for them and their families. They double tax goods and earnings and interstate commwerce which is against the constitution they swore to uphold and defend. They ROBBED Social Security which was self funding and now it has to be FUNDED out of the GNP. Now they say because of debt, SS will go away. By the way, SS law made it ILLEGAL for congress to touch it. They cannot even follow their own laws. You go to court and stand under a Flag of the Admiralty-See Gold Fringed Flag- under which you are guilty UNTIL PROVEN innocent. Ever wonder why you have to DEFEND yourself when you step into a courtroom? A true presumption of innocence puts the burden on the prosecution. Financially you get beat by the justice system. The list goes on ands on. They are no longer congressmen and senators, They are more like the Dukes and Earls of old. Mass survaillance, legislaton to push for DNA chipping like animals and we are the livestock! 3 billion rounds of Hollow Point ammo to distribute to local authorities to use on the American people. I say, let them protest. That ability may also soon come to an end. Wake up SHEEPLE!

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    if I was there when that playboy pic of Michelle Manhart was taken with her dragging the flag on the ground I would have been so concerned I would have grabbed it and taken it away and folded it up
    Because of PATRIOTISM !!

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    @john: Well, if Wikipedia says it, then it must be so.

    If the conditions upset you so, I suggest you direct your protests at the Democrat party.

    @iaf: While I would prefer to see her without the flag, what exactly does this have to do with what the idiots that were trampling on the flag were doing and what she did to stop it? Oh, that’s right…. “war on women”.

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    Scott Jones

    What I am puzzled about is that the article mentions that the veteran was somehow exercising white privilege when the officers attempted to arrest or detain her. What is extremely baffling, and the question should be asked, is why were not the Valdosta State students charged under federal code 5-51-207. This is a crime punishable by up to a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail. Could this be because the students were black and no one wants to upset the black community right now?

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