Why Do Leftists Love The Death Tax So?

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Liberal writer Ed Kilgore finally admits why:

[P]rogressives should be quite aggressive in welcoming this debate. They have plenty of ammunition, including the passionate arguments of the father of the federal estate tax, Theodore Roosevelt. And they really do need to counter the mythology of the small struggling business or farm being taken away by a socialistic Uncle Sam. This is all a cover for the real beneficiaries, the wealthiest people in America, who hardly need the kind of protection against taxes in death they’ve managed to secure in life. Large inheritances are and have always been an enormous factor in long-term inequality, and an offense to the presumed morality of capitalism, in which material rewards follow market utility or economic “virtue,” not birth lotteries.

Beyond that, it’s fun, if not especially charitable, to mock the tears of the undeserving heir at the indignity of having to share his or her windfall with the commonwealth.

There ya have it. They just love the fact they can stick it to those Americans who work hard, are successful, and become wealthy. The best way to stick it to them? Tax them on their income in life, and then tax them AGAIN in death.

The successful should be ashamed for their success and their children should not benefit from it either.


Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Where is there implied “morality” in capitalism? All capitalism provides is the opportunity to succeed depending upon your skill, your determination and, to some extent, your luck. Nothing “moral” about it.

    However, deciding that just because someone died, their wealth accumulation should be HEAVILY taxed AGAINis, indeed, immoral.

    Funny, though (or perhaps merely revealing), Buffett and Soros, two wealthy “good for thee, not for me” wealth redistributionists have made moves to make sure the estates they pass on are not subjected to the death tax. What a shock.

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    Nanny G

    It boils down to whose money is it.
    The Left feels all money is the government’s.
    Jesus was in agreement with this viewpoint:
    He was asked by the Phirasees ”should we pay the annual head tax” (a day’s wages for simply living) to the occupying Romans?
    Jesus asked to see the coin that represented the head tax.
    He asked the Pharasees, ”Whose image is on it?”
    They admitted it was Caesar’s.
    Jesus said, Pay the government’s things to the government BUT pay God’s things to God (man is made in God’s image).
    Later his Apostles commented on taxes, ”to the the one who calls for the tax, pay the tax.”
    The Left is pushing for even more tax because their bloated and ineffective government cannot ever get enough funding.
    When Jesus was confronted with the need to pay even more taxes than he and his Apostles had in money he prayed then told his associates to cast their fishing nets. He picked out a fish and it was opened. In it was a coin of a value to cover his group’s taxes.
    God provides, not extravagance, but sustenance and covering.
    Should ”the Right” rise up to violently fight against ”unjust” taxing, they will have to do it without much of their Christian segment.

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    Indigo Red

    Leftist’s adore order, worship certainty and control. With the Leftist cause of abortion being the greatest killer of people ever devised and taxation the greatest means of wealth redistribution ever legislated, the two together is a Leftist’s wet dream. It’s said that nothing is certain but death and taxes. What better combo plate could Leftist’s ever dream of?

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    Elite Leftists want the tax kept high because they know they’ll never pay it. It’s like when that fraud Warren Buffett says he’s in favor of raising payroll taxes. His income is structured differently.

    Wealthy people can afford accountants and attorneys to set up trusts and other shelters for their money, in this life and the one to come.

    It’s the middle and upper middle income folk who bear the brunt of the death tax.

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    Liberals love all taxes and do believe that your hard earned income belongs to the government and that we should be thankful for what the government allows us to actually keep for ourselves.
    Wisconsin, 12th highest total tax burden in the nation, yet you should see the liberal tantrums that occur anytime you mention budget cutting to potentially lower that same tax burden…I will not allow myself to retire in this state and will not let my retirement go towards nothing more than paying what liberals refer to as my “fair share”.

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    It is a clear example of extreme envy from the left that they feel virtuous in taxing money that has already been taxed. It also goes along with the leftist fetish for making people dependent on government, jus tlike social security. If you could choose to have your social security taxes put into a privately run retirement fund, instead of the government ponzi scam, you wouldn’t be dependent on government, and subsequently be addicted to voting for asshole politicians acting like drug pushers.

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    Jim S

    I’d say, use the “no taxation without representation” argument against a death tax… but since lots of dead people vote, and apparently vote democratic, I guess that won’t fly with leftists. 😉

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    Conservatives always seem to favor things that do not actually impact them personally
    Taxing the 5400 wealthiest. Out of 2,000,000 each year is one of them
    Freedom for the wealthiest !!!
    Anyone here actually in that group ?

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    The power to tax is the power to destroy. Increasing taxes in a failing economy is like throwing an anchor to a tired swimmer in deep water. It may help the ship of state stay afloat, but if the swimmer must hold on to the anchor, he will soon drown.

    The death tax is a revenue source for the Progressive/Socialist and his leviathan, the insatiable ever expanding government, but on a more personal level, it is a method of destroying the personal wealth of not only those who live a long and productive life, but those who are struck down early as well. Thus the widow and children become ordinary citizens, maybe even homeless citizens, so that the greed and envy of the have nots and the work nots can be satiated. Homes, ranches, and farms often are sold because a family cannot afford to pay the death tax, the tax that is considered the great-equalizer; of course, the invaluable elite, those who have the resources and political connections, avoid these onerous debts of death. While their fortunes sit intact for the witless Chelsea types, the ones destined to win through nepotism, so they can worry about dysentary in Africa in their 10 million dollar apartments.

  10. 10

    Jim S


    Conservatives always seem to favor things that do not actually impact them personally

    You say that as if it were a bad thing. Seems to me that being in favor of something that’s the right thing even though it doesn’t benefit us directly puts us on a higher moral plane.

  11. 11

    Common Sense

    @John: Of course NOT the point at all John. Spoken like a true liberal baby who can’t stand that someone has more than you do!! Get over it and go to work!! In America, until the liberals decided to tax everything they can, we lived in a country which provided the freedom to work hard and earn what you could!! Now jealous little weasels like you just can’t stand it!!

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    Democrat, thy name is hypocrite.

    Kennedy once said, on the Senate floor, that he would be glad if “the word ‘shelter’ disappears from the tax vocabulary.”[1] On another occasion, he said, “Instead of shutting down classrooms [due to a supposed lack of funding], let us shut off tax shelters.”[2] Whenever fellow legislators propose tax cuts, Kennedy typically frames them as “giveways” and “bonanzas” intended to help only the wealthy.[3] And in the name of social justice, he supported the inheritance tax on assets that are transferred from one generation to the next; a repeal of that tax, he says, would unjustly “benefit millionaires.”[4]

    But while the multi-millionaire Kennedy stood firmly in favor of raising taxes on high earners across the United States, he showed himself to be most reluctant to pay taxes on his own wealth. For many years, Merchandise Mart, the Chicago-based real estate conglomerate that Joseph Kennedy established in 1935, was the most valuable asset belonging to Ted Kennedy and his family. In 1974 Joseph Kennedy divided Merchandise Mart’s ownership among numerous family members, including Ted, in the form of a trust that was domiciled in the Pacific island of Fiji. Because the trust is based in Fiji, it is not subject to the taxes that are normally imposed on trusts domiciled in the United States.

    As of 2005, the tax rate on U.S.-based trusts was 49 percent on everything above the first $2 million. But as of 2005, the Kennedys, who had transferred at least $300 million in trust funds from one generation to another, had paid a mere $132,000 in estate taxes — a rate of four one-hundredths of one percent.[5] Had they set up those trusts in the United states, they would have owed more than 7,000 times that amount in taxes.

    Ted Kennedy also received additional money — free of inheritance taxes — from a series of trusts that were established for him in 1926, 1936, 1978, 1987, and 1997.

    Kennedy became skilled at avoiding not only inheritance taxes but also property taxes. For example, in 1980 the Chicago Tribune conducted an investigation which found that although Merchandise Mart had a market value of $35 million, it had been assessed at only $22.8 million by tax assessor (and Ted Kennedy political ally) Thomas Tully. The low assessment permitted Kennedy and his extended family to decrease their property taxes by some $4 million over the course of two years. Another Kennedy-owned building, Apparel Mart, received similar, preferential consideration from the tax assessor, saving Kennedy and his clan another several million dollars in property taxes.[6]

    In yet another maneuver to avoid paying taxes, Senator Kennedy invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax-free Massachusetts bonds.[7]

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    Liberal love anything that takes money out other people’s pockets. They on the other hand aren’t so willing to pay up when called upon. Example: Al Sharpton.

  14. 15



    How about Melissa Harris-Perry’s recent tweet about how proud she was to have paid her taxes only to get slapped by the IRS the very next day for the $70,000 she owes?

  15. 16



    So you think it is legitimate to steal from people, just as long as you aren’t the one being robbed. That is what you are saying. The fact that this money was already taxed once, and that taxing it again simply because the person who already paid the tax died is immoral doesn’t faze greedy, envious leftists.

  16. 17



    Conservatives always seem to favor things that do not actually impact them personally

    So, John, do you favor gay rights? Let’s see if you answer the question; then I will have some more.

    You idiot liberals always worry about how some particular policy punishes the wealthy… unless, of course, one of those wealthy happens to be liberal. As I pointed out above, while Soros and Buffett believe more taxes should be paid, they have taken the appropriate steps to make sure the tax man doesn’t get their mitts on THEIR money.


    Now we have liberal blather machine, Melissa Harris-Perry, not paying HER taxes. Al
    Sharpton is famous for not paying taxes. Hollywood howls when they cannot get tax breaks for their productions, but, of course, the liberal majority there think taxes are marvelous.

    So, the uptake on all this is that liberals love taxes…. for other people. They, however, are for the most part, just too good to be paying their share.

    Estate taxes are just theft, pure and simple. The taxes have already been paid on the assets. All this is is the greedy, bloated, wasteful government thinking of yet another excuse to tax… this time, levying a tax because someone died. What could be more ludicrous?

    This tax has been the doom of many a family farm and business. But, this is a small price to pay to gouge someone simply because they have wealth; as long as they aren’t liberal and actually choose to pay it.

    Liberals lie, cheat and steal to try and make their ideology seem operable. You cannot hide the failure, though.

    And I’ll be looking for that answer to my question, John.

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    @Bill: “@John:
    Conservatives always seem to favor things that do not actually impact them personally
    So, John, do you favor gay rights? Let’s see if you answer the question; then I will have some more.”

    Hey, John; you haven’t turned into Ronald J. Ward and make ignorant statements, then run away from questions about your statements, are you? Where’d you go?

  18. 20


    The death tax is no different than expecting the surviving children to pay more money for a car or house that their father already paid for in full before he died. It is nothing but immoral, government sanctioned theft.

  19. 21



    So, John, do you favor gay rights? Let’s see if you answer the question; then I will have some more.

    I’m disappointed, John never did answer the question.

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