‘Memories Pizza’ Truthers

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Ahhh….the left. Always truthers:


Or how about this bit of trutherism…a CBS employee reported the gofundme campaign that has raised 800k ‘just because’

When challenged why she report the campaign if she had no evidence of fraud she said:

Yup, it’s totally acceptable.

I mean this small time pizzeria in a small town Just had to have planned all this. Genius I tell ya.

let me tell you what really happened.

Once upon a time there was an evil pizzeria that catered to the lowest form of religious bigotry. They waited for years, opening the store almost a decade ago. They knew that the gays were coming. And they wanted to put a stop to it. Or, at least, to capitalize financially off of it. And when Indiana passed its RFRA law, they saw their chance.

Oh, sure, we think that the local news reporter “just happened” to drive some 20 miles to find a pizza joint that was itching to deny service to gay people. But that’s a pretty big coincidence, don’t you think? How do we know she didn’t get an anonymous tip? How do we know that this reporter wasn’t in on the con? Simple answer: we don’t. OPEN YOUR EYES, SHEEPLE. CONNECT THE DOTS.

So then the reporter airs her report, the headline of which very misleadingly suggests the pizza joint would never want to serve gay people their delicious pies. (Was this sloppiness or intentional misdirection designed to gin up outrage—and thus a money-making backlash to the outrage? You decide.) There was much anger as entirely just warriors for goodness suggested we calmly burn the witch and her family’s business to the ground and others made death threats. Their Yelp page was defaced by good people doing good work. These bigots were named and shamed, called out and ruined!

But here’s where the really devious part of the grift kicked in. It was all a con. A con designed to rake in money from similarly minded bigots, of which there is no end in America. And the con worked! The family made hundreds of thousands of dollars via Go Fund Me.

Sonny Bunch’s description above is in jest as he laughs, along with myself, at the idiocy of these truthers.

They just can’t seem to wrap there heads around the fact that their attacks went too far so to explain it all it just HAD to be a conspiracy. Just to make themselves feel better about their attacks.

A gay marriage supporters wonders what they have wrought:

What do white evangelicals, Muslims, Mormons, blacks, conservative Republicans, and immigrants from Africa, South America, and Central America all have in common? They’re less likely to support gay marriage than the average Californian. Over the years, I’ve patronized restaurants owned by members of all those groups. Today, if I went out into Greater Los Angeles and chatted up owners of mom-and-pop restaurants, I’d sooner or later find one who would decline to cater a gay wedding. The owners might be members of Rick Warren’s church in Orange County. Or a family of immigrants in Little Ethiopia or on Olvera Street. Or a single black man or woman in Carson or Inglewood or El Segundo.

Should we destroy their livelihoods?

If I recorded audio proving their intent to discriminate against a hypothetical catering client and I gave the audio to you, would you post it on the Internet and encourage the general public to boycott, write nasty reviews, and drive them out of business, causing them to lay off their staff, lose their life savings, and hope for other work? If that fate befell a Mormon father with five kids or a childless Persian couple in their fifties or a Hispanic woman who sunk her nest egg into a pupusa truck, should that, do you think, be considered a victory for the gay-rights movement?

Before this week, I’d have guessed that few people would’ve considered that a victory for social justice. And I’d have thought that vast majorities see an important distinction between a business turning away gay patrons—which would certainly prompt me to boycott—and declining to cater a gay wedding. I see key distinctions despite wishing everyone would celebrate gay marriage and believing Jesus himself would have no problem with a baker or cook acting as a gay-wedding vendor. A restaurant that turned away all gay patrons would be banning them from a public accommodation every day of their lives. It might unpredictably or regularly affect their ability to meet a business client or dine with coworkers or friends. It would have only the most dubious connection to religious belief.

Whereas declining to cater a gay wedding affects people on one day of their life at most, denies them access to no public accommodation, and would seem to signal discomfort with the institution of same-sex marriage more than animus toward gay people (so long as we’re still talking about businesses that gladly serve gays). I also suspect that the sorts of businesses that are uncomfortable catering a hypothetical gay wedding aren’t uniquely averse to events where same-sex couples are celebrating nuptials. I’d wager, for example, that they’d feel a religious obligation to refrain from catering an art exhibition filled with sacrilegious pieces like Piss Christ, the awards ceremony for pornography professionals, a Planned Parenthood holiday party, or a Richard Dawkins speaking engagement.

A faction of my fellow gay-marriage proponents see things differently.

I’m 100% sure that if this had been a black Ethiopian run business there would of been no attacks. They come from the ‘victim class’ after all so just give them a pass.

White Christians?

They deserve what they get.

Which now, thanks to that ‘faction of gay marriage proponents’, will be lots of money.

Exit video:

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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  1. 101

    rich wheeler

    @Redteam: What I find humorous is you figuring out that I am on F.B. Does that make you a liar or just extremely slow?
    No way Walker or any other Repub. beats HRC. I’m expecting Walker to pull a “Perry” in the debates.

  2. 102


    @rich wheeler: What I find humorous is you figuring out that I am on F.B
    No never did find you on FB, found you on one of those other sites AV mentioned. So no, I still don’t think you’re on FB as RW. There’s about 10 of them listed, none in San Clemente.

  3. 103

    rich wheeler

    @Redteam: You say I “post all that stuff on F.B.” then claim you haven’t seen it??

    Re election With Rubio in and Bush to follow Fla primary looks exciting. Walker will be 0-4 after losses in Iowa, N.H.and S.C Cruz, Perry and Bush then battle for Tex,–Walker on life support at best. Carson may be in and play spoiler in Northern/Midwest primaries—Huckabee the tortoise in this long process.

  4. 105


    @rich wheeler:

    You say I “post all that stuff on F.B.” then claim you haven’t seen it??

    I find it humorous that you post all that stuff on FB then say it’s intrusive for someone to read it.

    Hey Dippy, that sentence has 2 parts, the emphasis was on what you said. I didn’t say I’ve read anything. If someone has a FB page they normally post stuff on it. Whoops, sorry, I’m trying to explain something to somone that is a liberal.

    I’m expecting Walker to pull a “Perry” in the debates.

    What about HIllary pulling a Clinton?

  5. 107


    @rich wheeler:

    Walker will be 0-4 after losses in Iowa, N.H.and S.C

    0-4? Should not have gone to a school with that ‘new math’.

    Walker will be 0-4 after losses in Iowa, N.H.and S.C Cruz, Perry and Bush then battle for Tex,–Walker on life support at best. Carson may be in and play spoiler in Northern/Midwest primaries—Huckabee the tortoise in this long process.

    I guess if I were a socialist,liberal that’s the scenario I’d hope for. And then toss in Jim Webb, if he could just win all his ex wives over, he’d be a shoo in.

  6. 109

    rich wheeler

    @Redteam: For the reading impaired Walker losses in Iowa, N.H (close 2nd),S.C. and Fla. 0-4..Also ran in Tex. leaves him way back.
    Actually I don’t think Dems “fear ” any of them. The election is HRC’s to win—or to lose. None of the Repubs. are nationally strong enough to beat her on their own merits. She would need to self-destruct– could happen but unlikely–stay tuned.

  7. 110


    @rich wheeler: reading imparied? This was an EXACT quote, not approximate:

    Walker will be 0-4 after losses in Iowa, N.H.and S.C

    Does that fall under the math impaired or writing impaired?

    She would need to self-destruct

    To the average person, that’s was years ago. You okay with her finagling to get that Ambassador killed in BenGhazi? You ok with her lying about 100% of the time? Oh wait, you’re a liberal, excuse me….

  8. 111

    rich wheeler

    @Redteam: My party affiliation has nothing to do with the way these early contests are gonna go. You got a different scenario, let’s hear it.
    Keep in mind, I’ve said many times, I am not voting for HRC.

  9. 112


    @rich wheeler:

    My party affiliation has nothing to do with

    It has everything to do with the Red lenses on your glasses. (if you don’t wear glasses, it’s the red halo around your head) You don’t seem to understand that socialist, liberals see the world in a totally different perspective from ‘regular’ people.
    Think about it. What kind of reasoning can possibly make any human think that Obama is doing a good job? or think that the US is in good hands when run by socialist liberals?
    That think Cuba should be removed from the list of terror sponsorings states.
    I realize I’m saying this to one of those persons, and I don’t expect it to get through or to soak in. That liberal education really sunk in on you.

  10. 113

    rich wheeler

    @Redteam: Your problem Red is you are so far right and locked into such a backward /dinosaur perspective that you can’t seem to deal with the ACTUAL politics of America.
    It’s only gonna get worse on the national level for Repubs./Conservatives as the demographic time and tide move against them.

  11. 114


    @rich wheeler:

    Your problem Red is you are so far right

    The real problem is the far left doesn’t care about the welfare of the country. Obama has not done one single thing that was beneficial to the country.

    can’t seem to deal with the ACTUAL politics of America.

    what you really mean is that the country is so far left that there are no longer any politics, it’s all a sell out. If a republican is not elected president in 16, there will no longer be any hope. 4 more years of socialist liberals betraying the country will be more than it can recover from.
    As I said, I know you don’t understand what I’m saying, you were educated by liberals.

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