Yes, Hillary lied about using only one device but that’s not the end of it

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This really should not be surprising to anyone but Hillary Clinton once again demonstrates that she is an incontrovertible liar and that rules do not apply to her.

But did she lie or is it something worse?

Clinton claimed that she used only one device for her email communications:

Hillary Clinton told the world that the reason she exclusively used her personal email as Secretary of State because she “wanted the simplicity of using one device.”

It was a lie.

Hillary Clinton, who defended her use of a private e-mail server by saying she only wanted to use one device for all her correspondence, actually used at least two devices: her regular mobile phone and an iPad.

That’s according to a report from the Associated Press, which reviewed Clinton’s e-mails released by the State Department. There were only four messages to see. But it was enough for the AP to conclude that Clinton not only used an iPad to send e-mails — she mixed work and personal e-mails on the tablet, too.

“In reply to a message sent in September 2011 by adviser Huma Abedin to Clinton’s personal email account … Clinton mistakenly replied with questions that appear to be about decorations,” the AP writes. Clinton quickly wrote Abedin to apologize for the message, which was meant for somebody else. But then Clinton added: “Also, pls let me know if you got a reply from my ipad. I’m not sure replies go thru.”

She sent Huma Abedin -allegedly in error- an email about decorating:

They show that Clinton, on at least one occasion, accidentally mingled personal and work matters. In reply to a message sent in September 2011 by adviser Huma Abedin to Clinton’s personal email account, which contained an AP story about a drone strike in Pakistan, Clinton mistakenly replied with questions that appear to be about decorations.

“I like the idea of these,” she wrote to Abedin. “How high are they? What would the bench be made of? And I’d prefer two shelves or attractive boxes/baskets/ conmtainers (sic) on one. What do you think?”

Abedin responded:

Abedin replied, “Did u mean to send to me?” To which Clinton wrote, “No-sorry! Also, pls let me know if you got a reply from my ipad. I’m not sure replies go thru.”

Which proves beyond any doubt that Clinton used her ipad regularly for emailing.

About Hillary’s wrongly directed email Glenn Reynolds remarked:


We’ll get back to that. I find the title of the WaPo article both annoying and telling:

“Hillary Clinton also used an iPad for e-mails, undercutting her single-device defense”

This does not simply undercut her defense. It destroys her defense. The author, Brian Fung, not only ducked that fact but then launched into his own defense of Hillary:

Clinton’s fundamental issue — having to juggle multiple phones — is a frustration she shares with many of us.

I asked Deloitte, which publishes the annual Global Mobile Consumer Survey, how many people in the United States carry more than one phone with them. While their research on this question isn’t freely available and doesn’t break it down by country, Deloitte’s response suggested that 1 in 5 people own or have ready access to multiple smartphones at a time. Four percent have access to three smartphones. And one percent uses five or more.

This is patently stupid.

Clinton’s fundamental issue is not having to juggle multiple phones. Her fundamental issue is lying.

Fung tips WaPo’s hat as to how it will cover Clinton from now on.

If she claims to have “forgotten” as I expect, then perhaps the brain damage is as real as I thought it might be. You recall that I covered this numerous times last year.

We are left with two possible explanations for what we’ve learned:

1. Hillary is a devious liar.
2. Hillary’s brain damage may be developing into dementia.

Your choice.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 2

    Nanny G

    Maybe we all ought to be more aware of her brain damage.
    What did she lose?
    We know she took weeks off of work.
    We also know her eyes were going in two directions so she had to wear special glasses that stopped her from seeing out of one eye so as to avoid the nausea of the dizziness.
    We know she used her concussion as an excuse for not appearing at hearings in a timely manner.
    She’s make a bad president.
    It would be one excuse after another, followed by bad decision making blamed on brain damage.
    I bet she never declares her candidacy.

  2. 3

    mos 8541

    what head injury, she allegedly had a CVA or a stroke. Surprise, no medical documentation to support her stroke-remember or does everyone has a short attention span these days-nothing remembered past four days.
    If your recall, she emerged with a face lift. Look closely at the small scars behind the ear and at the top of her receding hair line. She has gone under the knife 2-3 times since the major lift for touch ups

  3. 4

    Suitcase Murphy

    She is not honest, not likable, has no real accomplishments (outside of that kick ass cattle futures deal) and is an unabashed phony and grifter. Explain to me how she could be viewed as the inevitable nominee of the Democrat party.

  4. 7


    @ Suitcase Murphy
    “Explain to me how she could be viewed as the inevitable nominee of the Democrat party.”

    She is not honest, not likable, has no real accomplishments.

    Apparently, that’s what they like.

    Perhaps she mingled the emails on purpose. Then, when she went through deleting “personal” emails, all those with her personal prattling on them would be deleted.

    For instance, “Do you believe the idiots that not only believe that crap about the video causing the Benghazi attack, but actually jettison their own self-respect and DEFEND that load? I am almost ashamed to have such idiots voting for me (but if they didn’t, who would?). By the way, does this pantsuit make my gigantic ass look any more gigantic than it actually is?” Delete.

  5. 8


    The Imperial Bureaucracy Has No Use For Accountability

    Statist politicians love the imperial bureaucracy, because it allows them to manipulate the public, punish their enemies, and reward their constituents without getting their hands dirty. Rarely are the incumbent candidates you get to vote against held accountable for the actions of the bureaucrats they empower.

    The imperial bureaucracy has grown so powerful and arrogant that it doesn’t even feel like answering questions from the public any more. True accountability would interfere with the power of the State, so accountability is routinely evaded. The Obama Administration has become legendary for its refusal to cooperate with everything from Freedom of Information Act requests to congressional subpoenas. The legislature is no longer a co-equal branch of government. It’s not even able to demand straight answers to its questions any more.

    This lack of transparency is an important part of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, which is a big story (despite the efforts of friendly journalists to minimize it) because it’s damaging her presidential aspirations but also concerns actions she took while an official of the Obama Administration.

    Clinton asserts that neither Congress nor the American people have any right to ask questions about her activities as Secretary of State, except those questions she feels like discussing. She asserts the right to set up a private email server to evade congressional oversight and public inquiry – and nothing that happens now can change the fact that she did evade such oversight, because even if she actually had given us full disclosure and handed over her 100 percent intact mail server in 2015, it wouldn’t change the way she was able to hide subpoena- and FOIA-responsive data from 2009 to 2013.


    The Incompetence Defense only works because ineptitude isn’t a problem for imperial bureaucrats – they know they can’t really get in trouble for wasting money or professing ignorance of what their immense departments are doing. “I don’t know” has become an impervious shield against congressional inquiry, not a career-ending admission of incompetence. Remember IRS officials, right up to the commissioner, saying that over and over again, to deflect questions about the Tea Party targeting scandal? The unspoken second half of those statements is, I don’t know, and the elected representatives of the American people have no power to judge me or my agency for not knowing.


    …President Obama himself has excused his own inept management by arguing that the government is too big for any one person to take responsibility for its actions… and he offered that as a defense of himself, not an indictment of the system. Beltway culture offers us soothing illusions of responsible government limited by our electoral power, but in truth, it’s too big to monitor, too powerful to restrain, and it has more power to change us than we have to change it.

    The current system is inherently corrupt and uncontrollable because of its size – there are no big, honest, transparent governments. Evidence accumulates by the day that our rulers no longer feel even a vestigial sense of responsibility to voters, especially bureaucrats who will never have to face our wrath at the ballot box.

    The really dangerous development is that they no longer fear the wrath of our elected representatives, many of whom are so interested in making the State bigger and richer that they’ll no longer countenance even token attempts at holding it responsible for its actions, because that would empower the people who want to make it smaller. We are told to trust, and obey, and comfort ourselves with absurd fantasies about how we could “fire” the whole crew in Washington if they severely displeased us.

  6. 9


    I am not exactly a fashion icon, most of my wardrobe comes from the farm and ranch stores, some of us can appreciate a good pant suit, but the opposite of a pant suit is a no pant suit.

    Hopefully, the day when Hilary decides to alter her fashion statement, she won’t try the no pant suit fashion look.

  7. 10


    “We are left with two possible explanations for what we’ve learned:

    1. Hillary is a devious liar.
    2. Hillary’s brain damage may be developing into dementia”

    I say both

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