Climate change is a farce and the Obamas just proved it

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One gallon of jet fuel burned creates about 19 pounds of C02. A 747 burns about 25,000 pounds of fuel per hour. A round trip from Washington DC to LA would take about 11- 11 1/2 hours. That comes to about 287,000 pounds of fuel. And that results in the production of about 801,911 pounds of CO2.

A 757 burns about 6,000 pounds of jet fuel per hour. A similar round trip to LA would burn about 69,000 pounds of fuel and create about 192,794 pounds of CO2.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama both traveled to Los Angeles on the same day on separate aircraft for something of grave importance- appearances on talk shows.

Barack Obama flew out to LA and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel.

Michelle Obama took a separate aircraft to LA and appeared on “Ellen.”

When asked about this

White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz told reporters Friday that the president and first lady’s “schedules were not in sync in order to travel together.”

“I’m not even sure they overlapped,” he said when asked if the president and first lady saw each other in southern California Thursday.

In order to pin the cost of his frivolity on the US taxpayer Obama made a cameo appearance at a VA hospital in Phoenix that has been the subject of much attention.

Together they spewed 994,705 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere for completely unserious reasons.

Let’s consider the excuses offered for this excess pollution.

Their schedules were “not in sync.” Never mind the cost- what was so important that Michelle couldn’t change her schedule to avoid pouring a million pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere? Are we to believe that “Ellen” wouldn’t accommodate the schedule of the First Lady? Who’s stupid enough to believe that?

It’s not the first time this has happened either. In 2011 Michelle took a separate aircraft back from Martha’s Vineyard so she could pack in a few more hours of vacation.

The Obama’s are profligate with taxpayer money when it comes to their own personal indulgences and have never shown an interest in having any “skin in the game” as Obama once put it.

No one is going to convince me that they really have a scintilla of interest in the environment either- at least insofar as said concern might inconvenience them in the slightest.

Barack Obama has said that the greatest threat to the future is “climate change.” John Kerry said that not addressing “climate change” would lead to “utter catastrophe.”

Don’t believe it for one second.

994,705 pounds of Obama CO2 pollution. For nothing but ego.


An incorrect conversion factor was used in the original post and it has now been corrected. In no way does this change the story- which regards the Obamas’ crass indifference to the environment where it might affect their personal indulgences.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    Your scientists tell the truth and their scientists

    So, I guess you are saying that there are 2 sides to the discussion. There aren’t. There is only the truth and others. Since you nor anyone else can ‘prove’ global warming, guess which side you’re on.

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    @Redteam: You’re a Caveman RT—Stay in there and bang away at your computer.
    Actually, I was having a rational discussion of a two sided issue, with my fellow Marine, when you showed up..

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    @Rich+Wheeler: “those who protect the environment”. You did notice the topic of this article, right?

    “My scientists”. Well, they ARE those stating the FACT that warming stopped 18 years ago.

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    @Rich+Wheeler: Well, has there been no significant warming in 18 years, despite AGW predictions of a 3 degree Centigrade increase? Is there not record amounts of ice at both poles (as opposed to NO ice)? Was the reports of the death of the polar bear species just a bit exaggerated?

    Has there been warming, to a greater degree, in the past and throughout the history of this planet? Is there not warming occurring throughout the solar system, where coal-fired electric plants and Hummers are not in use?

    No, Rich, we should not plow trillions of dollars (taken from other people) into a boondoggle which would throttle the ability of millions and millions of people to make a living. Not “just in case”. That would be monumentally stupid.

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    Actually, I was having a rational discussion of a two sided issue, with my fellow Marine,

    No you were not. You were trying to ‘conn’ him into agreeing with you by telling him how great he was. It didn’t work, Skook apparently knows the difference between snake oil and bull sh*t.

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    @Rich+Wheeler: Rich, I am not betting man. I consider gambling to be boring whether you win or lose. My father was a poker player who quit because ne couldn’t believe how stupid his opponents were and how easy it was to take their money from them and their families. He could tell you every card played in sequence and the individual bets made on every hand during the previous night’s game. I had a friend who could do it for every night going back several years. Gambling against minds like those is a losing proposition and a man is a fool if he thinks he will beat them. Sit at the table long enough and they will have all your money. The only way to win is to play against amateurs who are dumber than you. What a way to spend an evening.

    The ability to write is a learned skill; like poker players, a few are blessed with more ability than others. When I write that I could publish the same pablum being palmed off on the public as science is a repudiation of the material being accepted as fact by many humble minds. I believe Al Gore or any of the purveyors of propaganda lose because they lack good writers. It’s no different than the Leftist propaganda being made in Hollywood; they write clumsy political messages and people quit going to the theaters and the industry must evolve to stay viable. Spielberg has said the same thing, he is feeling the pinch.

    The Left concentrates on the style of the message and if the message rings hollow, the public loses interest and faith. If the Left wanted to get the message across, they should have used a logical message instead of a faith based message and then stood by as fake data scandals began to emerge. Use the truth: lies won’t hold up for 25 years.

    Oh, most scientists are working very boring and tedious jobs. The opportunity to be a Jonas Saulk is almost non-existent.

    You can do a little research on the net. Look up the appearance and disappearance of different species of dinosaurs and you will notice the writers all put everything into a context with carbon dioxide, as if CO2 has possibly been the major determinant in directing the cycles of the earth. Of course, they are referring to probability of errors of tens of millions of years, not 85. LOL Supposedly the people who read these papers are intelligent or perhaps the overwhelming majority are just Leftists will ing to follow the lure or the political line.

    Theories are only theories until proven and verified through replication and this is the way it is supposed to be. Having a divinity school drop out stand in front of the country and say, “The debate is over” destroyed your credibility with many open-minded people

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    @Skooks I an a firm believer in KISS whenever possible. Read the thermometer is a little TOO simplistic for this important debate.
    The deniers seem to say it’s the sun that totally controls the earth.s temperature..
    AGW folks call attention to a 50% rise in CO2 and a comparable increase in methane gasses into the atmosphere as something that need concern us.
    I don’t believe that the majority of scientists who are proponents of AGW are on the liberal take.
    I think this too important an issue tu go right/left. FOOLHEARTY REALLY
    One thing certain. The debate is not over. Agreed it is a mistake to say so.

    Have you looked at Marine combat hero Jim Webb for Prez? Reagan gave him high praise. Semper Fi

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    The deniers seem to say

    so you’re now arguing against the deniers even tho you clearly admit you don’t know what their position is.

    AGW folks call attention to a 50% rise in CO2

    oh wow, an increase in fertilizer for green plants, so now we’ll get more green plants growing, big deal. You do kinow that CO2 has been infinitely higher in the past than it is today. Right? Some of the lowest concentrations have been since humans appeared on the earth,, much higher before humans.

    I don’t believe that the majority of scientists who are proponents of AGW are on the liberal take.

    You don’t believe? or you don’t know or what the hell. Just throw something up on the wall and see what sticks?

    I think this too important an issue tu go right/left.

    BS, you went hard left the instant algore mentioned it. You don’t think he is in it for the money? If you really think he needs more, he’ll likely send you his address so you can just forward your SS checks straight there.

    Have you looked at Marine combat hero Jim Webb

    Check out his former harem to find out why they all dumped him.

    I told you Skook wouldn’t buy your crap.

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    Reuters: Hillary support dropped 15 points since mid-February … among Democrats

    Wow, the Hill is tanking! it’s all downhill from there.

    AP confirms: U.S. nuke deal to allow Iran 6,000 centrifuges for continued uranium enrichment

    Obama caves on letting Iran get nukes.. Was expected!

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    oil guy from Alberta

    AGW is being destroyed on a daily basis. Al Gore and his ocean co2 acidification. On average, the oceans have a ph just over 8. co2 produces carbomic acid which should neutralize the water to the neutral number 7. There are millions and millions of cubic miles of ocean waters. co2 exists as 4 ppm. Common sense tells you there is just not enough co2 to even change the ph scale one decimal point. Ocean acidification has to be below 7. His prediction is an absurdity! I could go on for hours debunking their science and stats. AGW has the Bamster, D student Kerry, and the Gorecle as carnival barkers. People believe this bunk?

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    The deniers seem to say it’s the sun that totally controls the earth.s temperature..
    AGW folks call attention to a 50% rise in CO2 and a comparable increase in methane gasses into the atmosphere as something that need concern us.

    Interesting you should bring that up, since as we have clearly seen, while CO2 rose measurably, temperatures did not.

    So, therefore, let’s heavily tax industrial production, throttle back the economy, make Al Gore richer and unemploy millions, perhaps billions, of people. Talk about wealth redistribution, all this intends to do is transfer trillions in wealth from the people earning it to those creating a get-rich scam.

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    @Redteam: Actually Skook and I agree the debate is not over.
    You come out of your cave every so often, look at your thermometer, and declare the debate is over. You truly are a hoot RT.

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    @Rich+Wheeler: Rich, did you ever study organic chemistry? Organic chemistry could have been called carbon chemistry; for without carbon, there is no life. Phrased another way, carbon is the essential element for all life forms.

    Now, I deal with a lot of people, and many of them regard carbon as an evil carcinogen; they are scared to death of carbon, a result of the propaganda program. Obviously, they have no idea that they are composed of carbon. Yet, they are vocal or vociferous about the evils of carbon dioxide and of how it is ruining the planet. Photosynthesis has escaped them and yet, they love green trees and all the flora. They get all emotional, without the most basic concepts of organic chemistry. Should we take time to listen to their emotional appeals? Or should we listen to Obama’s concerns when he has displayed the same lack of expertise? We have run the bases and we are back to our first day in chem lab. Do the experiment and prove something, over and over before you try to BS the world.

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    rich wheeler

    @Skookum: Every decade since the 1970’s has been hotter than the one before and 2014 was the hottest in over 130 years. Should we not consider this?
    I personally don’t care what Gore does. The clown Imhoff can throw snowballs all winter.I .am absolutely apolitical on this. It’s too important for right wing clowns whose only goal is to make Obama look bad–he can do that on his own.
    I live at the ocean. I’m 70 I run I swim. You lived in H.B. I see the smog worsen every year. I’m proud to be an environmentalist. I’d be surprised if you were not.
    Semper Fi

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    @rich wheeler:

    How much hotter was this last decade than the prior one?
    Is that consistent with a mild, not man-made warming trend?
    Is that consistent with the catastrophic warming models of the IPCC?

    Doctored Data, Not U.S. Temperatures, Set a Record This Year
    === ===
    To most people, the hottest temperatures ever “recorded” would imply that quality controlled thermometers registered higher readings during the past year than had ever occurred before. If you believe that this is what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) means by hottest temperatures ever “recorded,” then you are wrong.

    Raw temperature data show that U.S. temperatures were significantly warmer during the 1930s than they are today. In fact, raw temperature data show an 80-year cooling trend. NOAA is only able to claim that we are experiencing the hottest temperatures on record by doctoring the raw temperature data.

    The bureaucracy at NOAA and NASA who report the U.S. temperature data undertake what they term “correcting” the raw data. These corrections are not just one-time affairs, either. As time goes by, older temperature readings are systematically and repeatedly made cooler, and then cooler still, and then cooler still, while more recent temperature readings are made warmer, and then warmer still, and then warmer still.
    === ===

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    @rich wheeler:

    Every decade since the 1970’s has been hotter than the one

    And every decade from 1940 til 1980 was cooler than the one before it. You can pick and choose all you want, but you can’t take ‘raw’ uncorrected data and prove your case, because it’s not true. Only doctored data can be used to make the case. I see you’re still not able to sell Skook on your snake oil science.

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    Actually Skook and I agree the debate is not over.

    not factually correct. You’re selling snake oil, he’s not buying. You’re not gonna give up and he’s not about to agree with you, so I guess that’s never gonna be over, but if anyone caves, it’ll be you. you have no case.

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    @Skookum: Good lesson on Organic chem for Rich. Apparently he never had the subject. I had several semesters of Organic and botany. I’ve always figured that as the CO2 rises (more fertilizer for plants) that more and more plants would grow, increasing the rate of consumption of CO2 til it got back to a level stage, CO2 equals rate of plant growth. Apparently that has actually happened for billions of years without humans having to be concerned if nature was taking it course. Then along came algore, seeing his chance to sell snake oil to the Rich’s of the world and I’m sure he wasn’t surprised to find many buyers.

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