Why Hillary should never, ever be President

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Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a press conference at the United Nations in New York

In 2007 Hillary said keeping secret email accounts was “shredding” the Constitution:

You know our Constitution is being shredded. We know about the secret wiretaps, about the secret military tribunals, we know about the secret White House email accounts.

And then she did it anyway. She knew better and she still did it.

By the stipulated standards of Hillary Clinton v.2007 , Hillary Clinton v.2015 has shredded the Constitution. She has trashed it.

This only goes to reinforce the fact that rules do not apply to the Clintons.

She claims never to have sent a classified email from her personal server, which is highly unlikely.

She refuses to turn over the server because she doesn’t trust the country.

If she is this contemptuous of the United States of America while not even a candidate, one can only take a deep breath and imagine the devastation she’d wreak as President. She has utter contempt for you, for the press and the for intelligence of the country.

She should not ever be trusted with the Presidency. We’re soon to be rid of a self-declared king. We do not need a queen to succeed him.

And for the reasons she herself asserted.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    mos 8541

    she is unfit to hold any office. her last act of attrition should be her admitting the fact that she is gay and has been for years. She is hillbilly trailer trash at its lowest level. Billions stolen when she was secretary of slut and there has never been a real investigation to determine where that money went.

  2. 2


    But she is universally loved!
    Just another cynical, corrupt, greedy, power-hungry person, like the current WH occupant.
    She began as a disciple of Alinsky. Nothing has changed.
    Her ethics are those of Gen. Bullmoose: what is good for the country is what is good for her.
    The lesson of Watergate: it’s not the crime, it’s the coverup that bites.
    Who will be the Alexander Butterfield this time? Who will be the Sen. Ervin? Who will be the John Dean? What Special Prosecutor will get fired? Where are the paper bags full of money?

    We have not heard the last of this story. Not by a long shot.

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    Nanny G

    Guciffer (the hacker) published quite a few Sid Blumenthal/Hillary Clinton (as Sec State) emails.
    You can read them here:
    Note that within 24 hours of Benghazi he and she were calling it the work of demonstrators upset over a video.
    Here is a running commentary of her news conference:
    Yes, it was ”disasterous.”
    But it was also ”political” and ”insulting,” and ”contemptuous of protocol.”

    A little-known small point about her ”press conference,” is that all credentials had to be requested 24 hours before the event! http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/credentials-hillary-press-avail-needed-be-request-24-hours-ahead-time_881931.html
    So, she could have hand-picked most of those media there….yet still she faced a few tough, albeit multiple questions. So she answered one of them and ignored the others or obfuscated.

    I hope she doesn’t even run after this.
    But, since that dries up her money source, she probably must continue to at least tease for a while.

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    A couple of observations.
    Watching her press conference I couldn’t help notice she kept looking down at notes. When someone is talking about events in their life they don’t have to read notes they just tell it. She kept reading from notes. For someone who is supposed to be so smart this defies that entirely.
    Hillary explained that she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department, and “chose not to keep” (deleted) the personal emails on the server.
    So according to Hillary, the server now only has work related emails. But Hillary says that she will not turn over the server to a neutral person for review, because the server has her personal emails on it. But she already said the personal emails are not on it anymore.

    If you took everything she said and put it in a pile somewhere, it would draw a lot of flies.

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    At yesterday’s presser, Hillary presumed we’re all too stupid. If anyone has used a Blackberry, or any smartphone, you can add more than one email address. Second point, she said her private email server was not hacked, period. Again, she thinks we are fools. Most of anyone that has had a Yahoo email address knows they’ve suffered multiple breaches – the last time for storing account information in the clear. If this sounds familiar, it is. Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield had account information, including SSN, DOB, permanent address, stolen because the information was stored in the clear.

    The only question not asked of Hillary is who is stupid. Her, for thinking we’re too stupid. Or, those choosing to believe her.

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    Nanny G

    As she was leaving State in 2013 Hillary signed an affidavit.
    In it she SWORE that she had already turned over all and any government property.
    Included in the long list is ”email.”
    She lied to get her last check!

    Hopefully some opponent will make a nice political 30 second ad about this with a close-up of her signature on this public record.

  7. 9


    Aw, c’mon. It would be so entertaining to watch Ol’ Rancid leading the progressivist congregation in their chant of the day. Just imagine watching the stretched out face sag even more as she waddles to the Presidential podium to quack out her outrageous falsehoods to the masses. It could be a show for the ages!

    Who needs all that freedom and prosperity anyway? Bring her on! Many foreign citizens who vote here need to give the payback to those who provided for them!

    Hemlock, anyone?

  8. 10

    oil guy from Alberta

    @DaNang67: Money missing everywhere. The Clinton Foundations and Massage Parlors are bursting with funds. Donations from around the world. Who says money can’t buy everything? Want a favor- pay the Clintons.

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