Earth Receives Oxygen and Questions Arise

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We are Aerobic Organisms

We are Aerobic Organisms

The formation of Life intrigues people; however, man is an egocentric species and primarily concerned with his own appearance in the world. Let’s go back in time to the formation of an oxygenated atmosphere and the transformation of all life on earth, the transition from anaerobic microbes (metabolizing food without oxygen) to cyanobacteria (photosynthetic, converting the solar energy and carbon dioxide into oxygen) to grasp basic tenets of evolution from the most elemental life forms.

This noteworthy period, (2.3 billion years ago +- a few hundred million) is known as the Great Oxygenation Event and heralds the appearance of O2 as a free element in the earth’s oceans and atmosphere.

Approximately, 2.5 billion years ago, there were almost no life on the land, no leafy plants, no insects, almost no bacteria, and no free oxygen in the atmosphere, but the oceans had abundant anaerobic bacteria life forms.

Cyanobacteria appeared 200 million years before the GOE, but it took that long for the oxygen waste product produced by cyanobacteria to be saturated by sinks of dissolved iron, carbon, and sulphur, a necessary pre-emptive chemical reaction before the oxygenation of the atmosphere and the oceans can be achieved. The process of creating an oxygen rich atmosphere from cyanobacteria in the oceans took over 200 million years.

Free oxygen is toxic to obligate anaerobic microbes and the first major extinction was the demise of nearly all anaerobic bacteria, a species that could not exist in an oxygen enriched earth; thus, the first great mass extinction occurred.

Aerobic microbes are more vibrant and store more energy than anaerobic microbes, and they are assumed, by Darwinian Evolutionists, to have evolved in the oxygen enriched world to produce a massive variety of plants and animals.

Yet, a few questions remain unanswered. Why did cyanobacteria appear?

Why did this early toxic waste byproduct, oxygen combined with carbon, suddenly become the basis for all plant and animal life?

Cyanobacteria or Blue Green Algae

Cyanobacteria or Blue Green Algae

Was it random chance or did a superior being decide there was greater energy stored in photosynthetic bacterium.

The question remains for all those who believe in Darwinian evolution, if all life originates from the monumental evolutionary shift from anaerobic microbes to cyanobacteria and on to the great variety of life past and present. The GOE was the single event of genesis proving that evolution can not only introduce a new species but it can influence and alter the atmosphere, and the earth itself. A great diversity of life followed, but what leap of faith allows for the birth of plants, fish, birds, reptiles, and dinosaurs from aerobic microbes and can it be replicated to reproduce a simple life-form?

Does the combination of oxygen and carbon possess dramatic possibilities for the creation of new species and when was the last species created?

Fossilized Bacteria

Fossilized Bacteria

Can you or anyone describe the progression?

After subsequent die-offs, were the evolutionary sequences restarted from the microbial stage?

There were few life forms still alive and no advanced life forms survived the die offs; yet, a massive proliferation of life emerged from the die offs. Did the amino acids and proteins start all over from basic cyanobacteria?

Is it possible to describe the faith it takes to imagine the evolutionary trail from a microbe bacteria to an advanced life form?

Here Is The Key To All Life Forms According To Darwin

Here Is The Key To All Life Forms According To Darwin

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