A dab of Communism and a dash of Fascism, Barack Obama’s economic philosophy in practice

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The primary reason Communism doesn’t work is that it goes against the very nature of man. In Communism there is simply no motivation for anyone to work hard. When there is a zero correlation between the amount or quality of work you do and the compensation you receive, your motivation to work hard, or maybe work at all, simply evaporates. This is particularly true given that the compensation for the slacker at the next desk is equally without correlation as he continues to get the same salary regardless of whether he actually gets anything done or not. And while Communism as we know it has only been around since 1848, the ideas behind it have been around for much longer… and not surprisingly it was a failed ideology long before Marx and Engels gave it a brand name.

I’m not going to suggest that Barack Obama is exactly a Communist… even if he was, apparently he’s smart enough to lie about it if he knew it would harm his image… I do however think he’s a fan of one of the basic mantras of Communism: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” with him deciding who needs what. At the same time he’s very much a fan of the Fascist economic model where private property exists but government mandates much if not all of its activity. For him everything else is to simply be manipulated in order to achieve those two tenets of his philosophy.

For six years Barack Obama has been doing everything in his considerable power to bring that philosophy into effect in the United States. In all fairness, many of the things he has pursued had their genesis in previous administrations, but under Barack Obama they found an unabashed champion who was willing to turbo charge them as he sought to “fundamentally transformed America”.

The scorecard of Obama’s accomplishments is breathtaking:

If the words Communist or Fascist are too strong for delicate sensibilities, let me paint the picture in a slightly different way. Imagine the United States is a wagon with a combination of passengers and people pulling it. Where the wagon goes to find food and sustenance and to build prosperity is determined by the people pulling it. As long as there are enough people on the ground pulling the wagon, and those people are willing and able to put forth the effort to figure out where they should go and how best to get there, everything works out fine. Over time however if enough people stop pulling and jump into the wagon such that the ratio of passengers to pullers becomes too great, the wagon will eventually stop, as will the pursuit of sustenance, prosperity and everything else and stagnation and collapse will begin. But wait! It gets worse! Not only are there too many passengers in the wagon, but they have put chains on the ankles of those pulling it, have decided they know better how to pull the wagon – despite the fact that they are not pulling anything – and they have decreed that they get to decide how everything is distributed. Welcome to Barack Obama’s world. To put things in explicit terms, in Barack Obama’s America 140 million people are working to support a population of 320 million, which includes a record 100 million adults not working. That is the lowest rate in history.

So, while the Communist Party USA may not be celebrating their party’s ascendance into the White House, they are no doubt cheered by the fact that the country is being “transformed” in their direction. That does not bode well for anybody associated with the American wagon, whether pulling it or passenger…

The product of a military family, growing up in Naples, Italy and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and being stationed in Germany for two years while in the Army, Vince spent half of his first quarter century seeing the US from outside of its own borders. That perspective, along with a French wife and two decades as a struggling entrepreneur have only fueled an appreciation for freedom and the fundamental greatness of the gifts our forefathers left us.

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    Nanny G

    Usually “Watters World” on Bill O’Reily’s show is just funny, or an attempt at funny via stupid Americans.
    Last nigh he included a black woman who made an ominous remark about how Dems might fare AFTER Obama.
    All this dependency, all this free stuff will be set as the new zero for Dems.
    This much is now expected as baseline.
    That means it cannot be successfully referred to as a way of insuring votes.
    Buying votes with other people’s money (over the long run) will prove to be a failed model, too.

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    All of this is what one would think would be common sense, but the message does not seem to have soaked in to the greedy, gullible left quite yet; that if you punish those who succeed in order to take their wealth and reward those who grant you political power, you will eventually kill the goose that laid the golden entitlement. Then everyone is busted.

    Capitalism provides the best opportunity for the most people. We are just going to have to put up with some people getting fabulously wealthy. I think I can stand it.

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    Don’t forget the bankers, who are entitled to the first food that goes into the wagon, courtesy of Obama and don’t forget our regulatory agencies who keep letting the air out of the tires and demanding they be replaced with newer and better tires, and an ergonomic handle for pulling the wagon.

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    Rich Wheeler

    @Bill: “Some people getting fabulously wealthy.” Don’t forget to protect these folks from the tax man. We can make it up be taxing the little guy.
    “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor then it cannot save the few who are rich.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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    @Rich Wheeler:

    If a free society cannot help the many who are poor then it cannot save the few who are rich

    Rich, that’s a good quote but you need to look at both the meaning and context. Nobody is for allowing everyone into the wagon just because they know that they can get everything for free. There is a lot of difference in being ‘poor’ , in JFK’s context, and being poor in your context and the context of the Post of this thread. No one is, or should be, against helping those that are truly in need, but that is quite different from those that are just looking for a handout because they are just too sorry to help themselves. So, just because JFK said it, doesn’t mean he is for communism.

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    Capitalists seem to like Onamas policies DOW has almost tripled under him and Gallup has his approval rating almost 3 times that of the GOP. Congress

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    @John: Have a look at how the lower and middle classes are doing. Also, do a little research as to why the Dow is so invigorated, what is invigorating and ask someone (because you don’t seem to know) how long it is likely to last before a major collapse ensues.

    Furthermore, you seem to like to neglect the fact that this not a “GOP Congress”; it is “Congress”, comprised of Republicans and Democrats. But, now that you mentioned it, the polls are higher now that the GOP is in full control.

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