Andrew Cuomo is in trouble

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The left roundly cheered for the downfall of Governor Scott Walker, who was targeted in a seemingly endless and arguably illegal persecution probe in Wisconsin before it was finally shut down. They have nothing to say about Andrew Cuomo, who seems to be watching doors close every day.

Cuomo set up a commission in 2013 to ferret out corruption and then, as it got close to him, killed it. His action hasn’t stopped the wheels from turning.

Cuomo reportedly killed the Moreland Commission in return for support for a campaign finance bill:

In 2013, the governor had charged the Moreland Commission with investigating state government corruption. According to the criminal complaint filed against Silver, as well as sources inside the commission, the speaker, who works as a lawyer outside of his government job, repeatedly refused to comply with commission requests to provide a description of the services he provided to his legal clients or a list of those clients, leading federal prosecutors to subpoena his firm. The Silver-led state assembly then filed a court motion to quash the commission’s subpoenas related to legislators’ outside income.

In exchange for allowing the campaign finance bill to pass, Silver allegedly demanded that Cuomo disband the commission, according to the complaint against Silver, and Cuomo—knowing that the commission was also examining the campaign spending of some of his largest donors—was apparently only too happy to oblige.

Now it appears that Cuomo might be on the menu:

Gov . Cuomo is “freaked-out and furious” over the bombshell criminal charges dropped on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver last week — and “obsessed with fear’’ because of the ongoing federal corruption probe.

One source described Cuomo as “doubly enraged’’ by hard-driving Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara’s decision to bring the five criminal corruption charges against Silver just hours after the governor delivered his State of the State address — and then, less than 24 hours after that, to indict Albany’s “three men in a room’’ culture in which Cuomo is the lead player. “Cuomo feels Preet just walked all over him,’’ said the source.

Knowledgeable insiders, including law-enforcement experts, said it wasn’t accidental that Bharara brought the charges against Silver just hours after Cuomo’s State of the State. “Prosecutors have a lot of discretion, and when they time a high-profile arrest in a way that steps all over Cuomo’s speech, that’s the use of discretion for a purpose,’’ a former federal prosecutor told The Post.

Cuomo has made enemies in New York, and has curiously tacked to the right on many issues. He proposed $2 billion in tax cuts, and has done something distinctly conservative- taken on Teacher’s Unions:

ALBANY — A passionate Gov. Cuomo upped his war with the teacher unions on Thursday, charging that they represent themselves — not the students.

During an appearance before the Daily News Editorial Board, Cuomo said the only way change will come to a broken education system is if the public is better informed.

“If (the public) understood what was happening with education to their children, there would be an outrage in this city,” Cuomo said. “I’m telling you, they would take City Hall down brick by brick.

“It’s only because it’s complicated that people don’t get it.”

Cuomo referred to the teacher unions and the entrenched education establishment as an “industry” that is more interested in protecting the rights of its members than improving the system for the kids it is supposed to be serving.

“Somewhere along the way, I believe we flipped the purpose of this,” Cuomo said. “This was never a teacher employment program and this was never an industry to hire superintendents and teachers.

It’s startling behavior for the likes of this liberal. The question is why? Is Cuomo looking for support as the noose tightens or is the left looking to punish Cuomo for his rightist inclinations?

I’ve argued that Cuomo really belongs in prison instead of Albany for his role in the financial meltdown and that might just happen.

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    For a conspiracy to succeed, all parties to it must keep their mouths shut AND there must be no paper trail.
    In this Silver/Cuomo conspiracy, ” [i]n exchange for allowing the campaign finance bill to pass, Silver allegedly demanded that Cuomo disband the commission, according to the complaint against Silver, and Cuomo—knowing that the commission was also examining the campaign spending of some of his largest donors—was apparently only too happy to oblige.
    Well, there’s a paper trail even if the men involved keep their mouths shut!
    So, Cuomo is in great danger of going down with his frenemy New York Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver.

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    Judging from the known facts and six years of Obama and Holder AND many more of Cuomo I’m going with the Democrat version of Occam’s Razor, i.e. the sleaziest explanation is likely the correct one.

    A commentor elsewhere conjectured that corrupt democrat power broker Sheldon Silver is being taken down by the Justice dept. (at least twenty years overdue) because he’s a lifelong supporter of Israel. That’s a hanging offense as far as Obama is concerned so he wouldn’t intervene in U.S. attorney Preet Bharara’s lust to tack Silver’s fresh, bloody hide to the barn door. Bharara sounds even-handed in his lust for high-profile targets over his career albeit he was Chuckie Schumer’s chief counsel in the selectively-outraged investigation of GWB’s firing of six U.S. attorneys in 2006 (compared to Our Bill’s firing of all 93 in 1993). I wouldn’t be surprised if he next goes after Cuomo and then runs for HIS job in the fullness of time.

    As to whether there is any bad blood between Obama and Cuomo, maybe someone can fill me in. I do know that just about everybody in the Democrat firmament owes Cuomo a groin kick for something he said or did over the years. Is he about to go down for pissing Obama off? To get him out of Hillary’s way? The Dems are so rotten it seems almost naive to think that a lifelong Dem and Holder minion is looking for Andrew’s scalp simply because Andrew has a whole trainload of actionable baggage.

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    Cuomo coined the phrase “Affirmative Action Loans”…Seriously? Prison is surely where he, and a host of others belong….

    We for sure have our own enemies within…

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