Obama is one mean, vindictive bastard

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Barack Obama is one mean, vindictive bastard. There is no other way to put it. During the last government “shutdown” Obama blockaded the WWII memorial, which is normally is open and ungated. He spent money on personnel and materials to prevent WWII vets from gaining access to their own shrine.

The vets requested access to the memorial but were refused by Obama and the Department of the Interior:

The White House and the Department of the Interior rejected a request from Rep. Steven Palazzo’s office to have World War II veterans visit the World War II memorial in Washington, the Mississippi Republican told The Daily Caller Tuesday.

Palazzo helped the veterans commit an act of civil disobedience against the Park Service Tuesday, when the heroes stormed through barricades around the closed memorial.
The veterans were visiting the memorial as part of Honor Flight, a non-profit that provides veterans free transport to the nation’s capital to visit the memorials to the wars they fought in.

“We got the heads up that they will be barricaded and specifically asked for an exception for these heroes,” Palazzo told TheDC. “We were denied and told, ‘It’s a government shutdown, what do you expect?’ when we contacted the liaison for the White House.”

He’s punishing the elderly again, this time using the IRS:

In its annual Report to Congress today, the office of the National Taxpayer Advocate outlined a series of Internal Revenue Service failures. In the “Access to the IRS” section, the report details the trouble taxpayers face reaching the right person in order to meet their tax obligations:

“The IRS does not answer the phone at local offices and has even removed the option it once provided for taxpayers, including the elderly and disabled, to leave a message.”

Until 2013, taxpayers — including the elderly and disabled — were allowed to leave a voicemail requesting an in-person appointment. But now, elderly and disabled taxpayers attempting to navigate the automated helpline maze are asked to email the IRS to set up an appointment. The automated message instructs as follows:

“If you are disabled or elderly and require special accommodations for service, please email us at…”

But this leaves many taxpayers in the dark. As the report states:

“Demographic research data show only 57 percent of adults over age 65 use the Internet compared with 87 percent of all adults. According to 2010 Census data, only 41 percent of those with a non-severe disability use the Internet and only 22 percent of those with a severe disability age 65 and older use the Internet. For those without Internet access, the only viable ways to reach the IRS are by phone, or in person.”

On its helplines, the IRS is required to provide taxpayers the option to speak with a live person. But as the report states, the IRS won’t even answer questions about what lines are considered helplines:

“TAS [Taxpayer Advocate Service] twice inquired of the IRS in a formal information request whether it considers the 3709 lines to be ‘helplines’ for the purpose of § 3705(d) of RRA 98, which would require them to have an option to speak with a live person. TAS also asked what lines the IRS does consider to be helplines. Twice, the IRS declined to answer these questions.”

While Obama refused to allow WWII vets to use the WWII memorial park, he did allow an illegal alien rally:

A planned immigration reform rally will take place on the National Mall on Tuesday even though the site is closed due to the government shutdown.

Organizers for the “Camino Americano: March for Immigration Reform” were spotted Monday setting up a stage and equipment on the National Mall for the rally which will take place on Tuesday.

A few scattered barriers around the park have signs informing visitors that the area is closed as a result of the government shutdown.

Susana Flores, a spokesperson for the rally, confirmed for the Washington Examiner that the Park Service will allow the event to take place under the group’s rights granted by the First Amendment.

Those who fought and sacrificed for their country were denied not only their First Amendment rights but the right to visit their own memorial while the demands of illegals were granted. Now Obama punishes the elderly in retribution for the IRS budget being cut. Obama is and has been determined to cause pain for the most vulnerable among us. He could divert money from enforcement. He could divert money from targeting conservatives.

I get rough and tumble politics, but taking vengeance on veterans and the elderly for political gain is execrable.

Spit on WWII vets, spit on the elderly, coddle illegals.

Obama used the sequester to “inflict maximum pain” on the American people for his own political gain. Instead of protecting weakest among us, Obama makes certain that “the pain… will be real.”

Because Barack Obama is one mean, vindictive bastard.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    It is egregious to force people who don’t even have a computer to rely on email for getting help from the IRS.
    But what is so out of the main about it?

    ObamaCare has many little details only lately coming to light that are quite similar.
    Like the ”Just Die Already,” provision whereby hospitals are penalized if you come back to be readmitted after you had been released.
    Fully 1/2 of the hospitals studied have been penalized for this.
    Keep it up and they’ll all have a Michelle Obama position on staff just to put you in a cab or bus and send you away from their admissions’ offices.

    Or how your doctor and even medical experts have touted the Annual Medical Exam as more important as you age but ObamaCare wants 55 million Americans (all those who do this annually) to quit doing it!
    Ezekiel Emmanuel (an MD and Rahm’s bro) is taking the lead in discouraging annual exams as a great money saver for ObamaCare. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/09/opinion/skip-your-annual-physical.html?ref=opinion&_r=2
    Oh, and die at or before age 75, too. http://www.theatlantic.com/features/archive/2014/09/why-i-hope-to-die-at-75/379329/
    Talk about coverage but no care!

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    Much of Obama’s vindictiveness lies in that he lives in an alternate reality.

    He presumes everyone has a computer. He presumes we are limited in our ability to use one. My elderly parents do not have a computer. They rely on me to transact some of their business when the company or service sole avenue of contact is internet only. It took me forever to convince them they need to have a cellphone when they were having landline phone issues 14 months ago just in case they have an emergency.

    Obama also presumes we are all going to rush out and sign up for everything he proposes. A friend of mine has become a caretaker of sorts for his older parents for several years. Accordingly, to keep his personal spending down, he dropped his health insurance and rolled over his HSA into his personal savings/checking account. Though he has been dropped from the taxpayer rolls for the lack of income in being a caretaker for his parents, he’s concerned the IRS will impose a penalty for not having insurance. He refuses to enroll in Medicaid. Also, he has said that since many doctors are refusing to accept any new Medicaid patients, what is its value?

    We’ll see his vindictiveness across the board for the remainder of his term. And, most of his wrath will be on us 99 percenters.

  3. 3


    David at least 80% of all GP docs take medicare but perhaps what you should do is cast your votes for elected officials who will vote to pay more to doctors while the GOP tries to lower payments@Nanny: Many studies have shown that what we were taught, from back in the days when most doctors recommended Phil Morris ciggies, was that an annual exam was recommended needed. That has since been proven to be inaccurate by many studies. About 20 million Americans got insurance through the ACA by far most Americans have other insurance, the fact is that the health care industry the USA’s largest and most profitable total revenues 4 TRILLION will have reduced costs if the single most common reason for seeing a doc (the annual check up) is reduced. Although healthcare costs in total have gone up since the ACA went into effect the annual rate of increase is now at an historical LOW because of ACA

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    The GOP has consistently voted AGAINST appropriation bills funding veterans benefits increasing or healthcare
    The VA currently has a backlog of 500 needing facial transplants and maybe 2000 needing uro-genital reconstruction replacement but the GOP doesn’t want to increase the VA budget. Apparently they think the VA is doing just fine the way it is

  5. 5

    James Raider


    Now Obama punishes the elderly in retribution for the IRS budget being cut.

    DrJ, tens of millions of taxpayers are about to get the surprise of their lives this quarter — outrageous, complicated and expensive IRS filings they won’t understand, a consequence of Obamacare. The poorest half of all taxpayers will be hardest hit.

    If the Republicans don’t get out ahead of this one, Obama and the Obama media will blame Republicans for not “funding” massive increases in IRS staff to deal with the “help” all these people will require. What a mess.

  6. 6

    Ronald J. Ward

    Still howling at the moon and blaming Obama over the GOP shutdown? Oh well.

    One might wonder if in today’s so-called conservative mindset, Rand Paul might be subject to an “ass kicking” from those law enforcers he called “goons”.

    I’d say, probably not because, well, that’s different.

  7. 8


    @Ronald J. Ward:

    Still howling at the moon and blaming Obama over the GOP shutdown? Oh well.

    No, blaming Obama for intentionally taking steps to make the shut down exceptionally painful on as many as possible because most people would not even notice the government had shut down. You didn’t notice because being an asshole to taxpayers comes naturally to liberals.

  8. 12


    @Ronald J. Ward: Since Obama had the option of agreeing to delaying the mandates of Obamacare or see the government shut down and he refused to give in to the delays then, just months later, enacted the delays himself unilaterally, I would argue HE shut it down.

    See, Obama could have compromised with the Republicans and kept it going or the Republicans could have compromised with Obama and kept it open. The shut-down could have been avoided by either one. But, since Obama did what the Republicans wanted anyway (he just didn’t want to do it because Congress said do it) then apparently it could have been avoided by Obama agreeing to do what the did later anyway.

    So, yeah, Obama did it.

  9. 14

    Ronald J. Ward

    @Rich Wheeler: I was kinda thinking more along the lines of an I Love Lucy rerun when Lucy would try to “splain” her way out of one her predicaments to Ricky. Ricky would just stand there all slack-jawed saying “aye yi yi”.

  10. 15

    Common Sense

    @john: Don’t be such an ass, it’s not the Republicans!! I an a disabled Vet and worked at the VA prior to retirement!! You have NO clue of the waste in this system!!

  11. 16


    Actually, republicans are the evil flying monkeys we all remember from The Wizard of Oz. They perch on the buildings and monuments around Washington DC at night, and take on human form again as the sun comes up.

  12. 19

    Ronald J. Ward


    But, since Obama did what the Republicans wanted anyway (he just didn’t want to do it because Congress said do it) then apparently it could have been avoided by Obama agreeing to do what the did later anyway.

    Aside from you doing a rodeo clown act for Dr. John who I suppose has thrown a rock and ran, yeah, I guess you’re right, I’m incapable of complex thought.

  13. 20


    @Bill, #18:

    You should really run a week or two back through the lists of topic titles before accusing liberals of reducing things to soundbites and simple minded talking points. It might be an instructive exercise.

  14. 24

    common sense

    i think all Americans need band together and put a stop to the erosion, this piece of crap is doing to our country.
    if we do not i think he will destroy the country and turn America into sandland west with all the same atrocities associated with the middle east. remember sadiam hussian’s(?) death squads roaming his country, grabbing girl and killing men?
    well i think “yomomma” will make him(hussain) look like sister teressa. no infidel will be safe anywhere. his death squads hunting for you and me. think about it. look back 6 years and see how America has changed, as he promised but it isn’t the glorious change he painted. America is headed towards 3rd world status like his beloved rag land. on your feet on on your knees, death over takes us all. that choice is yours.

  15. 25

    Ronald J. Ward

    @obamarhhea: If attention to my failure at interpreting babbling buffoonery from the bigoted sock-puppet rodeo clowns on FA is suppose to be a jab at me, well, isn’t my face red? See, you guys got me twice. Bully for you!

    I understand that bashing Obama is top priority here (regardless of merit or reality such as somehow blaming him for the republican gov shutdown) and I realize that scraping the bottom of the barrel and regurgitating or reinventing debunked nonsense is fair game for the ODS afflicted. But you guys do put on a rather amusing (albeit predictable) show.

  16. 26


    @Ronald J. Ward: why do you use your middle initial of FA,is there another ronald teabaggee ward on this site?Does it puff up your ego,does it separate you from the common drones?or does it make you FEEL important?

  17. 30


    @Redteam: wow tht’s awesome ,people must be voting with their same old shoes….boots etc etc….greggie time to fix the plastic tire on the ethanol powered big wheel ……oprah wants your money

  18. 31


    @obamarhhea: .

    greggie time to fix the plastic tire on the ethanol powered big wheel

    Greg, where can I find me an ethanol powered big wheel, I’ve looked for one but can’t find the Liberal Store.

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