Is Washington DC “Progressive’s” Goal To Purge The GOP Electorate? (Guest Post)

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Independence-PartyPoliticians have their own reason for everything they do. Immediately following the 2014 November elections, the establishment Republican leadership broke their promises to voters and the base in the back with the Cronibus bill. Both in how they manipulated the bill, and hide it from scrutiny, and in the bill funding Obama’s amnesty along with funding Obamacare (ie. giving Obama essentially everything he wants). This has resulted in many Conservatives and Constitutionalists seriously considering giving up and leaving the party to become independent. At the same time we see RINOs like McCain getting state conservative precinct leaders removed and replaced with squishy progressives.

I propose that perhaps that is precisely what the establishment want’s them to do. The end goal just might be to enrage the conservative base so much that as many as possible quite the party prior to the Republican primaries. By doing that, the Establishment wins by ensuring their takeover of the party is complete. That would enable them to launch a wide field of RINO candidates without a sufficient sized Conservative wing to vote in what few Conservative GOP candidates run.

There is no way that a new party could be created in time to make a difference in the 2016 elections. By quitting the Republican party, Constitutionalists and Conservatives may be playing right into the establishment leadership’s hand, and leaving themselves without a viable alternative or a candidate that supports their views. Checkmate.

I propose an alternative plan, and that is for Constitutionalists & Conservatives to network and organize to start taking their local and state party machine back. I also suggest they wait until until after the Republican primary to change sides, so that they can be able to vote for whatever Conservative candidate runs. In fact, it would be best for Conservatives, TEA Party groups and GOP Conservatives to network nationally and select a single dedicated Constitution-loving candidate for all to throw their support behind.

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    The RINOs have held power for decades.
    They really liked being the minority party, since they got paid, got superb benefits, and had no real responsibilities. Boehner and McConnell want the same freedom from responsibility, along with all of the perquisites of office.
    Let it not be forgotten that TEA stands for Taxed Enough, Already. So the RINOs have lined up to produce more taxes. What is required is a systematic, 50 state effort to replace the RINOs on all national and state tickets with individuals who believe in the Constitution. Familiarity with the Federalist Papers is a requirement.
    And a visit to Hillsdale College would not be a bad idea.
    Dump the RINOs. They bring nothing to the game.

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