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3 Responses to “Hey Hey Ho Ho De Blasio Has Got To Go”

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    Tonight these illegal marchers are blocking commerce on 5th Avenue, which is one of New York’s best places for shoppers.
    If you look at the signs held by a majority of these illegal marchers you see they were printed up and distributed by ANSWER.org coalition.
    The organizers of ANSWER consider these illegal marchers as both useful idiots and cannon fodder.
    There have been no permits pulled for this illegal march.
    Too bad the police can’t shut them down for their illegal (while ”peaceful”) marching.

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    These are nothing more than Occupy Wall Street thugs re-purposed. Obama supported them and he supports these thugs as well. Add to that support, Holder and DeBlasio. Sharpton also, of course, but that’s hist job… to stir up hatred in order to remain revelant. However, elected so-called leaders should be promoting reason, peace and respect for the law while they work to “solve the problems”.

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