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6 Responses to ““What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!””

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    Back after the ”Rodney King,” riots that burned up much of their local businesses in LB’s darkest neighborhoods, police were prevailed on to ”look the other way,” with regards criminal actions on those streets.
    That only lasted a short while…..less than a year.
    What few businesses had survived the looting and arson left because they couldn’t afford to lose so much merchandise on a regular basis.
    Blacks complained about the ”food deserts,” surrounding their neighborhoods.
    Still they could attract no businessmen willing to invest there.

    Magic Johnson (recently diagnosed with HIV and looking to rehabilitate himself) came in and met with police, politicians and ministers.
    He only agreed to open up his four shopping malls in the area IF police went back to the old ”broken window” form of police work.
    You know, the broken window philosophy of policing is VERY proactive.
    Every infraction is dealt with.

    Of course, Magic was (is?) so popular that he was able to successfully open and keep open those malls.
    The blacks put up with better policing to get the goodies of beauty shops, BBQ places, theaters clothing and food stores…..all close to their homes.

    We are seeing the move toward the food deserts because protesters are insisting on lax policing in places.
    Is there another Magic J. on the sideline waiting to save these idiots from themselves this time?
    I doubt it.

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    Only two words need be said when Al Sharpton is involved: Tawanna Brawley. There are, unfortunately, many people that can be violent who take him seriously and believe he has credibility.

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    A couple of questions for the Redrum Sharpton:
    1. How many LEOs and emergency service people are killed by “your” people every year, versus how many of “your” people are killed by LEOs? Hint: Redrum Sharpton will never compare the two.
    2. Since LEOs have such a negative effect on “your” people, would you support pulling all law enforcement out of their neighborhoods?
    Bonus question: If #2 ever happens, how long would it be before Redrum Sharpton becomes wealthy (wealthier?), “his” people become poorer, and the predators control those neighborhoods? And who would the media blame?
    Hint redux: It wouldn’t be him, the residents, the predators, or those who raised the predators. Using the term “raised” very loosely, indeed.

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