Another Liberal Idiot Speaks (Guest Post)

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I guess it was the election results that have made liberal idiots come out with some interesting remarks. First it was Hillary Clinton saying we must emphasize with our enemies. Then Elenor Holmes Norton spoke out about what’s important to her about the Ferguson riots. Now Melissa Harris-Perry says that rioting, arson, and looting are “not necessarily violence.” She said that on her Saturday MSNBC show last week:

Let me also just point out, arson and looting, while illegal and not things that I support and I think also counterproductive in many ways, are also not necessarily violence in that they are they are violence against property, and that does actually carry a legal difference, right? I mean, violence against property ought to be different than violence against bodies.   [emphasis mine]

She has an undergraduate degree from Union Theological Seminary, so I guess that’s how she justified that remark. But it’s very difficult to separate property from bodies. Has Harris-Perry ever known anyone who has devoted his or her life to a business? When that body loses his or her business, part of that person’s life is lost as well.

How would she know that violence is violence, regardless of what is actually attacked? According to Wikipedia, she is a writer and television host. She is also a professor of politics and international affairs at Wake Forest University, where she is the founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Project on Gender, Race, and Politics in the South. She taught at Princeton University and the University of Chicago. She is currently a regular columnist for The Nation.

She has never owned a business, so how would she know about violence? But that did not stop her from speaking out. Liberals very often minimize the humanity of people with whom they disagree, such as business owners who pour their lives into their businesses. They (and she) see business owners as exploiters. So any violence against the business (property) is justified.

This is the same person who made three idiotic statements in the past:

She also wore, on her show, tampons as earrings.

And, as usual, the MSM is AWOL.

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    Angel Artiste

    This of course makes perfect sense to someone afflicted with LBD (Liberal Brain Disorder). Since LBD strikes someone in this country every 30 seconds, we desperately need your help to find a cure in our lifetime. To a person with chronic LBD like Melissa, violence against property is not real violence for the simple fact that no individual should be allowed to own property in the first place. The federal government is the rightful owner of all property in the US, and should only loan it out to those who will use it to serve a purpose beneficial to the government. An LBD victim believes that all wealth is owned by the government, and so the income you get to keep is a government gift. They believe that capitalism is the cause of global warming, and freezing cold winters are proof it is getting worse. Many chronic LBD victims have been known to stand on their heads and tell the world it is upside down.

    Please be generous, won’t you? LBD is a horrible disease that impacts not only the afflicted, but their families, their friends, and anyone who comes in contact with them. For only $19 a month you can prevent LBD victims like Melissa from making complete and utter fools out of themselves and driving the rest of us crazy. Thank you.

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    Ms. M H-P went ballistic when she thought Chris Christie might have blocked a bridge for part of a day once.
    How are the crickets sounding now that a man (whose leg was severed by a subway) in an ambulance was prevented from getting to the hospital because the #MillionsMarchNYC protesters had blocked the bridge to the hospital which specializes in limb reattachment?
    Instead of Bellevue they went to Kings County which could not re-attach the leg but only amputate it.
    Bellevue is the only local hospital that specializes in re-attaching limbs.

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    Harris-Perry graduated from Wake Forest University with a bachelor’s degree in English and received a PhD in political science from Duke University. She also received an honorary doctorate from Meadville Lombard Theological School and studied theology at Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

    Which only proves that being educated doesn’t mean you are smart. Sheila Jackson Lee holds a degree in Political Science from Yale no less, as well as a law degree. No one, at least those who have I.Q.s above their shoe size, thinks SJL is smart.

    Isn’t MHP the same dimwit that said our children don’t belong to us but belong to the nation? Like Obama, MHP is bi-racial, but hey, you can’t say stupid things and build a huge career claiming your “white” side. I wonder if someone became violent, and burned down her tony home, if she would still think that violence against a building wasn’t anywhere near close to violence against her, and her stupid comments.

    So like the poverty pimps, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, this bi-racial woman is NOT promoting peace and cooperation among the races, she is fueling the fire that is coming in the nation’s largest race war if the Dems don’t tone it down. No one, not white, not Asian, not Hispanic, likes being blamed for what their ancestors did 150 years ago and are beginning to get damn tired of the blame game.

    If we use their standards, and you have an ancestor that was a Buffalo Soldier, you should get an arrow in your ass.

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    “She has never owned a business, so how would she know about violence? But that did not stop her from speaking out.”
    This the only point on which I disagree with you. It is not required that one have participated in something before speaking about it.
    This… person… however, has used that freedom in a way that tells us more about her ivory tower ignorance that it tells us about violence.
    I would suppose that she would consider a burglary when no one is home to be a minor crime. Let her come home some night to find her front door open and her property missing. She would learn that property crimes are serious assaults on an individual.
    They steal more than property, they steal the hours of your life that you sacrificed to gain that property, they steal your comfort, they steal your peace of mind. The effects of property crime last for a very long time.
    I sincerely wish that I could go about my life without a weapon, but in today’s social climate, I cannot. Too many people care for nothing other than their own desires for me to give up my desire to protect myself and the people who I am obligated to protect.
    Sticking my fingers in my ears and dreaming rainbow dreams in not an option in this world which I inhabit.

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