Darren Wilson is a dead man

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It’s been reported that Darren Wilson plans to return to work if he is not indicted by a grand jury. God help him if he does. Given the preparations by the city, state and Feds, one is led to believe that an indictment, considering the forensic evidence, is unlikely. Riots are anticipated no matter what the verdict is.

If Darren Wilson is not indicted and he returns to work, he is a dead man. There is already a bounty on Wilson’s head:

A group describing itself as a ‘Militant Resistance’ to a ‘corrupt police state’ has offered $5000 for details of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson’s whereabouts, MailOnline can reveal.

Officer Wilson, 28, has been in hiding on paid leave ever since he gunned down unarmed teenager Michael Brown, 18, on 9 August.

Now, in one of a series of incendiary tweets the RbG Black Rebels have stated, ‘We are paying $5k cash for location of Ofc. Darren Wilson. Real $, no joke, no crime we just wana get his photo an ask him a few questions.’

The group is stockpiling ammunition for the friendly interview:

And though the RbG Black Rebels insist this is not a bounty on the officer’s head, the chilling offer is set in the context of a stream of violent online posts boasting of ‘combat experience’, ‘stockpiling’ ammunition, cleaning out gun stores and being #WarReady.

Typical of the reponse elicited by the offer is one follower’s demand, ‘@[email protected] Yank that bastard off the street. He is a murderer running free still.’

Jay Nixon, the feckless idiot Governor of Missouri who demanded a “vigorous prosecution” of Wilson but then said he wasn’t really calling for a vigorous prosecution of Wilson has declared a state of emergency in Ferguson in anticipation of the grand jury decision.

Then we hit this sentence in the article:

It is three months since Wilson pumped six bullets into the teenager as he walked down the middle of the road with a friend.

How might describe this? A little incendiary, perhaps?

It is utterly idiotic and unnecessary.

The author of the article, Laura Collins, adds

This Wilsons’) account is in stark contrast with that of several eye witnesses and Brown’s companion who have claimed that the unarmed teen had his hands up, or by his side, and begged the officer ‘Stop shooting.’

failing to mention the fact that they also claimed Brown was shot in the back and one notable witness has a suffers from impaired veracity. She also fails to note that the forensic data support Wilson’s account.

This is not going to end well. The agitators have absolutely no interest in the facts of the case. There is a Facebook page “Justice for Mike Brown” which asserts:

18 year old “Mike” was gunned down by police shot 10 times and he was unarmed. He was heading home with his friend. Justice for Mike!

And that’s it. No mention of the strong arm robbery, no mention of the assault on Wilson, nothing. They do, however, proudly brag of the streets they are able to close and the traffic they are able to disrupt, as though impairing the commerce of Ferguson is going to boost their cause.

They do not seek justice. Justice would mean “the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness..”

It would mean weighing all the facts and not simply playing on emotions while avoiding the facts. It would mean being fair. But that’s not the goal here. Not at all. The goal is a pound of flesh and I fear that should Wilson return to duty they will get it. If Wilson comes to harm the responsibility will lie in large part with the Laura Collins’s of the media who post incomplete stories and Eric Holder and Barack Obama, who have nothing but fan the flames. Have you heard Obama or Holder tell the Ferguson community not to touch Wilson?

Me neither.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    If this follows the path of Trayvon, people are being bussed in now to help the rioting. This is not about justice, this is an excuse to destroy property.

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    St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay released a letter last night.
    Some highlights from the letter:

    ** We will request 400 members of the guard be deployed in our city…
    ** we will use them to prevent random acts of violence, property distraction, looting or other criminal activity
    ** We will post guardsmen along with police officers at 45 locations
    ** To keep all of our citizens and their homes and businesses safe
    ** FBI has been warned

    Mayor Slay was happy to announce that local police agreed to half of the proposed rules put forth by the protesters.

    The Mayor also said local police would honor safe houses and will consider churches to be sanctuaries.

    The St. Louis University Law School has asked for canned goods and toiletries for the Ferguseon protesters.

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    I am beginning to wonder exactly what this is really all about…

    The gateway Pundit has been doing a great job reporting on this since it started.

    This whole thing has morphed into a host of Contradictions…so typical of the diseased Liberal mindset.

    Now SNL Law is claiming ‘solidarity’ with the protesters…. AND are now helping to fan the flames of “Social Justice”….IMO all they are doing is helping to “justify” thuggery…looting-riots – destruction – and yes ‘terrorism’ nothing more…

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    Conspiracy to Commit Capital Murder? If we had a real AG, these fools would be up on charges. If they were white and Wilson black, Holder would be prying them out from under the rock where they’re hiding, but no… Holder’s a racist pig.

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    But–you don’t understand.
    This is about blacks. Blacks have to be able to seek their own way in this life. If a black wants something in a store, he has the right to take it. If a black is accosted by a white policeman, he has the right to take the policeman’s gun away and kill him. That is a right, espoused by AG Holder. The policeman has no right to ask any questions. Such activity limits the black man’s rights.
    This nation has, after all, oppressed Blacks for 400 years. They are, to this day, held in abject slavery. I guess. Somewhere. South Sudan, maybe.
    They must rise up and smite their oppressors.
    If that means burning Ferguson, MO to the ground, so be it. Ferguson has to go.
    This is not a joke. I lived through the riots in DC in 1968. The killing of Dr King had nothing to do with DC, but 14th Street was destroyed anyway. It took more than 10 years for 14th Street to return.

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    Drs. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have both written on the degradation of the black community and the causation. They have a vested interest in learning what went wrong as they are both black.

    Time after time they have written about how Dr. King wanted not special treatment, but equal treatment. Time after time they have written how liberal policies hurt the black community, not help it. Liberal policies promoted by those who followed Dr. King, but not his message. Those who have used “the legacy of slavery” to fatten their own wallets by making blacks victims of policies that ended in the ’60’s, thanks to Dr. King.

    So now a segment of our society that 50 years ago were more religious, had fewer unwed mothers, had lower divorce rates and who were some of the hardest workers in our nation, has been taught that they are owed more than their ancestors who were actual slaves because of their ancestors. The dreams of former slaves to be released from the white plantations has been traded for the desire to be held on the government’s plantation.

    In Ferguson, once a multi-racial middle class suburban town, all the shady people have gathered. From the ACLU,NAACP and CAIR (yeah, the same group Saudi Arabia just listed as a terrorist group) to the groups associated with far left wing agendas including every Marxist/Communist/ Socialist groups in the U.S. These groups understand that rioting/looting/criminal activities gets them notoriety and press. They think violent revolution is the way to go.

    But the lame-stream media is party to blame. Have you seen any reports on the “We Love Ferguson” movement where self-respecting, law abiding residents are trying to improve the image of their town? Unfortunately, these same people will be labeled with the violence that has become a cancer on a town they love.

    It breaks my heart because Ferguson was once one of the safest/cleanest/nicest towns in St. Louis County.

  7. 7


    The “this is about Blacks” thing is nearing the end. The world no longer cares nor has time for this nonsense.

    Those that constantly insist on making an issue about “Blacks” won’t have a leg to stand on once Obama is gone. Blacks in general would do themselves better by opposing their beloved Obama’s amnesty scam. Oops… It’s too late now isn’t it?

    Oh well, Blacks that think they’ve “had it bad” have no idea of how much worse things are going to be for them when Hispanics and Asians are running things here in the United States, and in the world.

    The “this is about Hispanics” era is about to begin.

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    The DOJ should put Wilson in some form of witness (or victim, perhaps) protection program. Since the government, primarily Holder and Obama, went so far to incense the emotions surrounding the shooting (not that blacks of this ilk need too much prodding to be angry whenever they suffer for their criminal actions), Wilson not only cannot work on the Ferguson force but he cannot work on any police force anywhere… ever. In fact, I doubt he can get a job anywhere. All this for upholding the law and doing his job.

    The DOJ should provide security; but not theirs, for they could not be trusted. Provide funds for Wilson to get his own. I feel profoundly sorry for this guy; screwed because of a giant thug, high, going on a mini-crime spree; probably egged on by that little jerk career criminal that was with him.

    This is the work of the left. They should be so proud.

  9. 9



    The DOJ should put Wilson in some form of witness (or victim, perhaps) protection program.

    Holder? You don’t really think that’s going to happen do you? Especially as his best bud Obama Met With Ferguson Activists – Said He’s Concerned They “Stay on Course”

    And why is the president meeting with the violent Mike Brown protesters before a verdict is reached in the court case?

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, November 16, 2014, 7:38 PM

    President Obama met with Ferguson protest leaders on November 5th, the day after the midterm elections. The meeting was not on his daily schedule. He was concerned that the protesters “stay on course.”

    What does that mean?

    And why is the president meeting with the violent Mike Brown protesters before a verdict is reached in the court case?

    ferguson market looting
    The Ferguson protesters have looted over 100 businesses in the St. Louis area.

    The New York Times hid this in the 21st paragraph of their report:

    But leaders here say that is the nature of a movement that has taken place, in part, on social media and that does not match an earlier-era protest structure where a single, outspoken leader might have led the way. “This is not your momma’s civil rights movement,” said Ashley Yates, a leader of Millennial Activists United. “This is a movement where you have several difference voices, different people. The person in charge is really — the people. But the message from everyone is the same: Stop killing us.”

    At times, there has been a split between national civil rights leaders and the younger leaders on the ground here, who see their efforts as more immediate, less passive than an older generation’s. But some here said relations have improved in recent weeks.

    Some of the national leaders met with President Obama on Nov. 5 for a gathering that included a conversation about Ferguson.

    According to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has appeared frequently in St. Louis with the Brown family and delivered a speech at Mr. Brown’s funeral, Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating. He said he hopes that we’re doing all we can to keep peace.”

    I think that the various police protection groups should quietly help the officer and his family relocate to another state.

  10. 10


    @Ditto: My point was that this administration has caused this problem in its entirety. This administration is solely responsible for the ruination of the life of Darren Wilson. In a normal world, it would be the responsibility of the government to protect the CIVIL RIGHTS of Darren Wilson. If I pay taxes to perpetuate the poverty and misery of people that receive government benefits for a living, my taxes can certainly be used to protect the life and livelihood of an innocent man.

    But, I am being somewhat sarcastic, because, of course, these scumbags would never do any such thing.

  11. 12



    Normally you would be correct in expecting the Justice Department to be concerned over the safety of the officer and his family. I figured you were up on the racial inequality practiced by this Holder.

  12. 13


    Some friends and I started learning this information about ten years ago. It wasn’t long before several of us were thinking seriously about donating a kidney to someone who needed it. There was almost a race to see who could be first. We now understand that this is not unusual, that often family members have a similar competition in order to be able to save the life of a loved one. And others who have donated to strangers have said that they felt the same keen desire to be accepted as a donor, because they felt, like us, that it would be a great experience.

  13. 14


    What would be ideal is for all non-blacks to leave Ferguson. It seems that is what most of the blacks want, so let them have the town. It reminds me of Mayor Nagin saying that when New Orleans is rebuilt, it will be a CHOCOLATE city. I’m guessing that a lot of white-owned business never rebuilt, and a lot of whites never returned.

  14. 15


    @old+guy: And should be given free reign — well covered by the ‘record keepers’ – the cops should all go on strike instead of accepting a bunch of Marxist inspired namby-pamby “Rules of Engagement” that have been published for the benefit of the Marxist enemy.– burn baby burn — anybody stupid enough to live in a zoo finds out eventually that there is a lot more to it than just watching where ya step — and anybody that has a business in the zoo deserves to get ransacked — and when you hear some dumb A$$ reporter whining about the ‘poor’ shopkeepers not having insurance — check your own policies and see how much is covered under the war and civil insurrection exemption clauses!

  15. 18



    In Ferguson, once a multi-racial middle class suburban town, all the shady people have gathered. From the ACLU,NAACP and CAIR (yeah, the same group Saudi Arabia just listed as a terrorist group) to the groups associated with far left wing agendas including every Marxist/Communist/ Socialist groups in the U.S. These groups understand that rioting/looting/criminal activities gets them notoriety and press. They think violent revolution is the way to go.

    And we are going out to meet them with “Rules of Engagement” – how’s that working out in Afghanistan?

  16. 20



    In fact, I doubt he can get a job anywhere. All this for upholding the law and doing his job.

    Welcome to the UUSSSA – Un-United Soviet Socialist States of America!

  17. 23


    There is one MAJOR overlook in Dr. John’s article:

    Jay Nixon, the feckless idiot Governor of Missouri

    He left out the (D) or (DEMOCRAT) defining identifier!

  18. 24


    What a difference a day makes.
    The title comes from the idea that Officer Wilson will return to duty in Ferguson.
    But tonight CNN is reporting he intends to resign IF he is cleared by non-indictment, or no true bill.

    “Wilson has told associates he would resign as a way to help ease pressure and protect his fellow officers.
    Wilson has expressed concern about resigning while the grand jury was hearing evidence for fear it would appear he was admitting fault.”

  19. 25


    @Nanny: Either way, Wilson will have to leave the area, and probably the state. He will still have a price on his head. His family will probably be a target too. That’s the way the mob mentality works.

    I have wondered how Brown’s mother will feel if a bunch of people are killed. If that happens, how many will be black? How many will have to die before she asks the community to stop?

    When will the united nations troops arrive? It is interesting that the un will hear her on this, but won’t listen to whole countries that have been trying to get them involved in things they were created for.

  20. 27


    @Bill: #26

    Great for T-shirt sales.

    I can see someone coming up with one that says how many they killed, with the number blank, to be filled in by the wearer. Maybe there will be one that says, “I survived Ferguson, Missouri”.

  21. 29


    @FMB42: #28

    I’d like to know how many cold-blooded “Black on Black” murders have taken place since this thread was posted.

    Just so there won’t be any misunderstanding, I suggest you say EXACTLY what you mean.

  22. 30


    What part of “I’d like to know how many cold-blooded “Black on Black” murders have taken place since this thread was posted” are you unable to understand? If there’s something you don’t like about then say it.

    Meanwhile, what I don’t understand is why certain Blacks seem to have no problem with the very common and absolutely cold-blooded and utterly senseless Black on Black “drop of a hat” murders while, at the same time, being extremely upset about this rare “non-Black on Black” shooting death (which seems to have been “defensive” in nature).

    I’ll also mention the growing number of senseless “Black on non-Black” violent attacks and outright murders that we’re seeing more and more of. I’m talking about the attacks and murders that have been committed by Blacks against completely innocent non-Blacks (just so you might understand).

  23. 31


    This is a prime example of how far backwards President Obola and Holder have taken the Race issue in America!! If the criminal in this case would have been white and the officer black we would NOT even be reading about it. The blacks asked for justice, well if they find not to press charges then THAT is justice!! Sadly the black community does NOT want justice they want a lynching and nothing less. If the law is broken as a reaction to justice then more arrests should be made in accordance with our laws. Anarchy can NOT stand.

  24. 32


    @FMB42: #30
    My concern is general. Look at the TV shows and movies where someone being murdered is done in a way that is actually funny. Where are the type of good guys I grew up with? Where is there a daddy in a show or movie? Studies have shown that when Daddy is out of the picture, the kids tend to get violent, do drugs, drop out of school, and get pregnant.

    Look back in history and you will see that this is one step people took to eventually become ruler of their country. Many other of those steps are happening now. This is all part of an INTENTIONAL lowering of moral, brainwashing the kids in school, banning guns, getting rid of the Christian and Jewish religions, so that it will be easier to take over the USA. History has shown it has worked many times, in many places.

  25. 34


    Seems the ”lesson” of ”Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” has not spread.
    A nine year old boy was arrested as part of an armed carjacking team.
    Next day a 12 year old boy was in a playground with a replica gun, having removed the orange tip.
    When police ordered him to show them his hands (Hands Up, Don’t Shoot) he went for his waistband where he had this gun.
    One officer shot him twice before he had a chance to shoot police.
    The 12 year old is dead.
    Children really do commit crimes, like the nine-year old the day before.
    Children really do shoot up schools.
    IF he looked like a child is irrelevant.
    If he went for his gun police had no choice.
    Their job doesn’t include coming home in a body bag.

  26. 35

    D. Smith

    When we start living in a society who gives “the mob” the answer they want “or else”, it is truly the end of us all! Look what happened with the O.J. Simpson verdict. Again, a city living in fear. The looters, arsonists and criminals who destroyed the Ferguson community will be released without anything happening to them. Maybe if Michael Brown wasn’t committing a crime in the first place, he’d be alive today. Maybe if his stepfather didn’t scream “burn the b!!ch down”, the community would still be there! Blacks do not want equal rights anymore, they want different rights! They do not want to follow the law and when they break it, race is always behind it. Shame on everyone who is behind all of this, including the press, the government and the community of Ferguson. You’ve brought shame to us all. Where is Eric Holder with the “bounty on Officer Wilson”? If there was a bounty placed on the head of a black officer, there would be outrage! Shame on everyone involved!

  27. 36


    And now we have to pass the “Michael Brown Law”? What about the Darren Wilson law? You know, the law that states when a” criminal” reaches in the car of a police officer and punches him in the face, fights to take his weapon away, charges at him with the intent to cause harm or death, that the officer has “every right to defend and protect himself”. This is a complete disgrace for our entire country! AND OUR PRESIDENT IS RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL! Michael Brown was the bad guy not a martyr! Why isn’t Al Sharpton being arrested for inciting rioting? Of course, these actions are coming from an Administration who claims that the vicious beheading of a woman in Oklahoma by a Muslim is just workplace violence. DISGRACEFUL AMERICA!

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